Veterinary dentistry : a team approach / Steven E. Holmstrom
Book | Elsevier | 2019 | Third edition.
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Third edition.
xiii, 428 pages : color illustrations ; 25 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages 402-403) and index.
1. Introduction to Veterinary Dentistry
Why Veterinary Dentistry?
Dental Anatomy and Dental Terminology
General Anatomy
Types of Heads -- Maxilla -- Mandible -- Cheeks and Lips
Tooth Anatomy
External Tooth -- Internal Tooth -- Gingiva -- Alveolar Mucosa -- Attachment apparatus
Dental Formula for the Puppy
Dental Formula for the Adult Dog
Dental Formula for the Kitten
Dental Formula for the Adult Cat
Root Structure for the Adult Dog
Root Structure for the Adult Cat
Positional Terminology
Line Angles -- Coronal-Apical Directions -- Between Teeth
Anatomic and Triadan Numbering Systems
Anatomic Numbering System -- Triadan Numbering System
Dental Chart for the Dog
Dental Chart for the Cat
Dental Charting
2. The Oral Examination and Disease Recognition
Oral Examination
Normal Occlusion
Specialties of Dentistry
Oral Diseases and Dental Specialties
Pedodontics -- Orthodontic Disease -- Asymmetric Skeletal Malocclusion Class IV Malocclusion (MAL4) -- Oropharyngeal Inflammation -- Examples of the Appearance of Various Regional Oral Inflammatory Diseases -- Juvenile Periodontitis -- Autoimmune Conditions Affecting the Mouth -- Adverse Conditions of the Tooth Surface -- Abnormalities of Enamel Formation -- Foreign Bodies -- Endodontic Disease -- Tooth Resorption (TR) -- Oral Medical Disease -- Oral Neoplasia -- Clinically Aggressive Tumors -- Other Traumatic Oral Conditions
3. Dental Instruments and Equipment
Organization of the Dental Department
Hand Instruments
Explorers -- Periodontal Probes -- Calculus Removal Forceps -- Scalers -- Curettes -- Curette and Scalar Care
Power Scalers
Ultrasonic Instruments -- Sonic Scalers -- Rotary Scalers
Dental Units for Polishing and Drilling
Electric-Powered Systems -- Air-Powered Systems -- Air-Compressor Systems -- Handpieces -- Troubleshooting High-Speed Handpieces -- Three-Way Syringes -- Suction
Lighting and Magnification
Lighting -- Magnification
Disinfection and Sterilization
4. Personal Safety and Ergonomics / Steven E. Holmstrom and Laurie A. Holmstrom
Safety Requirements for Veterinary Dentistry
Types of Hazards
Eye Protection
Mouth and Lung Protection
Hand and SKin Protection
Handwashing Agents -- Handwashing Technique
Glove Concerns
Eye Shields
Safe With Products
Material Safety Data Sheets -- Labels -- Composite Restoration Materials -- Toxins
Repetitive Motion Disorders
Ergonomics in the Workplace -- Lifestyle Ergonomics -- Ergonomic Operatory Chairs and Tables
5. Local Anesthesia
Infiltration Blocks
Equipment -- Technique
Regional Blocks
Equipment -- General Technique -- Technique -- Increasing the Duration of Local Anesthesia
6. Pathogenesis of Periodontal Disease
Periodontal Disease
Systemic Effects of Periodontal Disease -- Etiology -- Types of Bacteria -- Location of Plaque -- Pathogenesis -- Systemic Inflammatory Response -- Intial Signs
Periodontal Disease Classficiation
Furcation Index
Healthy Gingiva
Type 1 Early Gingivitis -- Type 2 Advanced Gingivitis -- Type 3 Early Periodontitis -- Type 4 Established Periodontitis
7. The Complete Prophy
Preparation for the Procedure
Anesthesia Induction
Steps to the Complete Prophy
When to Use Antibiotics -- Patient Care -- Step 1: Preliminary Examination and Evaluation -- Step 2: Supragingival Gross Calculus Removal -- Step 3: Periodontal Probing (and Periodontal Charting) -- Step 4: Subgingival Calculus Removal -- Step 5: Detection of Missed Plaque and Calculus -- Step 6: Mechanical Polishing or Air Polishing -- Step 7: Sulcus Irrigation and Fluoride Treatment -- Step 8: Application of a Sealer -- Step 9: Periodontal Diagnostics -- Step 10; Final Charting -- Step 11: Hame Care
Nonprofessional Dental Scaling (NPDS)
8. Home-Care Instruction and Products
Client Education
Demonstration -- Home-Care Products -- Visual Aids
Plaque Control and Home Care
Toothbrushing -- Wipe -- Brushing Agents -- Dog and Cat Foods -- Enzyme Toothpastes -- Antibacterial and Anticalculus Products -- Selecting the Appropriate Home-Care Product
Other Home-Care Aids
Plaque-Removing Chew Toys
9. Periodontal Therapy
Root Planing
Root Planing: Technique
Periodontal Debridement
Changes in Instrumentation Theory -- Cementum Removal -- Benefits of Ultrasonic Periodontal Therapy -- Ultrasonic Tips
Local Antibiotic Therapy
Doxirobe -- Arestin -- Clindoral
Mucositis in Dogs
10. Feline Dentistry
Feline Chronic Gingivostomatitis
Tooth Resorption
Cause -- Diagnosis -- AVDC Stages -- Treatment of Tooth Resorption -- Prevention of Tooth Resorption -- Alveolar Osteitis
Feline Orofacial Pain Syndrome
11. Intraoral Imaging
Indications for Dental Radiography
Unerupted or Impacted Teeth -- Periodontal Disease -- Endodontics -- Exodontics -- Routine Dental Procedures
Contraindication for Dental Radiology
Dental Radiographic Equipment and Materials
Veterinary Medical Machines -- Dental Machines -- Intraoral Film -- Dental Radiographic Film Sizes -- Digital Radiology -- Protective Measures -- Radiographic Technique
Complications in Dental Radiology
Failure to Position Film Sensor Properly -- Blurred or Double Images -- Elongation of Image -- Foreshortening of Image -- Overlapped Dental Structures
Radiographic Film Processing
Technique -- Developing Complications -- Solution Disposal -- Film Storage -- Four Simple Rules for Positioning -- Radiographic Errors -- Maintenance of Computerized Radiographic Equipment
Radiographic Findings
Radiographic Anatomy -- Periodontal Disease -- Endodontic Disease -- Tooth Resorption -- Retained Roots -- Neoplasia -- Maxillary Multilobular Osteochondroma -- Common Radiographic Interpretation Questions
12. Exodontics (Extractions)
Indications for Exodontics
Preliminary to Exodontics
The Technician and Extractions
Instruments for Exodontics
Luxators, Elevators, Root Tip Picks, and Periosteal Elevators -- Vet-Time Powertome -- Magnification and Lighting
Sharpening Equipment
Sterilization of Equipment
Sterilization Monitoriing
Exodontic Principles
Root Removal -- Exodontic Technique
Complications of Extractions
Loss of Root Into the Mandibular Canal -- Flap Surgery -- Keys to Successful Exodontia
13. Advanced Veterinary Dental Procedures: Periodontal Surgery, Endodontics, Restorations, and Orthodontics
Periodontal Surgical Techniques
Evaluation for Procedure -- Goal of Periodontal Surgery -- Instruments and Materials -- Treatment Techniques -- Follow-Up Recommendations for All Periodontal Surgery
Endodontics and Restorations
Indications for Endodontic Therapy -- Advantage of Endodontic Therapy -- Endodontic Procedures -- Endodontic Equipment -- Endontic Technique -- Radiographs -- Apicoectomy
Restorative Dentistry
Composite Restorations -- Crown Restorations
Bite Evaluation -- Interceptive Orthodontics -- Dental Models
14. Lagomorph, Rodent, and Ferret Dentistry / Alexander M. Reiter and Ana C. Castejon-Gonzalez
General Information
Lagomorphs -- Rodents -- Ferrets
Dental Anatomy
Dentition in the Lagomorph, Rodent, and Ferret -- Periodontal Ligament -- Adult Lagomorph Dental Formulas -- Adult Rodent Dental Forumlas -- Adult Ferret Dental Formula
Instruments and Equipment Used to Treat
Lagomorphs, Rodents, and Ferrets
Common Oral Problems and Disease in Lagomorphs and Rodents
Gingivitis -- Periodontitis -- Enamel Hyomineralizaton/Hypoplasia -- Caries -- Malocclusion -- Tongue Entrapment -- Incisor Tooth Overgrowth -- Cheek Tooth Overgrowth -- Jaw Abscess -- Cheek Pouch Impaction -- Stomatitis -- Oral Tumors -- Slobbers
Common Oral Problems and Diseases in Ferrets
Tooth Extrusion -- Tooth Abrasion -- Tooth Fracture -- Malocclusion -- Periodontal Disease
Preparation for Procedures
Preanesthesia Examination -- Preanesthesia Preparation -- Inhalent Aensthesia -- Anesthesia Induction -- Anesthesia Maintenance -- Intubation -- Stabilization and Monitors -- Complete Oral Examination
Professional Dental Cleaning -- Floating or Odontoplasty of Teeth -- Abscess Treatment -- Extractions -- Vital Pulp Therapy -- Tooth Fillings -- Drug Treatment -- Home-Care Instructions
Further Readings
15. Marketing Veterinary Dentistry
Marketing Strategies
Gathering Client Information -- Practice Brochures -- Smile Book -- Posters and Transparencies -- Newsletters -- Messages on Hold -- Handouts -- Estimate and Consent Forms -- Recall System -- Dental Models -- Special Events -- Internet Marketing -- E-Mail Marketing -- Websites -- Social Media Sites
Marketing in the Examination Room
Appendix A: Dental Equipment Inventory
Appendix B: AVDC Abbreviations for use in Case Logs Equine and Small Animal
Appendix C: AVDC Nomenclature Introduction
Appendix D: American Veterinary Dental College Positon Statement
From radiology and anesthesia to patient needs and client education, this full-color step-by-step guide is perfect for veterinary technicians, vet students, and those who want to learn more about the underlying theories of the practice. It covers all aspects of veterinary dentistry, including skills and procedures, radiology, equipment, safety, patient needs, client education, endodontics, and marketing.
61.00 VET TECH (10-091-1) (31-091-1)
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