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xxiii, 756 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm
"2 practice tests + proven strategies + online"--Cover.
"Content GED® testing service aligned"--Cover.
Includes index.
Reasoning through Language Arts -- Mathematical Reasoning -- Social Studies -- Science
Unit 1: Reasoning through Language Arts
About the Test
Interpreting Nonfiction and Information Text
Lesson 1: Main Ideas and Details
Lesson 2: Restatement and Summary
Lesson 3: Application of Ideas
Lesson 4: Cause and Effect
Lesson 5: Compare and Contrast
Lesson 6: Conclusions and Generalizations
Lesson 7: Word Choice
Lesson 8: Writer's Tone and Point of View
Lesson 9: Text Structure
Interpreting Nonfiction and Informational Text Practice Questions
Analyzing Nonfiction and Informational Text
Lesson 1: Purpose of Text
Lesson 2: Effectiveness of Argument
Lesson 3: Validity of Arguments
Lesson 4: Text Related by Theme or Topic
Lesson 5: Texts with Opposing Arguments
Lesson 6: Texts with Related Graphic Information
Analyzing Nonfiction and Informational Text Practice Questions
Interpreting Fiction
Lesson 1: Plot Elements
Lesson 2: Inferences
Lesson 3: Character
Lesson 4: Theme
Lesson 5: Style and Point of View
Lesson 6: Figurative Language
Interpreting Fiction Practice Questions
Writing Effective Sentences
Lesson 1: Simple Sentences
Lesson 2: Compound and Complex Sentences
Lesson 3: Run-Ons and Comma Splices
Lesson 4: Subordinate Ideas
Lesson 5: Modify Ideas
Lesson 6: Parallel Structure
Writing Effective Sentences Practice Questions
Connecting Ideas
Lesson 1: Organize Ideas into Paragraphs
Lesson 2: Use Logical Order and Relevant Ideas
Lesson 3: Relate Sentences and Paragraphs
Connecting Ideas Practice Questions
Writing About Text
Lesson 1: Unpack the Writing Prompt
Lesson 2: Identify a Writer's Arguments and Assumptions
Lesson 3: Develop a Thesis Statement
Lesson 4: Collect Supporting Evidence
Lesson 5: Plan Your Response
Lesson 6: Draft Your Response
Lesson 7: Revise and Edit Your Response
Writing About Text Practice
Polishing Your Writing
Lesson 1: Strengthen Sentences
Lesson 2: Improve Organization
Lesson 3: Word Choice
Polishing Your Writing Practice Questions
Using Grammar Correctly
Lesson 1: Noun and Pronoun Agreement
Lesson 2: Verb Forms and Tenses
Lesson 3: Subject-Verb Agreement
Using Grammar Correctly Practice Questions
Using Writing Mechanics
Lesson 1: Comma Use
Lesson 2: Capitalization
Lesson 3: Possessives and Contractions
Lesson 4: Homonyms
Using Writing Mechanics Practice Questions
Unit 2: Mathematical Reasoning
About the Test
Number Sense and Problem Solving
Lesson 1: Compare and Order Numbers
Lesson 2: Whole Number Operations
Lesson 3: GED Test Calculator Skills
Lesson 4: Word Problems
Lesson 5: Distance and Cost
Number Sense and Problem Solving Practice Questions
Decimals and Fractions
Lesson 1: Decimal Basics
Lesson 2: Decimal Operations
Lesson 3: Fraction Basics
Lesson 4: Fraction Operations
Lesosn 5: Fraction and Decimal Equivalencies
Lesson 6: Decimals and Fractions on the Number Line
Lesson 7: Decimals and Fractions Calculator Skills
Decimals and Fractions Practice Questions
Ratio, Proportion, and Percent
Lesson 1: Ratio and Proportion
Lesson 2: Percents
Lesson 3: Using the Percent Formula
Lesson 4: Percent Calculator Skills
Lesson 5: Simple Interest
Lesson 6: Percent of Change
Ratio, Proportion, and Percent Practice Questions
Data, Statistics, and Probability
Lesson 1: Tables and Pictographs
Lesson 2: Bar and Line Graphs
Lesson 3: Circle Graphs
Lesson 4: Measures of Central Tendency
Lesson 5: Line Plots
Lesson 6: Histograms
Lesson 7: Probability
Lesson 8: Combinations
Lesson 9: Permutations
Lesson 10: Compare Proportions in Different Formats
Data, Statistics, and Probability Practice Questions
Algebra Basics, Expressions, and Polynomials
Lesson 1: The Number Line and Signed Numbers
Lesson 2: Powers and Roots
Lesson 3: Scientific Notation
Lesson 4: Order of Operations
Lesson 5: Absolute Value
Lesson 6: Algebraic Expressions
Lesson 7: Expressions and Calculator Skills
Lesson 8: Understand Polynomials
Lesson 9: Simplfy Polynomials
Lesson 10: Add and Subtract Polynomials
Lesson 11: Multiply Polynomials
Lesson 12: Divide Polynomials
Algebra Basics, Expressions, and Polynomials Practice Questions
Equations, Inequalities, and Functions
Lesson 1: Equations
Lesson 2: Equation Word Problems
Lesson 3: Inequalities
Lesson 4: Quadratic Equations
Lesson 5: Algebra Problem Solving
Lesson 6: The Coordinate Plane
Lesson 7: Graphing a Line
Lesson 8: Slope of a Line
Lesson 9: Slope and Equations
Lesson 10: Systems of Linear Equations
Lesson 11: Patterns and Functions
Lesson 12: Function Applications
Lesson 13: Function Notation
Equalities, Inequalities, and Functions Practice Questions
Lesson 1: Plane Figures
Lesson 2: Triangles
Lesson 3: Pythagorean Relationship
Lesson 4: Perimeter and Area
Lesson 5: Circles
Lesson 6: Volume
Lesson 7: Surface Area
Lesson 8: Combined Figures
Lesson 9: Geometry Calculator Skills
Geometry Practice Questions
Formula Sheet
Unit 3: Social Studies
About the Test
Social Studies Practices
Lesson 1: Determine Central Idea and Draw Conclusions
Lesson 2: Interpret Words and Ideas
Lesson 3: Analyze Author's Purpose and Point of View
Lesson 4: Evaluate Author's Reasoning and Evidence
Lesson 5: Analyze Relationships Between Materials
Lesson 6: Interpret Data and Statistics
Social Studies Practices Practice Questions
U.S. History
Lesson 1: Exploration, Colonialism, and the American Revolution
Lesson 2: Westward Expansion, the Civil War, and Reconstruction
Lesson 3: Industrialization, Immigration, and the Progressive Era
Lesson 4: The United States as an Emerging World Power
Lesson 5: The Cold War and the Civil Rights Era
U.S. History Practice Questions
Civics and Government
Lesson 1: Historic Basis for U.S. System
Lesson 2: Constitutional Government
Lesson 3: Levels and Branches of Government
Lesson 4: The Electoral System
Lesson 5: The Role of the Citizen
Civics and Government Practice Questions
Lesson 1: Basic Economics Concepts
Lesson 2: The U.S. Economic System
Lesson 3: The Economy and the U.S. Government
Lesson 4: Labor and Consumer Issues
Economics Practice Questions
Geography and the World
Lesson 1: Early Civilizations
Lesson 2: Feudalism to Nation States
Lesson 3: The Age of Revolutions
Lesson 4: Exploration, Colonialism, and Wars
Lesson 5: Humans and the Environment
Lesson 6: Using Resource Wisely
Geography and the World Practice Questions
Unit 4: Science
About the Test
Science Practices
Lesson 1: Comprehend Scientific Presentations
Lesson 2: Use of the Scientific Method
Lesson 3: Reason with Scientific Information
Lesson 4: Express and Apply Scientific Information
Lesson 5: Use Statistics and Probability
Lesson 6: Construct Short-Answer Responses
Science Practices Practice Questions
Life Science
Lesson 1: Cell Structures and Functions
Lesson 2: Cell Processes and Energy
Lesson 3: Human Body Systems
Lesson 4: Health Issues
Lesson 5: Reproduction and Heredity
Lesson 6: Modern Genetics
Lesson 7: Evolution and Natural Selection
Lesson 8: Organization of Ecosystems
Life Science Practice Questions
Earth and Space Science
Lesson 1: Structure of Earth
Lesson 2: Earth's Resources
Lesson 3: Weather and Climate
Lesson 4: Earth in the Solar System
Lesson 5: The Expanding Universe
Earth and Space Science Practice Questions
Physical Science
Lesson 1: Atoms and Molecules
Lesson 2: Properties and States of Matter
Lesson 3: Chemical Reactions
Lesson 4: The Nature of Energy
Lesson 5: Motion and Forces
Lesson 6: Electricity and Magnetism
Physical Science Practice Questions
Practice Tests
Reasoning through Language Arts Practice Test
Mathematical Reasoning Practice Test
Social Studies Practice Test
Science Practice Test
Answers and Explanations
Pretest Answers and Explanations
Unit Answers and Explanations
Practice Test Answers and Explanations
GED Test Resources
Reasoning through Language Arts Extended Response Evaluation Guide
Formula Sheet
Calculator Reference Sheet
Mathematics Symbol Selector Toolbar
Everything you need to pass the GED high school equivalency exam, including pretests to determine your current level of readiness, instruction in essential concepts, and strategies for every question type. Hundreds of practice questions are followed by answer explanations, and there is a timed, full length practice test for each subject.
20.00 C ED (99-CED-9)
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Kaplan GED test prep plus 2018
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