301 careers in nursing / Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, Emerson E. Ea, Laura Stark Bai
Book | Springer Publishing Company, LLC | 2017
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xxii, 379 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
1. Accreditaton Director
2. Accreditation Program Appraiser
3. Accreditation Specialist
4. Activist
5. Acupuncturist Nurse
6. Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
7. Addictions Counselor
8. Administrator/Manager
PROFILE: LORNA GREEN, Clinical Nurse Manager, Geropsychiatry Unit
9. Adult Day Care Director
10. Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist
11. Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
12. Adult Nurse Practitioner
13. Adult Psychiatric-Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist
14. Adult Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
PROFILE: MARIANNE TARRAZA, Adult Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
15. Allergy-Immunology Nurse
16. Ambulatory Care Nurse
17. Anticoagulation Nurse
18. Aromatherapist Nurse
19. Attorney
PROFILE: CAROL ANN ROE, Nurse Attorney and City Council Member
20. Author/Writer
21. Bariatric Nurse
22. Bariatric Nurse Practitioner
23. Bed Management Coordinator
24. Biofeedback Nurse
25. Board Member
26. Bone Marrow Transplant Nurse
27. Bone Marrow Transplant Nurse Practitioner
28. Breast Care Nurse
29. Burn Nurse
30. Burn Nurse Practitioner
31. Business Owner
32. Camp Nurse
33. Cardiac Catherterization Nurse
34. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Instructor
35. Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Nurse
36. Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Nurse Practitioner
37. Cardiothoracic Nurse Anesthetist
38. Cardiovascular Nurse
39. Care Coordinator
40. Case Manager
41. Central Intelligence Agency Occupational Health Nurse
42. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
PROFILE: SONYA D. MOORE, Nurse Anesthesia Program Director
43. Chemotherapy Nurse
44. Chief Learning Officer
45. Chief Nursing Information Officer
46. Chief Nursing Officer
47. Child-Adolescent Psychiatric-Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist
48. Childbirth Educator
49. Child Psychiatric Nurse
50. Circulating Nurse
51. Clinical/Drug Safety Associate
52. Clinical Educator/Director
PROFILE: JENNY XIANG, Nurse Educator, Clinical Setting
53. Clinical Nurse Specialist
54. Clinical Project Director
55. Clinical Research Nurse
56. College/Student Health Nurse Practitioner
57. Community Health Nurse
58. Compliance Specialist Nurse
59. Concierge Nurse
60. Concierge Nurse Practitioner
61. Consultant
62. Continence Nurse
63. Continuing Education Director
64. Coronary Care Nurse
65. Correctional Facility Nurse
66. Critical Care Nurse
PROFILE: MAY LING LUC, Critical Care Nurse
67. Critical Care Transport Nurse
68. Cruise Ship/Resort Nurse
69. Dean of Health Sciences
70. Dean of Nursing
71. Dermatology Nurse
72. Dermatology Nurse Practitioner
73. Developmental Disabilities Nurse Practitioner
74. Diabetes Educator
75. Dialysis Nurse
76. Diaster/Bioterrorism Nurse
77. Discharge Planner
78. Domestic Violence Nurse Examiner
79. Doula
80. Ear, Nose, and Throat Nurse
81. Ear, Nose, and Throat Nurse Practitioner
PROFILE: ERIN ROSS, Ear, Nose, and Throat Nurse Practitioner
82. Editor, Book
83. Editor, Journal
84. Educator
PROFILE: CELESTE M. ALFES, Nurse Educator - University
85. Electrophysiology Nurse
86. Emergency Department Nurse
87. Emergency Department Nurse Practitioner
PROFILE: THERESA M. CAMPO, Emergency Nurse Practitioner
88. Emerging Diseases Manager
89. Endocrinology Nurse
90. Endoscopy Nurse
91. Endoscopy Nurse Practitioner
92. Entrepreneur
PROFILE: JEAN AERTKER, Nurse Entrepreneur
93. Epidemiology Nurse
94. Ethicist
95. Evidence-Based Practice Director
96. Family Nurse Practitioner
97. Family Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
98. First Assist Nurse
99. Flight Nurse
PROFILE: CHRISTOPHER MANACCI, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and Flight Nurse Specialist
100. Forensic Nurse
101. Foundation Executive
102. Fraud and Abuse Investigator
103. Gastroenterology Nurse
104. General Practice Nurse Anesthetist
105. Genetics Advisor
106. Genetics Counselor
107. Geriatric/Gerontological Nurse
108. Geriatric Nurse Practitioner
PROFILE: DONNA E. McCABE, Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
109. Geropsychiatric Nurse
110. Global Health Nurse
111. Grant Writer
112. Health and Safety Manager
113. Health Care Appraiser
114. Health Care Dispute Analyst
115. Health Care Management Consultant
116. Health Care Reformer
117. Health Care Reporter/Journalist
118. Health Care Risk Manager
119. Health Care Surveyor
120. Health Center Nurse
121. Health Coach
122. Health Policy Analyst
123. Herbalist
124. Historian
125. HIV/AIDS Specialist
126. Holistic Health Nurse
127. Home Health Care Nurse Practitioner
128. Home Health Nurse
129. Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse
130. Hospital Bed Management Director
131. Hospital/Health System Chief Executive Officer
132. Hospital/Health System Chief Operating Officer
133. Hospital Orientation Educator
134. Hyperbaric Nurse
135. Industrial Nurse
136. Infection Control Nurse
137. Infection Control Officer
138. Infectious Disease Nurse Practitioner
139. Informaticist
140. Informatics Specialist
PROFILE: MARY JOY GARCIA-DIA, Informatics Specialist
141. Infusion Therapy Nurse
142. Intake Nurse
143. International Health Nurse
144. Interventional Radiology Nurse
145. Interventional Radiology Nurse Practitioner
146. Inventor
147. In Vitro Fertilization Nurse
148. Joint Commission Consultant
149. Labor and Delivery Nurse
150. Labor and Delivery Nurse Anesthetist
151. Lactation Consultant Nurse Practitioner
152. Lactation Counselor
153. Learning/Developmental Disabilities Nurse
154. Legal Nurse Consultant
155. Legislator
156. Life Coach
157. Lobbyist
158. Long-Term Care Administrator
159. Long-Term Care Nurse
160. Macrobiotic Nutritionist
161. Magnet Accreditation Consultant
162. Magnet Resonance Imaging Nurse
163. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Nurse
164. Massage Therapy Nurse
165. Media Consultant
166. Medical Coding Educator
167. Medical Device Inventor
168. Medical Home Coordinator
169. Medical Records Auditor
170. Medical-Surgical Nurse
171. Military Nurse
172. Mindfulness Coach
173. Minimum Data Set Nurse
174. Missionary Nurse
175. Mother-Baby Nurse
176. Motivational Speaker
177. Mystery Writer
178. Neonatal Nurse
179. Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
PROFILE: MARIE B. FRANCOIS, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
180. Nephrology Nurse
181. Nephrology Nurse Practitioner
182. Neurology/Neuroscience Nurse Practitioner
183. Neurology Nurse
184. Neuroscience Nurse
185. Nurse Executive
186. Nurse Manager
PROFILE: LAURA STARK BAI, Clinical Nurse Manager, Emergency Department (ED)
187. Nurse-Midwife
188. Nurse Psychotherapist
189. Nursing Home Administrator
190. Nursing Services Educator
191. Nursing Specialty Coordinator
192. Nursing Supervisor
193. Nutrition Advisor
194. Nutrition Support Nurse
195. Observational Medicine Nurse
196. Occupational Health Nurse
197. Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner
198. Office Nurse
199. Ombudsman
200. Oncology Nurse
201. Oncology Nurse Practitioner
202. Operating Room Nurse
203. Ophthalmic Nurse
204. Organ Donation Counselor
205. Orthopedic Nurse
206. Otolaryngology Nurse
207. Pain Management Nurse
208. Pain Management Nurse Practitioner
209. Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner
210. Parish Nurse
211. Patient Care Coordinator
212. Patient Education Coordinator
213. Patient Experience Director
214. Patient Navigator
215. Patient Review Instrument Nurse Assessor
216. Peace Corps Volunteer
217. Pediatric Cardiac Nurse Anesthetist
218. Pediatric Nurse
219. Pediatric Nurse Anesthetist
220. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
221. Pediatric Oncology Nurse
222. Performance Improvement Director
PROFILE: JASON TAN, Performance Improvement Coordinator
223. Perianesthesia Nurse
224. Perinatal Nurse
225. Perioperative Nurse
226. Perioperative Nurse Practitioner
227. Pharmaceutical Representative
228. Pharmaceutical Research Nurse
229. Philanthropist
230. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Nurse
231. Poison Information Nurse
232. Politican
233. Private Duty Nurse
234. Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
235. Psychiatric Nurse
236. Public and Community Health Nurse
237. public Policy Advisor
238. Pulmonary-Respiratory Nurse
239. Quality Assurance Nurse
240. Quality Data Analyst
241. Quality Director
242. Quality Improvement Specialist/Manager
243. Radiation-Oncology Nurse
244. Radiation-Oncology Nurse Practitioner
245. Radiology Nurse
246. Rapid Response Nurse
247. Recovery Room Nurse
248. Recruiter
249. Rehabilitation Nurse
250. Reproductive Medicine Nurse Practitioner
251. Reproductive Nurse
252. Research and Innovation Director
253. Research Coordinator
254. Researcher
PROFILE: MARY KERR, Nurse Researcher
255. Respiratory Nurse Practitioner
256. Rheumatology Nurse
257. Risk Control Coordinator
258. Risk Management Nurse
259. Rural Health Nurse
260. School Nurse
261. Scientist
262. Scrub Nurse
263. Service Line Administrator/Nursing Director
264. Simulation Educational Specialist
265. Simulation Laboratory Director
PROFILE: KELLIE BRYANT, Simulation Center Director
266. Space Nurse/Astronaut
267. Spinal Cord Injury Nurse
268. Staff Development Educator
269. Staff Nurse
270. Subacute-Transition Care Nurse
271. Surgical Nurse Practitioner
272. Talent Acquisition Leader
273. Telehealth Nurse
274. Telemetry
275. Telephone Triage Nurse
276. Transcultural Nurse
277. Transplant Nurse
278. Transplant Nurse Practitioner
279. Trauma Nurse
280. Travel Nurse
281. Triage Nurse
282. Underwriter Nurse
283. Union Delegate/Representative
284. Union Executive
285. University Provost/President
286. University Vice President (Health Sciences)
287. Urgent Care Nurse Practitioner
288. Urology Nurse
289. Urology Nurse Practitioner
290. Utilization Review Nurse
291. Vaccination Nurse
292. Vascular Nurse
293. Veterinary Nurse
294. Wellness Director
295. Wellness Officer
296. Women's Health Nurse
297. Women's Health Nurse Practitioner
298. Wound/Ostomy/Continence Care Nurse Practitioner
299. Wound/Ostomy/Continence Nurse
300. Writing/Documentation Coach
301. Yoga Instructor/Trainer
Appendix: Specialty Certification Board and Contact Information
Written for nurses of all education and experience levels, 301 Careers in Nursing highlights the exceptional array of diverse opportunities available to those interested in a career in nursing. Each of the carefully selected and researched careers described in this book embraces the core dimensions of nursing: caring, competence, and commitment to excellence in caring for others at all stages of life. If you are considering a career in nursing, if you know someone who is considering a career in nursing, if you are a guidance counselor, or if you are already a nurse but considering a change, you will benefit from this resource to the most prominent careers in nursing today. This edition features 100 additional career options, with an emphasis on those available to the growing number of advanced practice nurses. Also new to this edition are 25 interviews from nurses practicing in a multitude of areas. These snapshots give you an inside look at opportunities in academia and practice settings that might be unfamiliar.
29.00 AD NURS (10-543-1) C ED (99-CED-9)
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Ea, Emerson E., author.
Bai, Laura Stark, author.
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Three hundred one careers in nursing
Three hundred and one careers in nursing
Careers in nursing
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