The apparitionists : a tale of phantoms, fraud, photography, and the man who captured Lincoln's ghost / Peter Manseau
Book | Houghton Mifflin Harcourt | 2017
Available at Gateway-Racine Campus General Collection (BF 1027 M8.6 M3.6 2017)

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xi, 335 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages [313]-335).
Part I: The Black Art
1. Procure the Remedy at Once and Be Well
2. Love and Painting Are Quarrelsome Companions
3. Ties Which Death Itself Could Not Loose
4. A Palace for the Sun
5. I Thought Nobody Would Be Damaged Much
6. A Lounging, Listless Madhouse
7. My God! Is It Possible?
8. She Really Is a Wonderful Whistler
9. No Shadow of Trickery
10. A Craving for Light
Part II: Philosophical Instruments
11. The Message Department
12. A Big Head Full of Ideas
13. Chair and All
14. Did You Ever Dream of Some Lost Friend?
15. War Against Wrong
16. Whose Bones Lie Bleaching
Part III: Humbugged
17. All Is gone and Nothing Saved
18. A Favorite Haunt of Apparitions
19. The Spirits Do Not Like a Throng
20. The Tenderest Sympathies of Human Nature
21. Weep, Weep, My Eyes
22. Are You a Spiritualist in Any Degree?
23. An Old, Moth-Eaten Cloak
24. By Supernatural Means
25. Figura Vaporosa
26. They Paid Their Money, and They Had Their Choice
27. Those Mortals Gifted with Power of Seeing
Part IV: Image and Afterlife
28. Calm Assurance of a Happy Future
29. The Mumler Process
In the early days of photography, in the death-strewn wake of the Civil War, one man seized Americas imagination. A "spirit photographer," William Mumler took portrait photographs that featured the ghostly presence of a lost loved one alongside the living subject. Mumler was a sensation: The affluent and influential came calling. Peter Manseau brilliantly captures a nation wracked with grief and hungry for proof of the existence of ghosts and for contact with their dead husbands and sons.
18.00 GPH DSN (10-204-3)
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