Legal guide for starting & running a small business / attorney Fred S. Steingold
Book | Nolo | 2017 | 15th edition.
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15th edition.
441 pages ; 28 cm
Includes index.
Your Legal Companion for Starting and Running a Small Business
1. Which Legal Form Is Best for Your Business? -- Sole Proprietorships -- Partnerships -- Corporations -- Limited Liability Companies -- Choosing Between a Corporation and an LLC -- Special Structure for Special Situations -- The Benefit Corporation
2. Structuring a Partnership Agreement -- Why You Need a Written Agreement -- An Overview of Your Partnership Agreement -- Changes in Your Partnership
3. Creating a Corporation -- The Structure of a Corporation -- Financing Your Corporation -- Compensating Yourself -- Do You Need a Lawyer to Incorporate -- After Your Incorporate -- Safe Business Practices for Your Corporation
4. Creating a Limited Liability Company -- Number of Members Required -- Management of an LLC -- Financing an LLC -- Compensating Members -- Choosing a Name -- Paperwork for Setting Up an LLC -- After You Form Your LLC -- Safe Business Practices for Your LLC
5. Preparing for Ownership Changes With a Buyout Agreement -- Major Benefits of Adopting a Buyout Agreement -- Where to Put Your Buyout Provisions -- When to Create a Buyout Agreement
6. Naming Your Business and Products -- Business Names: An Overview -- Mandatory Name Procedures -- Trademarks and Service Marks -- Strong and Weak Trademarks -- Before the Trademark: Name Searches -- How to Use and Protect Your Trademark
7. Licenses and Permits -- Federal Registration and Licenses -- State Requirements -- Regional Requirements -- Local Requirements -- How to Deal With Local Building and Zoning Officials
8. Tax Basics for the Small Business -- Employer Identification Number -- Becoming an S Corporation -- Business Taxes in General -- Business Deductions -- Tax Audits
9. Raising Money for Your Business -- Consider Writing a Business Plan -- Two Types of Outside Financing -- Thirteen Common Sources of Money -- Document All of the Money You Receive
10. Buying a Business -- Finding a Business to Buy -- What's the Structure of the Business You Want to Buy? -- Gathering Information About a Business -- Valuing the Business -- Other Items to Investigate -- Letter of Intent to Purchase -- The Sales Agreement -- The Closing -- Selling a Business
11. Franchises: How Not to Get Burned -- What Is a Franchise? -- The Downsides of Franchise Ownership -- Investigating a Franchise -- The Franchise Disclosure Document -- The Franchise Agreement -- Resolving Disputes With Your Franchisor
12. Insuring Your Business -- Working With an Insurance Agent -- Property Coverage -- Liability Insurance -- Other Insurance to Consider -- Saving Money on Insurance -- Making a Claim
13. Negotiating a Favorable Lease -- Finding a Place -- Leases and Rental Agreements: An Overview -- Short-Term Leases (Month-to-Month Rentals) -- Written Long-Term Leases -- Additional Clauses to Consider -- Shopping Center Leases -- How to Modify a Lease -- Landlord-Tenant Disputes -- Getting Out of a Lease -- When You Need Professional Help
14. Home-Based Business -- Zoning Laws -- Private Land Use Restrictions -- Insurance -- Deducting Expenses for the Business Use of Your Home
15. Employees and Independent Contractors -- Hiring Employees -- Job Descriptions -- Job Advertisements -- Job Applications -- Interviews -- Testing -- Background Checks -- Immigration Law Requirements -- Personnel Practices -- Illegal Discrimination -- Wages and Hours -- Occupational Safety and Health -- Workers' Compensation -- Termination of Employment -- Unemployment Compensation -- Independent Contractors -- Employers' Health Care Insurance Requirements Under Obamacare
16. The Importance of Excellent Customer Relations -- Developing Your Customer Satisfaction Policy -- Telling Customers About Your Policies
17. Legal Requirements for Dealing With Customers -- Advertising -- Retail Pricing and Return Practices -- Warranties -- Consumer Protection Statutes -- Dealing With Customers Online
18. Cash, Credit Cards, and Checks -- Cash -- Credit and Debit Cards -- Checks
19. Extending Credit and Getting Paid -- The Practical Side of Extending Credit -- Laws That Regulate Consumer Credit -- Becoming a Secured Creditor -- Collection Problems -- Collection Options
20. Put It in Writing: Small Business Contracts -- What Makes a Valid Contract -- Unfair or Illegal Contracts -- Misrepresentations, Duress, or Mistake -- Must a Contract Be in Writing? -- Writing Business-to-Business Contracts -- Signing Your Contracts -- Electronic Contracting -- Enforcing Contracts in Court -- What Can You Sue For?
21. The Financially Troubled Business -- Thinking Ahead to Protect Your Personal Assets -- Managing the Financially Troubled Business -- Seeking an Objective Analysis -- Workouts -- Selling the Business -- Closing the Business -- Understanding Bankruptcy
22. Resolving Legal Disputes -- Negotiating a Settlement -- Understanding Mediation -- Arbitration -- Going to Court
23. Representing Yourself in Small Claims Court -- Deciding Whether to Represent Yourself -- Learning the Rules -- Meeting the Jurisdictional Limits -- Before You File Your Lawsuit -- Figuring Out Whom to Sue -- Handling Your Small Claims Court Lawsuit -- Representing Yourself If You've the Defendant -- Appealing Small Claims Decisions -- Collecting Your Judgement
24. Lawyers and Legal Research -- How to Find the Right Lawyer -- Fees and Bills -- Problems With Your Lawyer -- Do-It-Yourself Legal Research
Answers legal questions in plain English related to starting and running a small business. The fifteenth edition is completely updated with the latest legal information and tax rules.
27.00 BUS ED GEN (99-BEG-9)
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Legal guide for starting and running a small business
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