Anatomy & physiology / Kevin T. Patton
Book | Elsevier Mosby | 2016
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Course #806-177
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Unit 1: The Body as a Whole
Chapter 1: Organization of the Body
Chapter 2: Homeostasis
Chapter 3: Chemical Basis of Life
Chapter 4: Biomolecules
Chapter 5: Cell Structure
Chapter 6: Cell Function
Chapter 7: Cell Growth and Development
Chapter 8: Introduction to Tissues
Chapter 9: Tissue Types
Unit 2: Support and Movement
Chapter 10: Skin
Chapter 11: Skeletal Tissues
Chapter 12: Axial Skeleton
Chapter 13: Appendicular Skeleton
Chapter 14: Articulations
Chapter 15: Axial Muscles
Chapter 16: Appendicular Muscles
Chapter 17: Muscle Contraction
Unit 3: Communication, Control, and Integration
Chapter 18: Nervous System Cells
Chapter 19: Nerve Signaling
Chapter 20: Central Nervous System
Chapter 21: Peripheral Nervous System
Chapter 22: Autonomic Nervous System
Chapter 23: General Senses
Chapter 24: Special Senses
Chapter 25: Endocrine Regulation
Chapter 26: Endocrine Glands
Unit 4: Transportation and Defense
Chapter 27: Blood
Chapter 28: Heart
Chapter 29: Blood Vessels
Chapter 30: Circulation of Blood
Chapter 31: Lymphatic System
Chapter 32: Innate Immunity
Chapter 33: Adaptive Immunity
Chapter 34: Stress
Unit 5: Respiration, Nutrition, and Excretion
Chapter 35: Respiratory Tract
Chapter 36: Ventilation
Chapter 37: Gas Exchange and Transport
Chapter 38: Upper Digestive Tract
Chapter 39: Lower Digestive Tract
Chapter 40: Digestion and Absorption
Chapter 41: Nutrition and Metabolism
Chapter 42: Urinary System
Chapter 43: Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
Chapter 44: Acid-Base Balance
Unit 6: Reproduction and Development
Chapter 45: Male Reproductive System
Chapter 46: Female Reproductive System
Chapter 47: Growth and Development
Chapter 48: Genetics and Heredity
No other two-semester A&P text rivals Anatomy & Physiology, 9th Edition for its student-friendly writing, visually engaging content, and wide range of teaching and learning support. Focusing on the unifying themes of structure and function and homeostasis, authors Patton and Thibodeau utilize a very conversational and easy-to-follow narrative to guide you through difficult A&P material. Readers can also connect with the textbook through a number of free electronic resources, including Netter's 3D Interactive Anatomy, A&P Online, an electronic coloring book, online tutoring, and more! Just because the subject matter of A&P is complicated, doesn’t mean your textbook has to be ― especially when you have Patton at your side!
211.00 SCN (99-SCN-9) AD NURS (10-543-1)
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Thibodeau, Gary A.
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