Python all-in-one for dummies / John Shovic and Alan Simpson
Book | John Wiley & Sons Inc | 2019
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xvi, 683 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
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Book 1: Getting Started with Python
CHAPTER 1: Starting with Python
CHAPTER 2: Interactive Mode, Getting Help, Writing Apps
CHAPTER 3: Python Elements and Syntax
CHAPTER 4: Building Your First Python Applicaton
Book 2: Understanding Python Building Blocks
CHAPTER 1: Working with Numbers, Text, and Dates
CHAPTER 2: Controlling the Action
CHAPTER 3: Speeding Along with Lists and Tuples
CHAPTER 4: Cruising Massive Data with Dictionaries
CHAPTER 5: Wrangling Bigger Chunks of Code
CHAPTER 6: Doing Python with Class
CHAPTER 7: Sidestepping Errors
Book 3: Working with Python Libraries
CHAPTER 1: Working with External Files
CHAPTER 2: Juggling JSON Data
CHAPTER 3: Interacting with the Internet
CHAPTER 4: Libraries, Packages, and Modules
Book 4: Using Artificial Intelligence in Python
CHAPTER 1: Exploring Artificial Intelligence
CHAPTER 2: Building a Neural Network in Python
CHAPTER 3: Doing Machine Learning in Python
CHAPTER 4: Exploring More AI in Python
Book 5: Doing Data Science with Python
CHAPTER 1: The Five Areas of Data Science
CHAPTER 2: Exploring Big Data with Python
CHAPTER 3: Using Big Data from the Google Cloud
Book 6: Talking to Hardware with Python
CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Physical Computing
CHAPTER 2: No Soldering! Grove Connectors for Building Things
CHAPTER 3: Sensing the World with Python: The World of I2C
CHAPTER 4: Making Things Move with Python
Book 7: Building Robots with Python
CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Robotics
CHAPTER 2: Building Your First Python Robot
CHAPTER 3: Programming Your Robot Rover in Python
CHAPTER 4: Using Artificial Intelligence in Robotics
Python is a versatile and flexible programming language that's useful in almost any type of project. This all-in-one guide offers to broad reference on the basics of Python and how to employ it in a number of applications. Seven self-contained minibooks offer an introduction to Python basics, building blocks, and libraries before walking you through how Python enhances the worlds of artificial intelligence, data science, and robotics.
This book is a reference manual to guide you through the process of learning Python and how to use it in modern computer applications, such as data science, aritficial intelligence, physical computing and robotics. If you are looking to learn a little about a lot of exciting things, then this is the book for you. It gives you an introduction to the topics that you will need to go deeper into any of these areas of technology. This book guides you through the Python language and then it takes you on a tour through some really cool libraries and technologies (the Raspberry Pi, robotics, AI, data science, and so on) all revolving around the Python language. When you work on new projects and new technologies, Python is there for you with an incredibly diverse number of libraries just waiting for you to use.
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