So you want to be a cop : what everyone should know before entering a law enforcement career / Alley Evola
Book | Rowman & Littlefield | 2017
Available at Gateway-Racine Campus Career Education Collection (HV 8143 E9.6 2017)

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Gateway-Racine Campus Career Education Collection HV 8143 E9.6 2017 Available
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x, 227 pages ; 24 cm.
Includes index.
1. Myth versus Fact: From Dreaming to Testing and Entering the Force
2. You're Hired! Now What?
3. The Police Academy, or Hell on Earth
4. Field Training
5. Congratulations! You've Earned a Spot at the Bottom
6. Liability in Policing
7. Finances, Health, and the Police Officer
8. Communications and Inter-Agency Cooperation
9. Welcome to Your New Office
10. Going to Court
11. Vandalism, Littering, and Other Criminal Mischief
12. Unwanted Subjects
13. Traffic Stops, Vehicle Pursuits, and Road Rage
14. Calls for Service: When You Are Called to Serve and Protect
15. Dometic Disturbances: Dangerous and Unpredictable
16. Alarm Calls, 911 Hang-Ups, and 911 Open Lines
17. White-Collar Crime, Fraud, Forgery, and Deceit
18. Violent Felonies
19. Death Scenes: Walking into a Nightmare
20. Burglaries, Theft, and Crimes of Opportunity
21. Motor Vehicle Accidents and DUIs
22. Drugs, Narcotics, and a Cesspool of Misery
23. Shoplifting, or Five-Finger Discounts
24. Critical Incidents and the Use of Deadly Force
25. Specicalties in Law Enforcement
26. Hate Groups and Hate Crimes
27. Using Force: My First Wrestling Match
28. Why Did You Do Your Job? Now I'll Have to Write You Up!
29. Race, Gender, and the Economics of Policing
30. Riding the Storm, and the Economics of Policing
31. Show No Weaknesss
Policing in Twenty-First-Century America
"Many children, from the time they are old enough to be attracted to a siren and flashing lights, dream of becoming a police officer. As a retired police officer herself, Alley Evola looks at the daily ins and outs of the job of a police officer. Through recruitment, life at the academy, patrol, and eventually promotion, she provides a helpful understanding of what you can really expect. She also looks at current issues, including race and gender, and how these have shaped certain expectations from the public that a police officer needs to be prepared for when working in this field. When you're young and dreaming, you don't think about the process it will take to become a police officer. The many challenges and issues you will face in the field are not evident until after the police academy. [This book] is for everyone who secretly wishes they were a police officer or is pursuing their dream in the hope of transforming it into reality." -- Back cover.
31.00 C ED (99-CED-9)
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