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Jobs in America / Debra A. Miller, book editor

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Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2011.

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197 p. ; 24 cm.
Current controversies series
Current controversies.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Ch.1 Has the recession caused a jobs crisis in America?
Yes: The recession has caused a jobs crisis in America
The recession has caused the highest rate of unemployment since the great depression / Don Peck
The recession will result in several years of joblessness / Josh Bivens and Heidi Shierholz
The recession is destroying the American middle class / Judy Isikow
The recession is a catastrophe for African Americans / Arlene Holt Baker
No: The recession has not caused a jobs crisis in America
Corporate monopolies, not recessions, are to blame for the lack of jobs in America / Barry C. Lynn and Phillip Longman
Good job opportunities are available in some fields despite the recession / Service Employees International Union
America will face a jobs surplus in ten years / Barry Bluestone
Ch.2 Has the government's economic stimulus package helped to create jobs?
Yes: The government's economic stimulus package has helped to create jobs
The Obama administration claims that stimulus legislation has created or saved almost 2 million jobs / Alec MacGillis
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act saved Americans from a second great depression / Stephen Herzenberg
No: The government's economic stimulus package has not helped to create jobs
The number of jobs created by the stimulus bill is overstated
Government spending does not create jobs / Brian Riedl
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is not reaching workers of color / Jason Reece, Matt Martin, Christy Rogers and Stephen Menedian
Ch.3 Will green jobs solve America's job shortage?
Overview: Assessing the economic impact of gree jobs in difficult / Marc Gunther
Yes: Green jobs will solve America's job shortage
A green economy can create millions of good jobs / Apollo Alliance
Green jobs will offer hope to many unemployed Americans / Bracken Hendricks, Andrew Light, and Benjamin Goldstein
Clean energy jobs will provide a new source of economic growth / Heather Taylor
No: Green jobs will not solve America's job shortage
President Obama's green jobs plan will do more harm than good / Nick Loris
Green jobs are dependent on government spending and artificial markets / Max Schulz
Green jobs will ruin the American economy / Rich Trzupek
Ch.4 What should the United States do to create greater job growth?
Innovation, research, and education are the keys to job creation / Anthony Mason
Changes to U.S economic and tax policies would add millions of jobs / Ross DeVol and Perry Wong
Boosting entrepreneurship and small businesses is crucial to job creation / Mark Trumbull
An energy efficiency retrofit programs could add many construction jobs / Bracken Hendricks and Matt Golden
A long-term economic strategy is required to create good jobs / Bob Burnett
America needs to implement a robust and comprehensive jobs plan / Economic Policy Institute
Discuses current issues in the labor force in the United States, including whether or not there is a current job crisis, the government's role in causing and solving the crisis, and how to create greater job growth in the future.
40.00 SOC SCI (99-SSC-9)
Unemployment -- Social sciences -- United States.
Recessions -- United States.
Employment agencies -- Law and legislation -- United States.
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Miller, Debra A.