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Book | American Medical Association | 2018 | [5th ed., revised].
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[5th ed., revised].
xxv, 1038 pages : color illustrations ; 28 cm
Includes index.
"The only official CPT codebook with rules and guidelines from the AMA's CPT editorial panel."--Cover.
About CPT -- Maintenance and Authorship of the CPT Code Set -- AMA CPT Staff
1. Introduction
Section Numbers and Their Sequences
Instructions for Use of the CPT Codebook
Format of the Terminology -- Requests to Update the CPT Nomenclature -- Application Submission Requirements -- General Criteria for Category I, II, III Codes -- Category-Specific Requirements -- Guidelines -- Add-on Codes -- Modifiers -- Place of Service and Facility Reporting -- Unlisted Procedure or Service -- Results, Testing, Interpretation, and Report -- Special Report -- Time -- Code Symbols -- Alphabetical Reference Index -- CPT 2019 in Electronic Format -- References to AMA Resources
2. Illustrated Anatomical and Procedural Review
Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots
Numbers -- Surgical Procedures -- Conditions -- Directions and Positions
Additional References
Medical Dictionaries -- Anatomy References
List of Illustrations
Anatomical Illustrations -- Procedural Illustrations
Evaluation and Management Tables
3. Evaluation and Management (E/M) Services Guidelines
Classification of Evaluation and Management (E/M) Services -- Definitions of Commonly Used Terms -- Unlisted Service -- Special Report -- Clinical Examples -- Instructions for Selecting a Level of E/M Service
4. Evaluation and Management
Office or Other Outpatient Services -- Hospital Observation Services -- Hospital Inpatient Services -- Consultations -- Emergency Department Services -- Critical Care Services -- Nursing Facility Services -- Domiciliary, Rest Home (eg, Boarding Home), or Custodial Care Services -- Home Serivces -- Prolonged Services -- Case Management Services -- Care Plan Oversight Services -- Preventive Medicine Science -- Non-Face-to-Face Services -- Special Evaluation and Management Services -- Newborn Care Services -- Delivery/Birthing Room Attendance and Resuscitation Services -- Inpatient Neonatal Intensive Care Services and Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Care Services -- Cognitive Assessment and Care Plan Services -- Care Management Services -- Psychiatric Collaborative Care Management Services -- Advance Care Planning -- General Behavioral Health Integration Care Management -- Other Evaluation and Management Services
5. Anesthesia Guidelines
Time Reporting -- Anesthesia Services -- Supplied Materials -- Separate or Multiple Procedures -- Unlisted Service or Procedure -- Special Report -- Anesthesia Modifiers -- Qualifying Circumstances
6. Anesthesia
Head -- Neck -- Thorax (Chest Wall and Shoulder Girdle) -- Intrathoracic -- Spine and Spinal Cord -- Upper Abdomen -- Lower Abdomen -- Perineum -- Upper Leg (Except Knee) -- Lower Leg (Below Knee, Includes Ankle and Foot) -- Shoulder and Axilla -- Upper Arm and Elbow -- Forearm, Wrist, and Hand -- Radiological Procedures -- Burn Excisions or Debridement -- Obstetric -- Other Procedures
7.Surgery Guidelines
Services -- CPT Surgical Package Definition -- Follow-Up Care for Diagnostic Procedures -- Follow-Up Care for Therapeutic Surgical Procedures -- Supplied Materials -- Reporting More Than One Procedure/Service -- Separate Procedure -- Unlisted Service or Procedure -- Special Report -- Imaging Guidance -- Surgical Destruction
8. Surgery
General -- Integumentary System -- Musculoskeletal System -- Respiratory System -- Cardiovascular System -- Hemic and Lumphatic Systems -- Mediastinum and Diaphragm -- Digestive System -- Urinary System -- Male Genital System -- Reproductive System Procedures -- Intersex Surgery -- Female Genital System -- Maternity Care and Delivery -- Endocrine System -- Nervous System -- Eye and Ocular Adnexa -- Auditory System -- Operating Microscope
9. Radiology Guidelines (Including Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Ultrasound)
Subject Listings -- Separated Procedures -- Unlisted Service or Procedure -- Special Report -- Supervision and Interpretation, Imaging Guidance -- Administration of Contrast Material(s) -- Written Report(s)
10. Radiology
Diagnostic Radiology (Diagnostic Imaging) -- Diagnostic Ultrasound -- Radiologic Guidance -- Breast, Mammography -- Bone/Joint Studies -- Radiation Oncology -- Nuclear Medicine
11. Pathology and Laboratory Guidelines
Services in Pathology and Laboratory -- Separate or Multiple Procedures -- Unlisted Service or Procedure -- Special Report
12. Pathology and Laboratory
Organ or Disease-Oriented Panels -- Drug Assay -- Therapeutic Drug Assays -- Evocative/Suppression Testing -- Consultations (Clinical Pathology) -- Urinanlysis -- Molecular Pathology -- Genomic Sequencing Procedures and Other Molecular Multanalyte Assays -- Multianalyte Assays with Algorithmic Analyses -- Chemistry -- Hematology and Coagulation -- Immunology -- Transfusion Medicine -- Microbiology -- Anatomic Pathology -- Cytopathology -- Cytogenic Studies -- Surgical Pathology -- In Vivo (eg, Transcutaneous) Laboratory Procedures -- Other Procedures -- Reproductive Medicine Procedures -- Proprietary Laboratory Analyses
13. Medicine Guidelines
Add-on Codes -- Separate Procedures -- Unlisted Service or Procedure -- Special Report -- Imaging Guidance -- Supplied Materials
14. Medicine
Immune Globilins, Serum or Recombinant Products -- Immunization Administration for Vaccines/Toxoids -- Vaccines, Toxoids -- Psychiatry -- Biofeedback -- Dialysis -- Gastroenterology -- Ophthalmology -- Special Otorhinolaryngologic Serices -- Cardiovascular -- Noninvasive Vascular Diagnostic Studies -- Pulmonary -- Allergy and Clinical Immunology -- Endocrinology -- Neurology and Neuromuscular Procedures -- Medical Genetics and Genetic Counseling Services -- Adaptive Behavior Services -- Central Nervous System Assessments/Tests (eg, Neuro-Cognitive, Mental Status, Speech Testing) -- Health and Behavior Assessment/Intervention -- Hydration, Therapeutic, Prophylactic, Diagnostic Injections and Infusions, and Chemotherapy and Other Highly Complex Drug or Highly Complex Biologic Agent Administration -- Photodynamic Therapy -- Special Dermatological Procedures -- Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation -- Medical Nutrition Therapy -- Acupuncture -- Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment -- Chriopractice Manipulative Treatment -- Education and Training for Patient Self-Management -- Non-Face-to-Face Nonphysician Services -- Special Services, Procedures and Reports -- Qualifying Circumstances for Anesthesia -- Moderate (Conscious) Sedation -- Other Services and Procedures -- Home Health Procedures/Services -- Medication Therapy Management Services
15. Category II Codes
Modifiers -- Composite Codes -- Patient Management -- Patient History -- Physical Examination -- Diagnostic/Screening Processes or Results -- Therapeutic, Preventive, or Other Interventions -- Follow-up or Other Outcomes -- Patient Safety -- Structural Measures -- Nonmeasure Code Listing
16. Category III Codes
Appendix A: Modifiers
Appendix B: Summary of Additions, Deletions, and Revisions
Appendix C: Clinical Examples
Office or Other Outpatient Service -- Hospital Inpatient Services -- Subsequent Hospital Care -- Consultations -- Emergency Department Services -- Critical Care Services -- Prolonged Services -- Care Plan Oversight Services -- Prolonged Clinical Staff Services with Physician or Other Qualified Health Care Professional Supervision -- Inpatient Neonatal Intensive Care Service and Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Care Services
Appendix D: Summary of CPT Add-on Codes
Appendix E: Summary of CPT Codes Exempt from Modifier 51
Appendix F: Summary of CPT Codes Exempt from Modifier 63
Appendix G: Summary of CPT Codes That Include Moderate (Conscious) Sedation
Appendix H: Alphabetical Clinical Topics Listing (AKA - Alphabetical Listing)
Appendix I: Genetic Testing Code Modifiers
Appendix J: Electrodiagnostic Medicine listing of Sensory, Motor, and Mixed Nerves
Appendix K: Product Pending FDA Approval
Appendix L: Vascular Families
Appendix M: Renumbered CPT Codes - Citations Crosswalk
Appendix N: Summary of Resequenced CPT Codes
Appendix O: Multianalyte Assays with Algorithmic Analyses
Appendix P: CPT Codes That May Be Used For Synchronous Telemedicine Services
This is the only CPT codebook with official CPT coding rules and guidelines developed by the CPT editorial panel. The 2018 edition covers hundreds of code, guideline, and text changes. In addition to the most comprehensive updates to the CPT code set, this edition ... includes notable changes to these subsections: cardiovascular system, diagnostic radiology, INR monitoring services, pathology and laboratory, respiratory system, photodynamic therapy, psychiatric collaborative care management, cognitive assessment and care plan services, proprietary laboratory analyses (PLA), upper and lower abdomen anesthesia, and vaccines. Exclusive features include colorized procedural and anatomical illustrations, inclusion of code ranges in section tabs to improve code search, clinical examples of the CPT codes for E/M services, and updated citations. -- back cover.
111.00 MED ASST (31-509-1) AD NURS (10-543-1)
Added Author
American Medical Association.
At head of title: Current procedural terminology
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