Chinese heritage cooking from my American kitchen : discover authentic flavors with vibrant, modern recipes / Shirley Chung
Book | Page Street Publishing Co. | 2018
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191 pages : color illustrations, 23 cm
Includes index.
Psssst! Let Me Give You Some Tips on Regional Chinese Ingredients
TO WOK OR NOT TO WOK?: Meat Dishes from My Chinese American Kitchen
Grilled Skirt Steak with Broccolini -- Soy-Glazed Oxtail -- Five-Spice Seared Duck Breast -- Panfried Pork Cutlet with Black Vinegar -- Red-Braised Pork Belly -- Sweet-and-Sour Baby Back Ribs -- Beijing-Spiced Lamb Chops -- Rice Wine-Braised Lamb Shank -- Labor Day Chicken Wings -- Whole Roasted Cornish Hen with Scallion Vinaigrette
BEIJING GIRL IN CALIFORNIA: Salads and Chilled Dishes
Crab Salad Lettuce Wraps with Ginger Dressing -- Drunken Shrimp -- Glass Noodles Salad -- Little Gem Salad (or Chinese Caesar Salad) -- Radish Salad with Citrus -- Baby Argula Salad with Black Vinegar Dressing -- Warm Potato Salad with Sichuan Peppercorn Dressing -- Jasmine Tea Eggs
JUST DOUGH IT: Better Than Mama's Noodles, Dumplings and Pancakes
Scallion Pancakes with Hazelnut Pesto -- Zhajiang Mian -- Jiaozi with Chicken Filling -- Wonton Soup -- Egg Pancakes with Vegetables -- Tomato Egg with Misshapen Noodles -- Cheeseburger Pot Stickers -- Egg Crepes -- Basic Noodle Dough -- Basic Chinese Pancakes (Bing) -- Pot Sticker Wrappers
SOUTHERN CHINA ROOTS: Seasonal Vegetables and Rice Dishes
Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Garlic Cheese Chive Sauce -- Grilled Asparagus with Fried Eggs -- Dancing Eggplant -- Kale Mixed Rice with Smoked Trout Roe -- Milk-Braised Napa Cabbage -- Summer Corn and Jalapeno -- Bacon Fried Rice -- Bok Choy with Crispy Garlic -- Jasmine Rice -- Steamed Brown Rice
THE FISH MASTA: Everyone Can Cook Fish and Shellfish
Seared Scallops with Spicy Black Bean Sauce -- Sea Bass with Sweet-and-Sour Sauce -- King Salmon in a Bag -- Steamed Clams and Garlic -- Shrimp and Peas -- Envelope Sole with XO Chili Sauce -- Singapore-Style Chili Powder
BOWL OF HUGS: Soups, Congees and Comfort Foods
Meat-and-Bone Herbal Tea Soup -- Chinese Shrimp and Grits -- Steamed Egg Custard with Minced Pork -- Broken Rice Congee with Pumpkin -- Clams and Ham Congee -- Spinach Egg Drop Soup -- Mapo Tofu
DOUBLE HAPPINESS: Larger Dishes for Holidays and Celebrations
Whole Steamed Red Snapper -- Soy-Poached Whole Chicken -- Storm Shelter-Style Baked Lobster -- Caramel Chicken with Chestnuts -- Molasses-Glazed Pork Shank -- Thanksgiving Wild Rice Stuffing with Roasted Pumpkin -- Hot Pot
THEY CALL ME FIRECRACKER: Hot Sauces and Condiments
Tiger Tiger Sauce -- XO Chili Sauce -- Sweet-and-Sour Sauce -- Dipping Soy Sauce -- Chili Sauce (My Friends Call It "Shir-racha") -- Beijing Sesame Sauce -- Black Pepper Sauce -- Crispy Shallots -- Crispy Fried Garlic -- Pickled Cauliflower in Sichaun Spice
I DON't BAKE: Easy Stovetop Sweets and Desserts
Jasmine Rice Pudding with Charred Pineapples -- Sweet Mochi with Strawberry and Nutella -- Panna Cotta with Mandarin Orange -- Kaya Jam (Coconut-Egg Jam) -- Burnt-Almond Jell-O with Marshmallow -- Sweet Tapioca with Apple
From growing up in Beijing to attending culinary school in California, to making her name in the restaurant world and on Top Chef, today Shirley Chung is dishing out new and dazzlingly delicious takes on Chinese cuisine. These recipes are fresh and inspired, yet approachable for home cooks. Here are a few you won’t want to miss: Sweet-and-Sour Baby Back Ribs, Five-Spice Seared Duck Breast with Kumquat Mustard, Scallion Pancakes with Hazelnut Pesto, Seared Scallops with Spicy Black Bean Sauce, Spinach Egg Drop Soup and Beijing-Style Hot Pot. These recipes use simple ingredients and techniques, but have the standout flavor and texture you expect from top-notch restaurants―no wok required! Plus you’ll find fascinating history and chef’s tips tucked away in the headnotes and instructions that will make you a better cook. Shirley brings the same lively energy to her book that made her a fan-favorite on Top Chef. She’ll make you excited to cook, and her recipes―each with a gorgeous photograph―will have you drooling over the pages. With Shirley in your kitchen, every meal becomes a fun and delicious celebration.
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