Data analytics : 5 books in 1-Bible of 5 manuscripts - beginner's guide+ tips and tricks+ effective strategies+ best practices to learn data analytics efficiently+ advanced strategies / Daniel Jones
Book | Daniel Jones | 2018
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vi, 237 pages: ; 23 cm.
DATA ANALYTICS: A Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Learn and Understand Data Analytics and Its Functions
Chapter 1: Getting Started with Data Analytics
Chapter 2: Understanding Predictive Analysis
Chapter 3: Discrete Choice Model
Chapter 4: Deep Learning and Data Analytics
Chapter 5: Artificial Neural Networks and Data Analytics
DATA ANALYTICS: Tips and Tricks to Learn and Execute Data Analytics Programs
Chapter 1: What is Data Analytics
Chapter 2: Big Data
Chapter 3: Data Mining
Chapter 4: Data Modeling
Chapter 5: Data Visualization
Chapter 6: How Data Analytics Can Be Used
DATA ANALYTICS: Simple and Effective Strategies to Learn and Execute Data Analytics Programs
Data Analytics Tools
Research Proposal
Data Analysis Process
Avoiding Bias
Communicating Data Insights
Types of Data
DATA ANALYTICS: Best Practices to Learn and Execute Data Analytics Programs
Effective Uses for Data Analytics
Predictive Analytics
Regression Technique
Regression Technique
DATA ANALYTICS: Advanced Strategies to Learn and Execute Data Analytics Programming
Advanced Analytics
Driver Analytics
Perceptual Mapping
Google OpenRefine
Excel's Analysis ToolPak
If your company is like most, you are likely generating far more information every day than you can realistically do anyting with. Understanding what all this data is trying to tell you is the key to getting ahead in the marketplace and understanding the ways big data can help you do just that is key to finding sucess no matter how fierce the competition. The following chapters will discuss everything you need to know in order to get started preparing yourself for the process of data analytics, starting with explaining just what it is all about. From there you will learn all about the many benefits of predictive analytics, and how it can be put to use to help you plan out future business plans with relative certainty. Next you will learn how to set up a discrete choice model and the ways it will help you determine the products you are selling are always going to be a hit. Then you will learn all about the ways in which machine learning is changing the world of big data forever with deep learning and neural networks.
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Data analytics five books in one Bible of five manuscripts
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