Speech craft / Joshua Gunn, University of Texas at Austin ; with illustrations by Brian and Michelle Sharkey Vaught
Book | Bedford/St. Martin's | 2018
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1 volume (various pagings) : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Chapter 1: Building Confidence in the Craft
The Celebrated and Feared Power of Speech
Freedom of Speech
High Anxiety: The Fear of Public Speaking -- Looking to Your Audience for Support -- Navigating Speech Anxiety
Public Speaking as a Civic Conversation
The Craft of Speech -- Practice! -- Crafting Your Speech
Getting Up There: Fake It Until You Make It
Basic Speech Prep and Delivery
Let's Do This!
Chapter 2: Listening & the Ethics of Speech
Speaking with an Open Ear -- What Did You Say? Understanding Listening
Communication and Understanding: Listening beyond Noise -- Rethinking Noise: There Are Always Two Messages -- Selective and Active Listening: Moving toward Understanding
An Ethics of Speaking as a Listener -- Responsiblity as "Response-Ability" -- The Pact of Speech: Accountability and Ethics -- On Character, or Ethical Speaking -- Guidelines for Ethical Speaking -- Ethical Listening
Chapter 3: Audience Analysis
Checking Out Your Speech Location -- Physical Location -- Technological Needs -- Audience Size
Who Is Your Audience? -- Demography and Stereotyping
Gathering Info about Your Audience
Audience Psychology: Identification and Core Values
Audience Psychology: All You Need Is Love (and Identification) -- Burke-ification: Identification and Kenneth Burke -- Beliefs, Attitudes, and Values
Feelings: More on Audience Disposition
Chapter 4: Choosing a Speech Topic and Purpose
Developing a Dynamite Topic -- Consider the Speech Situation -- Consider Your Own Interests -- Consider Your Audience
Mind Storm: Concept Mapping and Other Explosives -- Getting Unstuck with Word Association -- Concept Mapping -- Research
Narrowing Your Topic: What's Your Purpose? -- To Inform -- To Persuade -- To Celebrate
From Topic to Thesis -- To Inform -- To Persuade -- To Celebrate
Chapter 5: Researching Your Speech Topic
Why Research Matters -- Truth and the Importance of Research
How to Research a Speech -- Librarians in Their Natural Habitat (the Library) -- Research in the Digital Domain -- To Wikipedia or Not to Wikipedia? That Is a Good Question
The Research Interview
Don't Forget to Cite Your Sources!
Chapter 6: Supporting Materials & Contextual Reasoning
Types of Speech Support -- Facts -- Statistics -- Testimony -- Examples -- Stories or Narratives -- Orally Referencing Your Sources
Contextual Reasoning
Chapter 7: Organizing and Outlining Your Speech
Organizing Your Speech -- Memory: Three Is a Magic Number -- The Speech Overview: On Purposes and Points -- Patterning Your Main Points
Outlining Your Speech -- Developing a Preparation Outline -- A Preparation Outline Example -- The Speaking Outline -- A Speaking Outline Example
Chapter 8: Transitions, Introductions, & Conclusions
Introducing Your Speech -- The Attention Getter -- The Thesis Statement -- The Preview and the Payoff
Concluding Your Speech -- Summary and Signal -- The Closing or Note of Finality
Chapter 9: Style and Language
What Is Style? -- Defining Style for Our Time -- Style as a Meeting of the Body and Language -- Impression Management
Choosing Your Words -- Adapting Your Language: What Do You Play? -- Expertise and Credibility through Word Choice
On Rhythm and Word Choice -- Vivid Language -- Repetition and Rhythm -- Tropes
Using Language That Uses Us: Cultivating Awareness -- Biased Language -- Sexist Language -- Slang
Chapter 10: Style and Delivery
Nonverbal Communication and Tone
Body Language -- Vocalics -- Hands, Shoulders, Kness, and Toes
...And a Good Pair of Shoes: Grooming and Dressing to Speak
Chapter 11: Presentation Aids
Enhancing Your Speech Using Presentation Aids -- Varieties of Presentation Aids
Preparation and Presentation Guidelines -- Tips for Preparing Your Presentation Aids -- Tips for Presenting Your Aids
Presentation Software: Slides, Slides, Slides! -- The Great PowerPoint Debate -- Speaking While Using Slides: Practice, Pacing, and Performance
Chapter 12: Understanding Speech Genres
What Are Speech Genres? -- Culture and Form -- The Genres of Public Speaking -- Genres in Our Time
On Breaking the Rules: Genre Violation
Chapter 13: Celebratory Speaking
Celebrating Your Community
Types of Celebratory Speeches -- Speechs of Recognition: Introducing, Presenting, and Accepting -- Speeches of Praise or Blame: Weddings, Toasts, and Roasts -- Speeches on Inspiration or Encouragement: Sermons, After-Dinner Speeches, and Commemorations -- Speeches That Mourn Loss: Eulogies
Chapter 14: Informative Speaking
The Information Genre -- Informing versus Persuading -- Choosing an Informative Topic -- Informative Strategies
Tips for Informing
Chapter 15: Persuasive Speaking
Understanding Persuasion -- The Ethics of Persuasion -- The Psychology of Persuasion
The Persuasive Appeal -- Aristotle's Rhetorical Triangle -- Ethos as Self-Evidence -- Appealing to Needs -- Appealing to Emotion
Chapter 16: Making Arguments
What's an Argument? -- Why Study Argumentation? -- Understanding Informal Logic -- Contemporary Argument: Claims, Evidence, and Warrants -- Fallacies: When Reason Slips Up
Organizing Persuasive Speeches -- Organizing Persuasive Speeches of Fact -- Organizing Persuasive Speeches of Value -- Organizing Speeches of Policy -- Persuading with Alan H. Monroe -- Persuading with Problem-Solution
Chapter 17: Speaking in the Workplace
Speaking for Your Vocation
Speaking at Work -- Speaking in Small Groups -- Making Presentations in the Workplace
Interviewing for a Job -- Screening Interviews -- Selection Interviews
Chapter 18: Speaking Online
Understanding Online Presentations: Purpose and Type -- Online versus F2F -- Types Online Presentations
Adapting to the Amorphous Audience
Conducting Online Presentations -- Setting Up an Online Presentation -- Practice, Practice, Practice!
Public or Private? It's Hard to Say
Chapter 19: Speaking for Social Change
Public Speaking and Social Movements -- On Genre Hybridity and Personal Commitment -- New Media and the Publicness of Social Movements -- Civic Engagement: To Obey or Not to Obey
Civil Obedience and Civil Disobedience -- Public Activism as Civic Engagement
Speech, Not Swords: The Humane Alternative of Public Speaking
Appendix: Sample Annotated Speeches
Sample Annotated Persuasive Speech: Statement of Senator Jeton Anjain of Rongelap Atoll before the Fourth Committee of the United Nations, October 30, 1985 -- Sample Annotated Celebratory Speech: Commencement Speech at Wellesley High School, June 1, 2012, by David McCullough, Jr.
94.00 ABE (99-ABE-9)
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