Migrants and refugees / M. M. Eboch, book editor
Book | Greenhaven Publishing, LLC | 2018 | First edition.
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First edition.
272 pages : illustrations, maps ; 23 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Chapter 1: Migrants and Refugees Around the World
1. Where Migrants Are Moving and Why / United Nations
2. A Hard Life for Refugee Families / Kelly Montgomery
3. Children in Danger Should Not Be Turned Away / Valeria Gomez Palacios
4. Female Refugees at Risk / Tirana Hassan
5. Living in a War Zone May Be Better Than Refugee Life / Bethan Staton
Chapter 2: Whose Responsibility Are Migrants and Refugees?
1. Refugee Crisis Causes Strife and Disagreement in Europe / Andreas Liljeheden
2. Christians Should Support Opening Borders to More Refugees / David Hollenbach
3. The US Must Help Fix the Crisis It Caused / Marjorie Cohn
4. No Easy Answers / Natalia Banulescu-Bogdan and Susan Fratzke
5. Find Work for Refugees / Paul Collier
Chapter 3: The Benefits and Dangers of Immigration
1. More Immigration Will Be Good for the US Economy / Giovanni Peri
2. Refugees Will Benefit Germany, If They Have Support / Victoria Rietig
3. Refugees Need Work Opportunities / International Labour Organization
4. Immigrants Bring Economic Benefits but Security Risks / Tim Kane and Kirk A. Johnson
5. Stop the Muslim Migrants / Daniel Greenfield
Chapter 4: Responses to Migration
1. Europe's Successes and Failures in Handling the Refugee Crisis / Ian Lesser, Astrid Ziebarth, Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer, Michal Baranowski, Ivan Vejvoda, Gordana Delic, and Ozgu Unluhisarcikli
2. EU-Turkey Agreement Could Fail Legally and Logistically / Elizabeth Collett
3. Hungary Violates Human Rights in Its Treatment of Refugees / Amnesty International
4. Get Rid of Refugee Camps / Kristy Siegfried
5. Aid Organizations Waste Money / DMG Media
Chapter 5: Better Solutions for Addressing Migrant and Refugee Crises
1. Every Country Needs Unique Solutions / International Labour Organization
2. These Solutions Will Fix the Refugee Crisis in Europe / Giles Merritt and Shada Islam
3. Send Development Aid, Not Weapons / Jeffrey D. Sachs
4. Technology Provides Answers / Alina O'Keefe and Dan Swann
5. Long-Term Solutions Mean Sharing the Burden / United Nations
6. Giving Cash Provides the Best Value / Owen Barder
The images are shocking and upsetting: drowned children washing up on beaches, dozens of dead bodies being pulled out of tractor trailers, a mass of humanity penned up in detention camps and tent cities, anti-immigrant rallies characterized by fearful and hate-filled invective. Yet there are also images of refugees being embraced by ordinary citizens and welcomed into their countries, their communities, even their homes. What to do about a growing and endemic refugee crisis and migrant labor population in an age of globalization, terrorism, and income inequality is a question with no simple answers. This volume presents the widest possible range of opinions from reputable sources across the political spectrum and encouragers readers to consider all viewpoints before formulating their own reasoned and informed perspective. Bibliography, Detailed Table of Contents, Further Information Section, Index, Maps, Primary Sources, Sidebars, Websites.
40.00 SOC SCI (99-SSC-9)
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Eboch, M. M., editor.
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