Marriages & families : changes, choices, and constraints / Nijole V. Benokraitis, University of Baltimore
Book | 2015 | Eighth edition.
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Eighth edition.
xxviii, 565 pages : color illustrations ; 28 cm
Course #809-128
Provided by Innovation grant 'Textbook Relief'
Includes bibliographical references (pages 497-540) and index.
Ch.1 The changing family
What is a family? -- How are families similar? -- How do families differ worldwide? -- Some myths about the family -- Three perspectives on the changing family -- How are U.S. families changing? -- A multicultural, cross-cultural, and global perspective on the family
Ch.2 Studying the family
Why theories and research are important in our everyday lives -- Theoretical perspectives on families -- Family research methods -- Ethics, politics, and family research
Ch.3 The family in historical perspective
The colonial family -- Early American Indian, African American, and Mexican American families -- Industrialization, urbanization, and European immigration: 1820 to 1930 -- The modern family emerges -- The Golden Fifties -- The family since the 1960s
Ch.4 Racial and ethnic families: Strengths and stresses
The increasing diversity of U.S. families -- Race and ethnicity still matter -- African American families -- American Indian families -- Latino families -- Asian American families -- Middle Eastern families -- Interracial and interethnic relationships and marriages
Ch.5 Socialization and gender roles
How women and men are similar and different -- The nature-nurture debate -- Why do gender roles differ? -- How do we learn gender roles? -- Gender ideologies and traditional gender roles -- Gender roles in adulthood -- Gender inequality across cultures
Ch.6 Love and loving relationships
Liking and loving -- What is love? -- Caring, intimacy, and commitment -- Some theories about love and loving -- Functions of love and loving -- Experiencing love -- When love goes wrong -- How couples change: Romantic and long-term love -- Love across cultures
Ch.7 Sexuality and sexual expression throughout life
Sexuality and human development -- Why we have sex -- Who influences our sexual behavior? -- Sexual behaviors -- Lesbian, gay, and transgender sex -- Sexuality throughout life -- Sexual infidelity -- Sexually transmitted diseases
Ch.8 Choosing others: Dating and mate selection
Why do we date? -- Meeting others -- Why we choose each other: Some mate-selection theories -- A multicultural view of mate selection -- Harmful dating relationships: Power, control, and violence -- Breaking up
Ch.9 Singlehood, cohabitation, civil unions, and other options
The single option -- Singles are diverse -- Home alone -- Why more people are single -- Racial and ethnic singles -- Cohabitation
Ch.10 Marriage and communication in intimate relationships
Is marriage disappearing? -- Why and how we marry -- Contemporary marriages -- Martial happiness, success, and health -- Marital roles -- How marriages change throughout the life course -- Communication: A key to successful relationships -- What couples fight about and how they deal with conflict -- Productive communication patterns
Ch.11 To be or not to be a parent: More choices, more constraints
Becoming a parent -- Birthrates in the United States and globally -- Preventing pregnancy -- Postponing parenthood -- Infertility -- Adoption: The traditional solution to infertility -- Abortion -- Child free by choice
Ch.12 Raising children: Promises and pitfalls
Contemporary parenting roles -- Child development theories -- Parenting styles and discipline -- Parenting variations by race, ethnicity, and social class -- Parenting in lesbian and gay families -- Parenting over the life course -- Child care arrangements -- Current social issues and children's well-being
Ch.13 The economy and family life
Work in U.S. soceity today -- How the economy affects families -- Women's and men's participation in the labor force -- Marital economic roles -- Two-Income families -- Inequality in the workplace -- Families and work policies
Ch.14 Domestic violence and other family health issues
Intimate partner violence and abuse -- Child maltreatment -- Hidden victims: siblings and adolescents -- Elder mistreatment -- Violence among same-sex couples and racial-ethnic groups -- Explaining family abuse and violence -- Other family health issues -- Combating domestic violence and other family health problems
Ch.15 Separation, divorce, remarriage, and stepfamilies
Separation: Process and outcome -- Divorce: Process and rates -- Why do people divorce? -- How divorce affects adults -- How divorce affects children -- Remarriage: Rates, process, and characteristics -- The diversity and complexity of stepfamilies -- Living in a stepfamily
Ch.16 Families in later life
Our aging society -- Health and ageism -- Work and retirement -- Grandparenting -- Sibling relationships in later life -- Dying, death, and bereavement -- Being widowed in later life -- Family caregiving in later life -- Competition for scarce resources
'Marriages and Families: Changes, Choices, and Constraints', 8th edition offers students a comprehensive introduction to many issues facing families in the twenty-first century. The author explores contemporary changes in families and their structure, impacts on the choices available to family members, and constraints that often limit our choices. This approach will help readers better understand the families in which they were raised and are forming themselves. With the most up-to-date material and emerging issues on family behavior, students will be able to make better decisions in their everyday lives.
140.00 SOC SCI (99-SSC-9)
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Marriages and families
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