Statistical analysis with R / by Joseph Schmuller, PhD
Book | John Wiley & Sons | 2017
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xiii, 438 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
"Learning made easy"--Cover.
Includes resources and index.
Part 1: Getting Started with Statistical Analysis with R
CHAPTER 1: Data, Statistics, and Decisions
CHAPTER 2: R: What It Does and How It Does It
Part 2: Describing Data
CHAPTER 3: Getting Graphic
CHAPTER 4: Finding Your Center
CHAPTER 5: Deviating From the Average
CHAPTER 6: Meeting Standards and Standings
CHAPTER 7: Summarizing It All
CHAPTER 8: What's Normal?
Part 3: Drawing Conclusions from Data
CHAPTER 9: The Confidence Game: Estimation
CHAPTER 10: One-Sample Hypothesis Testing
CHAPTER 11: Two-Sample Hypothesis Testing
CHAPTER 12: Testing More than Two Samples
CHAPTER 13: More Complicated Testing
CHAPTER 14: Regression: Linear, Multiple, and the General Linear Model
CHAPTER 15: Correlation: The Rise and Fall of Relationships
CHAPTER 16: Curvilinear Regression: When Relationships Get Complicated
Part 4: Working with Probability
CHAPTER 17: Introducing Probability
CHAPTER 18: Introducing Modeling
Part 5: The Part of Tens
CHAPTER 19: Ten Tips for Excel Emigr├ęs
CHAPTER 20: Ten Valuable Online R Resources
Understanding the world of R programming and analysis has never been easier. Most guides to R, whether books or online, focus on R functions and procedures. But now, thanks to Statistical Analysis with R For Dummies, you have access to a trusted, easy-to-follow guide that focuses on the foundational statistical concepts that R addresses--as well as step-by-step guidance that shows you exactly how to implement them using R programming. People are becoming more aware of R every day as major institutions are adopting it as a standard. Part of its appeal is that it's a free tool that's taking the place of costly statistical software packages that sometimes take an inordinate amount of time to learn. Plus, R enables a user to carry out complex statistical analyses by simply entering a few commands, making sophisticated analyses available and understandable to a wide audience. Statistical Analysis with R For Dummies enables you to perform these analyses and to fully understand their implications and results. Gets you up to speed on the #1 analytics/data science software tool. Demonstrates how to easily find, download, and use cutting-edge community-reviewed methods in statistics and predictive modeling. Shows you how R offers intel from leading researchers in data science, free of charge. Provides information on using R Studio to work with R. Get ready to use R to crunch and analyze your data--the fast and easy way!
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Statistical analysis with R for dummies
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