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Legal guide for starting & running a small business / by Fred S. Steingold

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KF 1659 S7.45 2009


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Steingold, Fred S., 1936-
Berkeley, CA. : Nolo, c2009.

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11th ed.
458 p. : forms ; 28 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Your Legal Companion For Starting And Running A Small Business
1: Which Legal Form Is Best For Your Business?
Sole proprietorships -- Partnerships -- Corporations -- Limited liability companies -- Choosing between a corporation and an LLC -- Special structures for special situations
2: Structuring A Partnership Agreement Why you need a written agreement
Overview of your partnership agreement -- Changes in your partnership
3: Creating A Corporation
Structure of a corporation -- Financing your corporation -- Compensating yourself -- Do you need a lawyer to incorporate? -- Overview of incorporation procedures -- Twelve basic steps to incorporate -- After you incorporate -- Safe business practices for you corporation
4: Creating A Limited Liability Company
Number of members required -- Management of an LLC -- Financing an LLC -- Compensating members -- Choosing a name -- Paperwork for setting up an LLC -- After you form your LLC -- Safe business practices for your LLC
5: Preparing For Ownership Changes With A Buyout Agreement
Major benefits of adopting a buyout agreement -- Where to put your buyout provisions -- When to create a buyout agreement
6: Naming your business and products
Business names: an overview -- Mandatory name procedures -- Trademarks and service marks -- Strong and weak trademarks -- How to protect your trademark -- Name searches
7: Licenses And Permits
Federal registrations and licenses -- State requirements -- Regional requirements -- Local requirements -- How to deal with local building and zoning officials
8: Tax Basics For The Small Business
Employer identification number -- Becoming as S corporation -- Business taxes in general -- Business deductions -- Tax audits
9: Raising Money For Your Business
Consider writing a business plan -- Two types of outside financing -- Thirteen common sources of money -- Document all of the money you receive
10: Buying A Business
Finding a business to buy -- What's the structure of the business you want to buy? -- Gathering information about a business -- Valuing the business -- Other items to investigate -- Letter of intent to purchase -- Sales agreement -- Closing -- Selling a business
11: Franchises: How Not To Get Burned
What is a franchise? -- Downsides of franchise ownership -- Investigating a franchise -- Uniform franchise offering circular -- Franchise agreement -- Resolving disputes with your franchisor
12: Insuring Your Business
Working with an insurance agent -- Property coverage -- Liability insurance -- Other insurance to consider -- Saving money on insurance -- Making a claim
13: Negotiating A Favorable Lease
Finding a place -- Leases and rental agreements: an overview -- Short-term leases (month-to-month rentals ) -- Written long-term leases -- Additional clauses to consider -- Shopping center leases -- How to modify a lease -- Landlord-tenant disputes -- Getting out of a lease -- When you need professional help
14: Home-based Business
Zoning laws -- Private land use restrictions -- Insurance -- Deducting expenses for the business use of your home
15: Employees And Independent Contractors
Hiring employees -- Job descriptions -- Job advertisements -- Job applications -- Interviews -- Testing -- Background checks -- Immigration law requirements -- Personnel practices -- Illegal discrimination -- Wages and hours -- Occupational safety and health -- Worker's compensation -- Termination of employment -- Unemployment compensation -- Independent contractors
16: Importance Of Excellent Customer Relations
Developing your customer satisfaction policy -- Telling customers about your policies
17: Legal Requirements For Dealing With Customers
Advertising -- Retail pricing and return practices -- Warranties -- Consumer protection statutes -- Dealing with customers online
18: Cash, Credit Cards, And Checks
Cash -- Credit and debit cards -- Checks
19: Extending Credit And Getting Paid
Practical side of extending credit -- Laws that regulate consumer credit -- Becoming a secured creditor -- Collection problems -- Collection options
20: Put It In Writing: Small Business Contracts
What make a valid contract -- Unfair or illegal contracts -- Misrepresentation, duress, or mistake -- Must a contract be in writing? -- Writing business-to-business contracts -- Signing your contracts -- Enforcing contracts in court -- What can you sue for?
21: Financially Troubled Business
Thinking ahead to protect your personal assets -- Managing the financially troubled business -- Seeking an objective analysis -- Workouts -- Selling or closing the business -- Understanding bankruptcy
22: Resolving Legal Disputes
Negotiating a settlement -- Understanding mediation -- Arbitration -- Going to court
23: Representing Yourself In Small Claims Court
Deciding whether to represent yourself -- Learning the rules -- Meeting the jurisdictional limits -- Before you file your lawsuit -- Figuring out whom to sue -- Handling your small claims court lawsuit -- Representing yourself if you're the defendant -- Appealing small claims decisions -- Collecting your judgment
24: Lawyers And Legal Research
How to find the right lawyer -- Fees and bills -- Problems with your lawyer -- Do-it-yourself legal research
A: Checklist for starting a small business
B: Federal trade commission offices
Synopsis: Start and run your business with this all-in-one book. Small business owners are regularly confronted by a bewildering array of legal questions and problems. Ignoring them can lead to disaster, but with lawyers typically charging $200-$300 an hour, calling one to answer routine legal questions can be a fast track to the poorhouse. Fortunately, you have a better alternative. Legal Guide for Starting & Running a Small Business clearly explains the practical and legal information. The 11th edition is revised to provide the latest regulations, tax numbers and business realities in a changing economy. It also provides a start-up checklist, an expanded discussion about choosing a business structure, updates to bankruptcy law -- and much more.
26.00 BUS ED GEN (99-BEG-9) SM BUS EP (31-145-1)
Business administration -- Entrepreneurship -- United States.
Business education -- Popular works -- United States.
Small business -- Law and legislation -- United States -- Popular works.
Business enterprises -- Law and legislation -- United States -- Popular works.
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Legal guide for starting and running a small business