Essentials of intentional interviewing : counseling in a multicultural world / Allen E. Ivey, Courtesy Professor, University of South Florida, Tampa, Mary Bradford Ivey, Vice President, Microtraining Associates, Carlos P. Zalaquett, University of South Florida, Tampa
Book | Cengage Learning | 2016 | Third edition.
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Third edition.
xvi, 344 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
2nd edition published: Belmont, CA : Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning, ©2012.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 327-331) and indexes.
SECTION I: Overview and Competencies of Culturally Sensitive Listening
CHAPTER 1: Introduction
You as Helper, Your Goals, Your Competencies -- Online Resources for Essentials of Intentional Interviewing -- Interviewing, Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Related Fields -- The Microskills Approach -- Cultural Intentionality -- Resilience and Self-Acutalization -- Neuroscience: Counseling Changes the Brain -- Office, Community, Phone, and Internet: Where Do We Meet Clients? -- Your Natural Style and Beginning Expertise: An Important Audio or Video Activity
CHAPTER 2: Multicultural Competence, Ethics, Positive Psychology, and Resilence
Multicultural Competence -- Respectful Interviewing and Counseling -- Privilege as a Multicultural Interviewing Issue -- Awareness, Knowledge, Skills, and Action for Multicutural Competence -- Ethics and Morals: Professional and Personal -- Positive Psychology: Building Client Resilence -- Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes: Specifics on Which to Build Wellness for Lifetime Resilence
CHAPTER 3: Attending, Empathy, and Observation Skills
Defining Attending Behavior -- Discerning: Basic Techniques and Strategies of Attending Behavior -- Discerning: Individual and Multicultural Issues in Attending Behavior -- Defining Empathy and Empathic Understanding -- Discerning: Levels of Empathy -- Refining: The Power of the Positive -- Defining Observation Skills -- Discerning: Specifics of Observation -- Observing Attending Behavior and Empathy in Action: Do I Want to Become a Counselor? -- Practicing Attending, Empathy, and Observation Skills -- Refining: Attending Behavior, Empathy, and Observation in a Multicultural Context -- "Magic," Samurai, Neuroscience, and the Importance of Practice to Mastery and Competence
SECTION II: The Basic Listening Sequence and Organzing and Effective Interview
CHAPTER 4: Questions
Defining Questions -- Discerning the How of Using Questions -- Observing Questions in Action: Interview Transcript, Conflict at Work -- Practicing Questioning Skills -- Refining: Extensions of the Questioning Skill -- Our Throughts About Keneki
CHAPTER 5: Encouraging, Paraphasing, and Summarizing
Defining Active Listening -- Discerning the Basic Techniques and Strategies of Encouraging, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing -- Observing Listening Skills and Children -- Practicing: Becoming Competent in Encouraging, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing -- Refining: Executive Functioning, Microaggresions, and Diversity Issues
CHAPTER 6: Observing and Reflecting Feelings
Defining Reflections of Feelings -- Discerning: The Basic Techniques and Strategies of Observing and Reflecting Feelings -- Observing Reflection of Feelings in Action -- Practicing: Becoming Competent in Observing and Reflecting Feelings -- Refining: Observation and Reflection of Feelings
CHAPTER 7: How to Conduct a Five-Stage Counseling Sessions Using Only Listening Skills
Defining the Basic Listening Sequence: Foundation for Empathic Listening in Many Settings -- Defining the Five-Stage Model for Structuring the Session -- Discerning Specifics of the Well-Formed Five-Stage Interview -- Observing The BLS and Five Stages in Decisional Counseling -- Practicing The Five Stages and Decisional Counseling -- Refining: Demystifying the Helping Process
SECTION III: Helping Clients Generate New Stories That Lead to Action: Influencing Skills and Strategies
CHAPTER 8: Focusing the Interview
Defining Focusing -- Discerning the Skill of Focusing -- Observing the Skills of Focusing -- Practicing Mapping the Web of Relationships, Community and Family Genograms -- Refining Focusing on Challenging Issues
CHAPTER 9: Empathic Confrontation
Defining Empathic Confrontation -- Discerning The Basic Skills of Empathic Confrontation -- Observing: Empathic Confrontation in Action -- Practicing Becoming Competent in Empathic Confrontation -- Refining Nonempathic Confrontation, Dealing With Resistance, Multicultural Issues, and Working With Groups
CHAPTER 10: Reflection of Meaning and Interpretation/Reframing
Defining the Skills of Reflection of Meaning and Interpretation/Reframing -- Discerning the Skills of Reflection of Meaning and Interpretation/Reframing -- Observing the Skills of Reflection of Meaning and Interpretation/Reframing -- Practicing the Skills of Eliciting and Reflecting Meaning and Interpretation/Reframing -- Refining the Skills of Eliciting and Reflecting Meaning and Interpretation/Reframing
CHAPTER 11: Empathic Self-Disclosure and Feedback
Defining Empathic Self-Disclosure -- Discerning the Skill of Empathic Self-Disclosure -- Refining Empathic Self-Disclosure -- Defining Empathic Feedback -- Discerning the Skill of Empthic Feedback -- Refining the Skill of Empathic Feedback -- Observing Empathic Self-Disclosure and Empathic Feedback -- Practicing the Skills of Empathic Self-Disclosure and Emapthic Feedback
CHAPTER 12: Influencing Client Actions and Decisions
Defining Directives, Providing Information, and Psychoeducation -- Discerning The Specifics of Psychoeducation -- Defining Natural and Logical Consequences and Decisional Counseling -- Refining Stress Management as Psychoeducation -- Refining Directives and Psychoeducational Strategies for Building Mental and Physical Health -- Observing: Introducing Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Through Decisinal Counseling -- Practicing: Integrating the Skills and Strategies of This Chapter
SECTION IV: Skill Integration, Crisis Counseling, and Developing Your Own Style
CHAPTER 13: Skill Integration Through Examining Your Own Session, Treatment Plans, and Case Management
Defining Skill Integration -- Discerning: Suggestions to Facilitate Skill Integration -- Refining Supplementary Concepts and Methods -- Practicing Topics Important to Interviewing Practice and Recommendatons for Reviewing Your Own Interviewing Style -- Your Turn: The Final Audio and Video Exercise
CHAPTER 14: Crisis Counseling and Assessing Suicide Potential
Defining Crisis Counseling -- Discerning Specifics of Crisis Counseling -- Observing Crisis Counseling in Action -- Suicide Watch: Awareness Basics -- Practicing Crisis Counseling -- Refining the Skills of Crisis Counseling and Suicide Risk
CHAPTER 15: Determining Personal Style in a World of Multiple Theories
Intentionality and Flexibility in Your Interviewing Style and in Your Future Career -- Time to Stop, Reflect, Assess, and Take Stock -- Your Personal Style -- Your Journey in Interviewing and Counseling Begins Now
APPENDIX A: The Ivey Taxonomy: Definitions of the Microskills Hierarchy and Anticipated Client Response From Using Skills
APPENDIX B: The Family Genogram
APPENDIX C: Counseling, Neuroscience, and Microskills
'Essentials of Intentional Interviewing: Counseling in a Multicultural World,' Third Edition, is based on the most researched framework on helping skills - microcounseling. These helping skills serve as the foundation of counseling, psychology, social work, and education. Students enjoy the focus on specific skills and identified competencies, the emphasis on diversity and positive psychology, and the many practice exercises. Many students develop an individual Portfolio of Competencies that can be shared as they move to practicum and internship settings. This book also provides the basics of interviewing in many other fields, ranging from nursing to business to communication studies.
[GIFT] SOC SERV (10-520-3)
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Ivey, Mary Bradford, author.
Zalaquett, Carlos P., 1952- author.
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Intentional interviewing
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