The sustainable enterprise fieldbook : building new bridges / edited by Jeana Wirtenberg, with Linda M. Kelley, David Lipsky, and William G. Russell
Book | Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group | 2019 | Second edition.
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Second edition.
xxxii, 477 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
"First edition published by Greenleaf Publishing Ltd 2008"--Title page verso.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
PART I: Understanding reality: our context for The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook
Introduction and Overview / Jeana Wirtenberg, Linda M. Kelley, David Lipsky, and William G. Russell
Where are we, really? -- Positive psychology enters the mainstream of sustainability thinking -- Capitalism transformation -- "Business case" for a sustainable enterprise -- Humanity at a crossroads -- Purpose of The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook -- Missing ingredients and The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook -- Using The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook -- Living Fieldbook collaborative workspace -- Context: Where are we now in the journey towards a sustainable world? -- The Sustainability Pyramid model -- The state-of-the-art sustainable enterprise -- Overview of this book -- Notes -- References
PART II: Preparing the foundation for a sustainable enterprise
1. Leadership for a sustainable enterprise / Richard N. Knowles, Daniel F. Twomey, Karen J. Davis, and Shakira Abdul-Ali
Introduction / Richard N. Knowles
Engaging the natural tendency of self-organization / Richard N. Knowles
The Leadership Diamond: zero footprint and a life-giving workplace / Daniel F. Twomey
Nature and domains of leadership for sustainable enterprise / Daniel F. Twomey
Processes and practices for sustainable enterprise
Reflections on leadership from ancient traditions and Earth wisdom / Karen J. Davis
New frameworks for leading sustainable enterprise / Shakira Abdul-Ali
Conclusion -- Notes -- References
2. Mental models for sustainability / John D. Adams, Linda M. Kelley, Beth Applegate, Theresa McNichol, and William G. Russell
Introduction / Linda M. Kelley
Mental models, systems, and system thinking
Enterprise, system thinking, and sustainability context
System archtypes, functions, and purpose
Letting go of what is not needed to become hopeful for the future
Six dimensions of mental models / John D. Adams
Building versatility to ensure a sustainable future
Corporate mental models: chances and challenges / John D. Adams
Chemical companies case overview: a community awakens
Cultivating mental models that support sustainability in a technically oriented organization / Linda M. Kelley
Leadership mentoring program case study / Linda M. Kelley
Case 1. Scope of attention: local vs. global - a long shot comes in first
Case 2. Focus of response: reactive vs. creative - from intimidation to effective communication
Case 3. Prevailing logic: either/or vs. both - and - more effective power and real control
Cultivating versatility and the capacity for change: key points for mental models of sustainability
Mental models in civil society / Beth Applegate
Aligning mental models with organizational mission: cases
Case 1. Timeframe: short-term vs. long-term
Case 2. Focus and response: reactive vs. creative
Case study conclusion
Appreciate Inquiry case study: executive MBA candidates / Theresa McNichol
Conclusion -- Notes -- References
3. Sustainability-aligned strategies: smart enterprise strategies to progress along a bridge to thriving / William G. Russell and Joel Harmon
Enhanced strategic management process
Sustainability-aligned enterprise strategies
Sustainability-aligned human/enterprise systems perspective
The current state of the sustainability movement
Sustainability-aligned strategy chasms and bridges
Doing: starting the journey, stepping onto the bridge
Doing Well: risk management and business case for building resilency
Doing Well and Doing Good: resilient enterprises seize opportunities and are called to be in service
Thriving: enlighted leaders accepting risks and embarking to create the new world
Conclusion: Be hopeful, Do your best, Thrive
Notes -- References
PART III: Embracing and managing change sustainably
4. Managing the change to a sustainable enterprise / David Lipsky, Linda M. Kelley, Gregory S. Andriate, and Alexis A. Fink
Achiveing sustainable enterprise in the 21st century
Managing the change to sustainable enterprise
Challenges in changing enterprise culture
Transforming enterprise culture
Participative change and sustainable enterprise cultures
Iterative transformational change methodology
Iterative guide to sustainable development workshops
Conclusion -- Notes -- References
5. Employee engagement for a sustainable enterprise / Jeana Wirtenberg, Kent D. Fairfield, Richard N. Knowles, William G. Russell, and Sangeeta Mahukar-Rao
Enhancing employee engagement through sustainability
Gamification-enhanced employee engagement
What employee engagement looks like
Employee engagement in sustainability management
Case Studies:
Case 1. A story from the DuPont Plant in Belle, West Virginia / Richard N. Knowles
Case 2. Energizing people to create a safer, healthier workforce at PSE&G / James J. Colligan, Jr, Thomas K. Robinson, and Jeana Wirtenberg
Case 3. Engaging employees in social consciousness at Eileen Fisher / William G. Russell
Case 4. Environmental, health, & safety issues at Alcoa Howmet / Kent D. Fairfield
Case 5. Employee engagement at T-Systems: sustaining the organization and beyond / Sangeeta Mahukar-Rao
Conclusion -- Notes -- References
6. Enterprise sustainability metrics and reporting: performance measurements for resilient strategic progress / William G. Russell and Gil Friend
Sustainability performance measurement context
Enterprise sustainability and systems measurement essentials
Doing: get started measuring sustainabiltity performance
Case 1. Sustainability balanced scorecard: Rent a Plant
Doing Well: Financial and sustainability performance reporting
Doing Well and Doing Good: measuring financial and social performance
Thriving: enlightened leaders establishing thresholds and context allocation methods
Conclusion: measure what maters and manage it
Notes -- References
PART IV: Connecting, integrating, and aligning toward the future
7. Sustainable globalization: the challenge and the opportunity / Linda M. Kelley, Victoria G. Axelrod, William G. Russell, and Jeana Wirtenberg
Globalization in perspective
Sustainable globalization, and the globalization of sustainability
Sustainability as a global organizing principle
Six lenses
(1) Looking through the economic and financial lens
Case 1. DSM: Bright Science. Brighter Living / Linda M. Kelley
Case 2. Interface, a pioneer and stalwart of sustainable business / Linda M. Kelley
Case 3. Eileen Fisher on embodied purpose / Linda M. Kelley
(2) Looking through the technology lens
Case 4. Watson goes to work / Linda M. Kelley
Case 5. Charity:water / Linda M. Kelley
(3) Looking through the lens of poverty and inequity
Case 6. Market development from the bottom up: the Zabaleen / Linda M. Kelley
(4) Looking through the lens of limits to growth
Case 7. Designed for sustainability and restoration: adidas - turning ocean trash into shoes / Linda M. Kelley
(5) Looking through the movement-of-talent lens
Case 8. The reinventing of Rwanda / Linda M. Kelley
(6) Looking through a geopolitical lens
Holistic integration
Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- Further Reading
8. Sustainability models for collaboration, technology, and community / Linda M. Kelley, Jenny Ambrozek, Victoria G. Axelrod, and William G. Russell
Are people the next artifacts of a throwaway culture?
Inventing our sustainable future
Integrated thinking
Framing the future: revisiting the strategy of planned obselescence
Leadership, collaboration, and building resilience for our sustainable future
Design thinking that turns public-private collaborations into transformative community action
What makes a city work?
Reinvigorating public-private collaborations to generate thriving economies
Case 1. Heineken, "How to Brew a Better World" / Linda M. Kelley
Case 2. The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Linda M. Kelley
Case 3. Working Cities Pittsfield: the journey / Linda M. Kelley
Networking: how we get stuff done
Case 4. Coca-Cola, an unlikely agent of change / Linda M. Kelley
Architecting participation
Food revolutions
Trust, transparency, and technology
Conclusion: white spaces and water coolers
Notes -- References
PART V: Building new bridges to the future
9. A path forward: building new bridges to the future / Jeana Wirtenberg, Linda M. Kelley, David Lipsky, and William G. Russell
What's keeping us stuck and how do we get unstuck?
10 driving forces for change
Pillars holding up the new bridges to the future
Accelerators for creating momentum and traction on the new bridge to the future
What have we collectively learned about sustainability?
Notes -- References
With deep thought and inspiring examples, this updated book engages readers by increasing their understanding and awareness of what sustainability means conceptually, practically, and professionally. It provides readers with the tools and techniques to improve the social, environmental, and economic performance of their organizations in both the short and long term. Since sustainability is not achieved in a siloed environment, everyone has a critical role to play on this journey. The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook engages today's managers and leaders of organizations, in both the private sector and civil society, who are being challenged as never before to find ways to play a proactive role in understanding and addressing the risks and opportunities of sustainability. It teaches them how to apply systems thinking to turn our most intractable problems into exciting business opportunities, and offers ground breaking frameworks in new chapters on globalization, strategy, metrics, and sustainability models for collaboration, technology, and community.
40.00 BUS MGMT (10-102-3)
Added Author
Wirtenberg, Jeana, editor.
Russell, William G., editor.
Lipsky, David, editor.
Kelley, Linda M., editor.
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