The social impact of advertising : confessions of an (ex-)advertising man / Tony Kelso
Book | Rowman & Littlefield | 2019
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xiii, 293 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
1. Introduction: An Insider's Critical Approach to Advertising
Selling Meaning and a Way of Life -- Preview of the Chapters -- References
2. Promoting Heaven on Earth: A Brief History of Modern Advertising in the United States
The Spiritual Marketplace as a Reflection of the Capitalist Economy -- The Birth and Dramatic Spread of Modern Advertising -- Marketing Miracles: Patent Medicine Manufacturers Lead the Way -- Selling Progress as a Religious Act -- Shifting the Lens from Factory Smokestacks to Consumer Desires -- The Business of America is Business -- Modern Advertising as a "Spiritual" Force -- Summary -- What Do You Think? -- Ad Lab -- References
3. So Much Energy for So Little Attention: Creating Images for Brands
The Advertising Agency and the Client -- The Nature of National Advertising -- The Internal Structure of an Advertising Agency -- Market Segmentation -- Account Planning and Research -- Creating a Strategic Advertising Plan -- The Creative Process -- Media Planning and Buying -- Summary -- What Do You Think?-- Ad Lab -- References
4. Always Keep 'em Happy: How Advertising Shapes the Content of the Media
The Purpose of Commercial Media -- Creating an "Advertising-Friendly" Environment -- Getting What We Want: Quality Television and the Subscription Model -- The Internet's Dominance Has Not Diminished the Influence of Advertising -- The Possible Impact of Advertising-Supported News on Democracy -- Summary -- What Do You Think? -- Ad Lab -- References
5. The Message beneath the Message: Advertising and Ideology
Culture and Ideology -- Dominant Ideology and the Rise of Social Media -- Applying Ideological Theory to the Interpretation of Advertising -- Advertising as Capitalist Realism -- Common Ideological Themes in Advertising -- Summary -- What Do You Think? -- Ad Lab -- References
6. Buying into Identity (Part 1): Representations of Gender and Sexual Orientation in Advertising
Evaluating Representations in the Media: Inclusion, Roles, and Control -- Representations of Women in Advertising -- Representations of Men in Advertising -- Representations of Transgender People in Advertising -- Gender Roles in Advertising: How Much Has Changed? -- Representations of Sexual Orientation in Advertising -- Summary -- What Do You Think? -- Ad Lab -- References
7. Buying into Identity (Part 2): Representations of Race and Ethnicity in Advertising
Representations of Race and Ethnicity in Advertising -- Summary -- What Do You Think? -- Ad Lab -- References
8. Building Brand Loyalty from the Womb: Advertising to Children
Tiny People, Big Profits -- Learning to Embrace Brands -- Selling Fun and Delicious (but Unhealthy) Products -- Hanging Out with the Kids: Advertising Research and Ethnography -- The Consequences of Persuading Kids to Be Consumers -- Summary -- What Do You Think? -- Ad Lab -- References
9. Sponsoring Exploitation and Environmental Destruction: Advertising and Externalities
Corporations Are People Too -- The Corporation's Psychopathic Personality -- Finding New Spaces to Colonize -- Consuming Our Way to Extinction? -- Summary -- What Do You Think? -- Ad Lab -- References
10. Conclusion: Evaluating Advertising on Your Own Terms
Putting Advertising into Perspective -- Consumerism and Sustainability -- References
With a touch of the panache of a former advertising copywriter, Tony Kelso challenges readers to reflect on the social impact of advertising from multiple angles. The book uniquely combines personal anecdotes with a penetrating look at some of the most critical perspectives advanced by media scholars. A play on David Ogilvy's legendary 'Confessions of an Advertising Man', the text disrupts the creative guru's account with a highly accessible critique of advertising suitable for classes in disciplines as varied as cultural studies, marketing, media studies, poltical science, and sociology. The book reflects the latest industry trends, especially the migration from legacy to social media vehicles like Instagram and Snapchat. Topics covered include a brief history of modern advertising in the United States, advertising's influence on the so-called nonadvertising content of the media, the ideological themes advertising inadvertently delivers, how advertising can privilege or marginalize various social constructions of identity, the controversial practice of targeting children, and how corporations often use advertising to superficially present a positive face while masking their profoundly darker sides. Incorporating a media literacy approach, Kelso also offers an insider's overview of the typical procedures advertisng agencies take in strategizing, conceptualizing, and delivering campaigns.
48.00 (10-104-3)
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