Wilderness EMS / [edited by] Seth C. Hawkins
Book | Wolters Kluwer Health | 2018
Available at Gateway-Elkhorn Campus General Collection (RC 88.9 O9.5 W5.5 2018)

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xxii, 587 pages : illustraitions
Requested by faculty, T. Williams
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Introduction to Wilderness EMS / Seth C. Hawkins
SECTION ONE: Principles of Wilderness EMS Systems
CHAPTER 1: WEMS Systems / Seth C. Hawkins
CHAPTER 2: Wilderness EMS Education / Corey Winstead & Seth C. Hawkins
CHAPTER 3: Wilderness EMS Incident Command / David Fifer
CHAPTER 4: Wilderness EMS Medical Oversight / Michael G. Millin
CHAPTER 5: Medicolegal Considerations in Wilderness EMS Care / Kristen C. Burke
CHAPTER 6: The Interface Between Wilderness EMS, Professional Organizations & Guides, and Other EMS Agencies / J. Matthew Sholl & Douglas C. George
CHAPTER 7: Wilderness EMS Equipment / Carl Weil
CHAPTER 8: Wilderness EMS Research / Ian E. Blanchard & Tyler Williamson
CHAPTER 9: Wilderness Event Medicine / Linda Laskowski-Jones, Michael J. Caudell, Richard B. Bounds, Chelsea A. Dymond, Seth C. Hawkins, Lawrence J. Jones, Jennifer M. Starling & David S. Young
CHAPTER 10: Psychological First Aid and Stress Injuries / Laura McGladrey
CHAPTER 11: Wilderness EMS Pharmacology / Nancy Pietroski
SECTION TWO: Management of Wilderness Medical Conditions
CHAPTER 12: Wilderness Survival, Survival Psychology and Lost Person Behavior / Darryl J. Macias, Peter J. LeBlanc & Aaron Reilly
CHAPTER 13: Management of Cold Injuries / Linda Laskowski-Jones & Lawrence J. Jones
CHAPTER 14: Management of Heat Illnesses / Tod Schimelpfenig, Gates Richards Jr. & Shana Tarter
CHAPTER 15: Management of Altitude Illnesses / Ken Zafren
CHAPTER 16: Management of Drowning / Justin Sempsrott
CHAPTER 17: Management of Driving Injuries / James Chimiak & Peter Buzzacott
CHAPTER 18: Mangement of Lightning Injuries and Severe Storms / R. Darrell Nelson & Henderson McGinnis
CHAPTER 19: Management of Animal Bites and Envenomation / Benjamin N. Abo
CHAPTER 20: Management of Infectious Diseases
PART 1: Infectious Diseases Associated With Wilderness Environment / Franklin R. Hubbell & Leee Frizzell
PART 2: General Infectious Diseases in the Wilderness Environment / Christopher Davis & Howard K. Mell
CHAPTER 21: General Management of Trauma in the Wilderness / Benjamin Smith, Bryan E. Bledsoe & Paul Nicolazzo
CHAPTER 22: General Management of Medical Conditions in the Wilderness / Leah Jacoby Groves & Tracy A. Cushing
CHAPTER 23: Management of Behavioral Emergencies in the Wilderness / Laura McGladrey & Catherine Campisi
SECTION THREE: Medical Interface With Technical Rescue Operations
CHAPTER 24: Technical Rescue Interface Introduction: Principles of Basic Technical Rescue, Packaging, and Patient Care Integration / William 'Will' R. Smith
CHAPTER 25: Technical Rescue Interface: High and Low Angle Rescue / R. Bryan Simon
CHAPTER 26: Technical Rescue Interface: Swiftwater Rescue / Justin S. Padgett
CHAPTER 27: Techincal Rescue Interface: Open Water Rescue / Andrew Schmidt, Benjamin N. Abo & Justin Sempsrott
CHAPTER 28: Technical Rescue Interface: Off-Road Vehicle and Helicopter WEMS Response / Brian M. Scheele
CHAPTER 29: Technical Rescue Interface: Cave Rescue / Keith Conover
CHAPTER 30: Technical Rescue Interface Search and Rescue in the Non-Snow/Glacier/Mountaineering Environment / Ketih Conover, Ryan Circh & Robert J. Koester
CHAPTER 31: Technical Rescue Interface: Ski Patrols and Mountaineering Resuce in the Mountainous, Snow, or Glaciated Environment / Michael G. Millin, J. Pearce Beissinger & Jonnathan Busko
'Wilderness EMS' is designed for EMS provides and leaders who deliver medical care in the wilderness, and those practicing wilderness medicine as part of a formal team. The textbook is a comprehensive, expertly written reference ideal for the fast-changing and multidisciplinary specialty. This first-of-its-kind text provides specialized instruction and best practices for wilderness EMS practitioners and students - crucial information for the success of today's rescue missions. A strong foundation in evidence-based medicine, clinical experience, and field applicability makes it especailly useful for any EMS provider in a wilderness environment.
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Hawkins, Seth, editor.
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