Chief joy officer : how great leaders elevate human energy and eliminate fear / Richard Sheridan; foreword by Tom Peters
Book | Portfolio/Penguin, An Imprint of Penguin Random House LLC | 2018
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xvii, 270 pages ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
PART I: What Are Joyful Leaders?
CHAPTER 1: Authentic
CHAPTER 2: Humble
CHAPTER 3: Loving
CHAPTER 4: Optimistic
CHAPTER 5: Visionary
CHAPTER 6: Grounded in Reality
CHAPTER 7: Servant Leaders
PART II: Building a Culture of Joyful Leadership
CHAPTER 8: Start with Purpose
CHAPTER 9: Value Leaders, Not Bosses
CHAPTER 10: Pursue Systems, Not Bureaucracy
CHAPTER 11: Care for the Team
CHAPTER 12: Learn Together
CHAPTER 13: Become Storytellers
CONCLUSION: Bigger Than Ourselves
EPILOGUE: The Positive Organization
APPENDIX: Recommended Teachers
From my mid-twenties to my early forties, I worked at the same place. I was promoted a few times, granted more authority and more people to manage, rewarded with raises, stock options, and a nice office. I had everything the world measures as success. And yet, the prospect of going to work filled me with a sense of unsettledness and dread. I found myself snekaing out of the office earlier and earlier, as close to 5:00 as I could without being noticed. Something was missing. I eventually realized that I was seeking 'joy at work'. No word other than 'joy' fit my engineering ideal - of designing and building something, perhaps many things, that actually would see the light of day and be enjoyably used and widely adopted. I wanted joyful outcomes produced by joyful people working in a joyful place. My journey to a better way of working started out of disillusionment and ended where I am now - as the leader of a very joyful, award-winning software company called Menlo Innovatons. I went deep into Menlo's joyful culture in my first book, 'Joy, Inc.' Since then I've spoken with many people who want to know how to lead their own joyful organization. They are curious about how we sustain our culture, and what it means to be a "chief joy officer" - even if you don't have anyone officially reporting to you. Those conversations were the impetus for this book. Joy at work seems like a simple idea - just give everyone whatever they want, right? No! A chief joy officer has to fight joy's greatest enemy: fear. And unfortunately, leadership based on fear is the status quo for nearly every organization and bureaucracy.
20.00 (10-196-1)
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Peters, Thomas J., writer of introduction.
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