Speaking for success / Jean H. Miculka
Book | Thomson/South-Western | 2007 | 2nd ed., Student ed.
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2nd ed., Student ed.
xvii, 246 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm
Includes index.
Course #801-302
Provided by Innovation grant 'Textbook Relief'
Unit 1: Communicating on All Channels
Chapter 1: You Are a Coded Communication Channel
Communication - Channels and Codes -- Perception - Basis for Communication -- Speech - A Part of the Process -- Speech - The Basic Elements -- Feedback - Aid to Communication Flow
Chapter 2: Speech Is an Oral Language Code
The Power of Words -- Language Levels -- The Listener's Role
Chapter 3: Paralanguage Flavors the Verbal Massage
Spoken Language - Words Plus Voice -- Your Communication Network
Chapter 4: Nonverbal Codes Send Silent Messages
Messages Seen, Not Heard -- Silent Messages - Codes and Channels -- Voluntary and Involuntary Movement -- Channels of Space and Time
Unit 2: Communicating Person to Person
Chapter 5: Building Confidence
All About You -- Stage Fright -- Communication Apprehension -- Self-Image -- Finding a Mentor -- Handling Criticism -- Building Confidence
Chapter 6: Developing Interpersonal Skills
Interpersonal Communication -- Social Skills for Business Success -- Business Etiquette -- Conflicts at Work
Chapter 7: Interviewing Effectively
One-to-One Business Communication -- Interviews - Conversations at Work -- Types of Interviews -- The Key to a Successful Interview - Preparation
Unit 3: Group Communication
Chapter 8: Speaking in Groups
Group Speak -- Rules for Conducting Meetings -- Factors Affecting Group Dynamics -- Member Roles
Chapter 9: Group Interaction
Speaking with a Purpose -- Informative Speaking -- Persuasive Speaking -- Problem Solving
Unit 4: Communicating with an Audience
Chapter 10: Group Interaction
Successful Speaking -- Take Time to Research
Chapter 11: Organizing and Supporting Ideas
Preparation Review -- Organizing Your Presentation -- Adding Visual Impact -- A Dynamic Ending -- An Irresistible Opening
Chapter 12: Polishing Your Presentation
Prespeech Advice -- Performance Guidelines -- Postspeech Guidance -- Checklists for Speech Preparation, Practice, and Delivery
'Speaking for Success', 2E offers a fresh new approach that gives users the tools needed to communicate with confidence. This text provides a thorough overview and hands-on practice of the speech communication skills essential for life and work success. Whether talking person to person, in a group, or in front of an audience, plenty of practical applications give hands-on experience in effective speaking, interviewing, particpating in teams, and gaining confidence in delivering formal and informal presentations.
62.00 CMM (99-CMM-9)
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