Hands on with Google Data Studio : a data citizen's survival guide / Lee Hurst
Book | John Wiley & Sons Inc; | 2020
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xxii, 410 pages illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
Part I: Data Studio Basics
Chapter 1: Data Studio and the Data Citizen
Data, Data Everywhere
Accessibility of Data -- Deriving Value from Data
The Role of Data Studio
A Brief History of Data Studio -- Fundamentals First
Where to Go for Help
Time to Get Started!
Chapter 2: Cooking with Google Data Studio
Our First Example
Step 1. Select a Dish to Prepare: Visualizing a Bank Account -- Before We Start: Things You'll Need -- Step 2. Let's Go Shopping! Getting the Data -- Step 3. Unpack the Groceries: Setting Up Google Drive -- Step 4. Preparing the Ingredients: Working with Google Sheets -- Step 5. Familiarizing Yourself with the Kitchen: Data Studio Home Screen and Starting a New Report -- Step 6. Assemble the Ingredients: Connecting the Data to the Report -- Step 7. Set the Table: Adding Your First Chart -- Step 8. Keep Score with Scorecards -- Step 9. It's About Time: Building the Time-Series Chart -- Step 10. Serving Suggestions: Finishing Touches and Sharing Your Report
Chapter 3: Enhancing Basic Graphs
Static Report Design
Before Getting Started: Things You'll Need
Step 1. Copy the Report -- Step 2. Modify the Header and Set the Date Range -- Step 3. Modify Scorecards -- Step 4. Modify Time-Series Chart -- Step 5. Modify the Transactions Table -- Step 6. Save the Report as PDF for Sharing
Chapter 4: Data Exploration with Interactive Elements
Building Our WorkBench Example
Step 1. Selecting a Dish to Prepare: Exploration Workbench for a Bank Account -- Step 2. Let's Go Shopping! Getting the Data Set -- Step 3. Assembling the Ingredients: Connecting Data to the Report
Adding Chart Components and Graphic Elements
Step 4. Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose: Copying Elements from Other Reports -- Step 5. Easy as Pie! Adding a Pie Chart -- Step 6. Step Up to the Bar: Adding the Bar Chart -- Step 7. Lining Things Up: Adding the Line Chart -- Step 8. Tables, Again!? Setting Up the Table
Adding and Configuring Filter Controls
Step 9. Fun with Filters: Setting Up the Standard Filter Controls
Tips for Using Interactive Filters
Find the Ansers: Filter Challenge
Part II: Business and Marketing Applications
Chapter 5: Web Data Visualization with Google Analytics
Google Services for Websites and Business
A Brief Primer for Google Analytics
Using a Template to Create a New Report -- Building the Google Analytics Report
Modifying the Charts
Working with the New Report
A Real-World Example: The Effects of a Beach Party in Spain on Web Traffic -- The Limits of Demographic Data from Google Analytics
Now for a Side Dish: Adding a Page and Using Filters
Chapter 6: Using Google Search Console for Audience Insights
Search Console and Search Results Pages
Creating a Search Console Report with Data Studio
Step 1. Selecting the Dish to Prepare -- Step 2. Let's Go Shopping! -- Step 3. Assemble the Ingredients -- Step 4. Setting the Table
Bon Appetite! Using the Search Console Report
An Example for Your Soul!
Chapter 7: Viewing Local Organization Data from Google My Business
Google Search and the Local Organization
GMB: The New Home Page in the Search Results -- What the User Sees in a GMB Listing -- What the Owner Sees in a GMB Listing -- Why Use Data Studio for GMB?
Step 1. Selecting the Dish to Prepare
The Actions Page -- The Reviews Page -- The Search Page -- Before You Begin: What You Need to Get Started
Step 2. Let's Go Shopping and Assemble the Ingredients
Step 3. Setting the Table
Report, Page, and Header Setup -- Page Navigation Button Setup -- Building the Actions Page -- Building the Search Page -- Building the Reviews Page
Part III: Beyond the Office
Chapter 8: Getting Personal
Creaing Your Own Data
Using Google Forms to Collect Your Own Data
Curating Data from Other Sources
Setting Up IFTTT to Capture Tweets -- Preparing the Google Sheet for Data Studio -- Create a Data Source for the Google Sheet -- Create the New Twitter Report
Working with Data Generated for You
Music Service Tracking Example -- Google Fit Community Connector Example -- Community Connector Setup for Google Fit
Bringing It All Together
Created Data -- Curated Data -- Generated Data
Chapter 9: Going Public
Shared Data Sets
Searching for Data Sets
Getting Data from Kaggle
Using a Kaggle Account -- Building the UFO Sightings Workbench -- Dealing with Performance Issues in Reports -- Using the Extract Data Connector to Speed Up Reports -- data.world and Makeover Monday
Bringing It Home: Real Estate in Your Neighborhood
Selecting the Dish to Prepare -- Going Shopping: Hunting for Housing Data -- Unpacking the Groceries: Moving the File to Google Drive -- Preparing the Ingredients: Fixing Data Formatting Issues -- Assembling the Ingredients: Connecting the Data to the Report -- Preparing the Meal: The Plan Meets Reality
Sharing Your Dish: Embedding Reports
Embedding a Report in a Google Site -- Embedding a Report in a WordPress Site -- Dealing with Pivoted Data
Chapter 10: Where Do You Go from Here?
Helping Your Audience See the Light
Annotation Ideas for Static Reports -- Annotation Ideas for Interactive Reports -- Providing Detailed Instructions for Users -- Community Visualizations -- Data Studio as an Application Development Platform
Exotic Ingredients and Your Pantry
Data Blending -- File Upload -- BigQuery for Big Data -- Community Connectors -- The Latest Dishes: New Developmental and Releases
You don't jave to be a tech professional or large corporation to visualize all kinds of data and share eye-catching reports with colleagues and clients. Thanks to the free, widely-popular Google Data Studio visualization tool, anyone with a Gmail account and a little know-how can transform data into interactive, easily-shared knowledge. Celebrated for its power and flexibility, Google Data Studio turns immense amounts of data into beautiful, easy-to-understand visual reports. 'Hand On With Google Data Studio' teaches you how to visualize your data today and produce professional results in no time - no previous experience required! Written with beginners in mind, this clear, reader-friendly guide provides step-by-step instructions that will help you discover business trends, turn your budget data into interactive reports, evaluate the performance of your websites or business listings, and much more. An abundance of real-world examples, expert advice, and practical activities develop the data visualization skills you need to gather public and private data, come to your own conclusions, and share your insights with others. This invaluable guide teaches you everything you need to know to take control of your data and become a data citizen pro. A must-have resource for anyone looking to visualize their data - from individuals, consultatants, and small business owners to corporate managers and organization leaders - 'Hands On With Google Data Studio' will help you: Learn the fundamentals of data visualization and personal data accessibility. Access various types of data with Google Data Studio. Use open data API's from numerous public sources. Navigate the Data Studio interface and build your first data set. Add visual interest with banners, logos, custom graphics, and color palettes.
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