Practical decision making in health care ethics : cases, concepts, and virtue of prudence / Raymond J. Devettere
Book | Georgetown University Press | 2016 | Fourth edition.
Available at Gateway-Elkhorn Campus General Collection (R 724 D4.8 2016)

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Fourth edition.
xxi, 657 pages ; 25 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
1. What Is Ethics?
Defining Ethics -- Two Kinds of Ethics -- Historical Versions of the Ethics of Obligation -- Moral Reasoning the Theories of Obligation -- Contrasting the Ethics of Obligation with an Ethics of the Good -- Retrieving the Ethics of the Good -- Bioethics Today -- Suggested Readings
2. Prudence and Living a Good Life
The Good We Desire -- Happiness -- Virtue -- Moral Virtues -- Prudence: The Master Virtue -- Suggested Readings
3. The Language of Health Care Ethics
Distinctions That Can Mislead -- Helpful Distinctions -- Suggested Readings
4. Making Health Care Decisions
Decision-Making Capacity -- Informed Consent -- Advance Directives -- The Patient Self-Determination ACt: The Case of Hazel Welch -- Final Reflections -- Suggested Readings
5. Deciding for Others
Becoming a Proxy -- Standards for Making Proxy Decisions -- Deciding for Older Children -- Deciding for the Mentally Ill -- Deciding for Patients of Another Culture -- Final Reflections -- Suggested Readings
6. Determining Life and Death
The Classical Conceptual Framework -- A New Conceptual Framework -- When Does One of Us Begin? -- When Does One of Us Die? -- Controversies over Determining Death -- Ethical Reflections -- Suggested Readings
7. Life-Sustaining Treatments
Ventilators: The Case of Karen Quinlan, The Case of William Bartling, The Case of Helga Wanglie, The Case of Barbara Howe -- Dialysis: The Case of Earle Spring -- Surgery: The Case of Rosaria Candura -- Other Life-Sustaining Treatments -- Suggested Readings
8. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Terminology -- A Brief History of Resuscitation Attempts -- The Effectiveness of Attempting CPR -- Learning to Withhold CPR -- Important Ehtical Elements for a DNR Policy -- Lingering Questions about DNR Orders -- Resolving Questions about CPR: The Case of Maria M, The Case of Shirley Dinnerstein, The Case of Catherine Gilgunn -- Suggested Readings
9. Medical Nutrition and Hydration
The Techniques and Technologies -- Conceptualizing Medical Nutrition and Hydration -- Early Cases about Feeding Tubes: The Case of Clarence Herbert, The Case of Claire Conroy, The Case of Elizabeth Bouvia -- Cases of Persistent Vegetative State: The Case of Nancy Cruzan, The Case of Terri Schiavo -- Recent Breakthroughs in the Diagnosis of Consciousness Disorders -- An Unresolved Controversy: The Vatican and Feeding Tubes -- An Emerging Controversy: VSED -- Suggested Readings
10. Reproductive Issues
Contraception and Sterilization -- Medically Assisted Pregnancy -- Posthumous Motherhood: A Request for Posthumous Motherhood -- Cloning -- Surrogate Motherhood: The Case of Baby M -- Ethical Reflections -- Suggested Readings
11. Prenatal Life
Abortion: Abortion in History, Abortion and the Supreme Court -- Moral Issues of Abortion -- Abortion and Excommunication at a Catholic Hospital -- RU-486 -- Materal-Fetal Conflicts: The Case of Angie, The Case of Samantha Burton -- Ethical Reflections -- Suggested Readings
12. Infant and Children
Historical Background -- A Sampling of Neonatal Abnormalities -- Special Difficulties in Deciding for Neonates and Small Children -- The Baby Doe Regulations: The Case of Baby Doe, The Case of Danielle, The Case of Baby K, The Case of Ashley -- Infant Euthanasia in the Netherlands -- Suggested Readings
13. Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide
Historical Overview -- Recent Developments -- Relevant Distinctions -- Moral Reasoning and Euthanasia -- Legalization of Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide: A Slippery Slope -- The Story of a Landmark Suicide: The Case of Diane -- Concluding Reflections -- Suggested Readings
14. Medical and Behavioral Research
Notorious Examples of Questionable Ethics in Research -- Reactions to the Questionale Medical Research -- Research on Embryos -- Research on Fetuses -- Research on Minors -- Controversial Research on Babies: The SUPPORT Study -- Research in Developing Countries -- Other Special Populations in Research -- Animals and Medical Research -- Suggested Readings
15. Transplantation
Transplantation of Organs from Dead Human Donors: The Case of Jamie Fiske, The Case of Jess Sepulveda -- Transplantation of Organs from Living Human Donors -- Transplantation of Organs from Animals: The Case of Baby Fae -- Implantation of Artificial Hearts -- Suggested Readings
16. Medical Genetics and Genomics
Part 1: Ethics and the Genomic Revolution -- Part 2: Ethical Issues in Genetic Testing -- Part 3: Screening Newborns and Fetuses -- Part 4: Research to Develop Genetic Therapy: The Case of Jesse Gelsinger -- Suggested Readings
This is a new edition of a classic textbook in health care ethics, one that offers an alternative to the principle-based approach from Beauchamp and Childress (Principles of Biomedical Ethics, now in its seventh edition from OUP) and traditional Catholic approaches of Ashley and O'Rourke. In the early chapters Devettere spells out the meaning of ethics and the importance of prudential reasoning in seeking the good life. The rest of the book deals with issues and cases, including determinations of life and death, reproduction and research and genetics, and the distribution of health care. In this fourth edition Devettere updates all chapters and adds new cases and new sections on the following: neuroscience, social psychology, overriding advance directives, studies on the fetus, the palliative care movement, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, pharmacists and reproductive issues, prenatal life and abortion, neonatal testing and mandatory vaccinations, the US governments' STD research in Guatemala, the emergence of biobanks, facial transplantations, genetic testing, legal issues around the Affordable Care Act, and more. This is an accessible and comprehensive textbook covering all aspects of the field.
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