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Neighbor law : fences, trees, boundaries & noise / attorneys Emily Doskow & Lina Guillen

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KF 639 J6.7 2017


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Doskow, Emily, author.
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Berkeley, CA : Nolo, 2017.

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9th edition.
374 pages ; 23 cm
Includes index.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Introduction: Neighbors and Legal Questions
1. Tackling a Neighbor Problem
Get Prepared -- Approach the Neighbor -- Turn to the Authorities for Help -- Try Mediation -- Take the Neighbor to Court
2. Noise
Laws Against Noise -- What to Do
3. When a Tree Is Injured or Destroyed
Who Owns a Tree? -- An Owner's Rights When a Tree Is Damaged -- What the Tree Owner Can Sue For -- Criminal Penalties -- What to Do If a Neighbor Damages Your Tree -- Preventing Damage
4. Encroachment: Invading Branches and Roots
Looking for Help -- Trimming a Neighbor's Tree: The Right of Self-Help -- When a Neighbor Can Sue -- Going to Court
5. Unsound Limbs and Trees
Getting Help From the City Government -- Trimming a Neighbor's Tree: The Right of Self-Help -- Ask the Owner to Trim the Tree -- Suing to Prevent Damage -- Homeowner's Insurance -- After Damage From an Unsound Tree
6. Boundary Trees
Ownership -- Co-Owner's Responsibilities -- Damage to or Removal of a Boundary Tree
7. Fruit and Nuts: Who Owns What?
Who Owns the Tree? -- Fruit That Has Fallen -- Avoiding Problems
8. Obstruction of View
The Basic Rule: No Right to a View -- View Ordinances -- Subdivision Rules That Protect Views -- Other Laws That May Protect Views -- Views That Are Not Legally Protected -- Avoiding View Problems
9. Boundary Lines
Settling Uncertain Boundary Lines -- When a Neighbor Doesn't Honor the Boundary
10. Using Another's Land: Trespass and Easements
Trespassers Who Become Owners -- Easements
11. Fences
Rural Areas: Fencing Livestock In or Out -- Urban Fences -- Property Line (Boundary) Fences -- Disputes Over Boundaries -- Sharing a Fence That Is Not on the Boundary
12. Spite Fences
General Restrictions on Fence Height -- What Is a Spite Fence? -- Negotiating With the Neighbor -- Going to Court
13. Dangers to Children: Attractive Nuisances
The Attractive Nuisance Doctrine -- Takng Necessary Precautions -- Seeking Legal Help
14. Rural Neighbors and the Right to Farm
Ordinary Nuisance Rules -- Right-to-Farm Laws -- What Neighbors Can Do
15. Water
When the Neighbor Is Liable for Damage -- When the Neighbor May Not Be Liable for Damage -- What the Neighbor at Fault Must Pay For -- What to Do If You Suffer Water Damage -- Rights to Water
16. When Your Neighbors Is a Business
Zoning Laws -- Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions -- Home-Based Business -- Other Laws Protecting You and Your Property -- Expect a Compromise -- What to Do When the Law Favors You -- When the Law Favors the Business
17. Other Common Neighbor Issues
Blighted Property -- Weeds, Rubbish, and Garbage -- Loud and Offensive Language -- Drug Dealers -- Registered Sex Offenders (Megan's Law) -- Animal Problems -- Secondhand Smoke -- Vehicles -- Drones -- Outdoor Lights
18. Legal Research
Local Laws -- State Statutes -- Case Law
19. Mediation
What Is Mediation? -- How to Find a Mediator -- How Mediation Works
20. Small Claims Court
What Is Small Claims Court? -- Preparing for Small Claims Court -- How Small Claims Court Work
A. State Statutes on Injury to Trees
How Much an Owner Can Sue For -- Fines or Jail Sentences for Damaging a Tree
B. State Statutes on Private Nuisance
Common Law Definition -- Conduct or Condition Must Be Unlawful or Unreasonable
C. Boundary Fence Statutes
D. Adverse Posession Statutes
E. Right-to-Farm Statutes
Resolve neighbor conflicts and get peace of mind Dont let a neighborly nuisance turn into a nasty lawsuit. Learn your rights and responsibilities with Neighbor Law, the plain-English guide to the laws behind common neighbor disputes. Neighbor Law is more than a legal guideits a practical book filled with tips on how to solve problems and restore good neighbor relations. Find out how to handle: noisy neighbors trees that hang over a property line blocked views unclear boundary lines high, unsightly, or deteriorating fences dangers to children (attractive nuisances) problems with neighboring businesses drones trespassing onto your property other common issues, like secondhand smoke, blighted property, and animal issues. The 9th edition includes updated laws and information on mediation, going to court, boundary fences, private nuisances, and much more.
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Adjoining landowners -- United States -- Popular works.
Boundaries (Estates) -- United States -- Popular works.
Fences -- Law and legislation -- United States -- Popular works.
Trees -- Law and legislation -- United States -- Popular works.
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Guillen, Lina, author.