Counseling : a comprehensive profession / Samuel T. Gladding, Wake Forest University
Book | 2018 | Eighth Edition.
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Eighth Edition.
xviii, 539 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages 465-511) and indexes.
Part I: Professional Foundations of Counseling
Ch.1 Personal and Professional Aspects of Counseling
Definition of Counseling -- The Personality and Background of the Counselor -- Professional Aspects of Counseling -- Credentialing of Counselors -- Attribution and the Systemtic Framework of Counseling -- Engaging in Professional Counseling-Related Activities
Ch.2 Ethical and Legal Aspects of Counseling
Definitions: Ethics, Morality, and Law -- Ethics and Counseling -- Professional Codes of Ethics and Standards -- Making Ethical Decisions -- Educating Counselors in Ethical Decision Making -- Ethics in Specific Counseling Situations -- Multiple Relationships -- Working With Counselors Who May Act Unethically -- The Law and Counseling -- Legal Recognition of Counseling -- Legal Aspects of the Counseling Relationship -- Civil and Criminal Liability -- Legal Issues Involved When Counseling Minors -- Client Rights and Records -- Minimizing Legal Liability -- The Counselor in Court -- Ethics and the Law: Two Ways of Thinking
Ch.3 Counseling in a Multicultural Society
Counseling Across Culture and Ethnicity -- Defining Culture and Multicultural Counseling -- History of Multicultural Counseling -- Difficulties in Multicultural Counseling -- Issues in Multicultural Counseling -- Counseling Considerations With Specific Cultural Groups
Ch.4 Counseling with Diverse Populations
Counseling Aged Populations -- Gender-Based Counseling -- Counseling and Sexual Orientation -- Counseling and Spirituality
Part II: Counseling Processes and Theories
Ch.5 Building Counseling Relationships
Factors that Influence the Counseling Process -- Types of Initial Interviews -- Conducting the Initial Interview -- Exploration nad the Identification of Goals
Ch.6 Working in and Closing a Counseling Relationship
Counselor Skills in the Working Stage of Counseling: Understanding and Action -- Transference and Countertransference -- The Real Relationship -- Function of Closing a Counseling Relationship -- Timing of Closing -- Issues in Closing -- Resistance to Closing -- Premature Closing -- Counselor-Initiated Closing -- Ending on a Positive Note -- Issues Related to Closing: Follow-Up and Referral
Theory -- Psychoanalytic Theories -- Adlerian Theory -- Humanistic Theories
Ch.7 Psychoanalytic, Adlerian, and Humanistic Theories of Counseling
Ch.8 Behavioral, Cognitive, Systemic, Brief, and Crisis Theories of Counseling
Part III: Core Counseling Activities in Various Settings
Behavioral Counseling -- Cognitive and Cognitive-Behavioral Counseling -- Systems Theories -- Brief Counseling Approaches -- Crisis and Trauma Counseling Approaches
Ch.9 Groups in Counseling
A Brief History of Groups -- Misperceptions and Realities about Groups -- The Place of Groups in Counseling -- Benefits and Drawbacks of Groups -- Types of Groups -- Theoretical Approaches in Conducting Groups -- Stages in Groups -- Issues in Groups -- Qualities of Effective Group Leaders -- The Future of Group Work
Consultation -- Consultation: Defining a Multifaceted Activity -- Basic Aspects of Consultation -- Consultation Versus Counseling -- Four Conceptual Models -- Levels of Consultation -- Stages and Attitudes in Consultation -- Specific Areas of Consultation -- Training in Consultation
Ch.11 Evaluation and Research
The Nature of Evaluation and Research -- Evaluation -- Counselors and Research -- Research -- Statistics
Ch.12 Testing, Assessment, and Diagnosis in Counseling
A Brief History of the Use of Tests in Counseling -- Tests and Test Scores -- Problems and Potential of Using Tests -- Qualities of Good Tests -- Classification of Tests -- Administration and Interpretation of Tests -- Assessment -- Diagnosis
Ch.10 Consultation and Supervision
Part IV: Counseling Specialties
Ch.13 Career Counseling Over the Life Span
The Importance of Career Counseling -- Career Counseling Associations and Credentials -- The Scope of Career Counseling and Careers -- Career Information -- Career Development Theories and Counseling -- Career Counseling With Diverse Populations
Ch.14 Couple and Family Counseling
The Changing Forms of Family Life -- The Beginnings of Couple and Family Counseling -- Associations, Education, and Research -- Family Life and the Family Life Cycle -- Couple/Family Counseling Versus Individual/Group Counseling -- Overview of Couple and Family Counseling -- The Process of Couple and Family Counseling
Ch.15 Professional School Counseling
The ASCA National Model -- Elementary School Counseling -- Middle School Counseling -- Secondary School Counseling -- 21st-Century School Counseling
Ch.16 College Counseling and Student-Life Services
The Beginning of Student-Life Services and College Counseling -- The Theoretical Bases and Professional Preparation for Working with College Students -- College Counseling -- Student-Life Professionals -- Counseling and Student-Life Services with First-Year, Graduate Students, and Nontraditional Students
Ch.17 Abuse, Addication, Disability, and Counseling
The Cycle of Abuse -- Interpersonal Abuse -- Intrapersonal Abuse and Addication -- Process Addictions -- Treating Women and Minority Cultural Groups in Abuse and Addication -- Counseling and Disability -- Affiliation, Certification, and Education of Counselors Who Work with the Disabled
Ch.18 Clinical Mental Health and Private Practice Counseling
The Developmental of Clinical Mental Health Counseling -- Clinical Mental Health Counseling as a Specialty -- Employment of Clinical Mental Health Counselors -- Private Practice as a Specialty
Appendix A: History of Counseling
Appendix B: Summary Tables of Major Counseling Theories
Appendix C: Counseling-Related Organizations
Long respected as the most comprehensive guide to the counseling profession available, Samuel Gladding’s text continues to emphasize counseling as a profession and counseling as an identity, while focusing on the roles and responsibilities of the professional counselor. Designed to ensure students get a head start in preparing for the professional challenges they will face in their futures as effective counselors, the book includes the latest research from counseling journals and other professional resources to show clearly the challenges of the profession that lie ahead. The new edition of the text contains an even stronger emphasis on counseling as a profession and counseling as an identity, along with new or expanded sections on wellness, trauma, social justice, theories, process, multiculturalism, diversity, rehabilitation, motivational interviewing, bullying, microaggression, international counseling, addiction, abuse, and ethical and legal issues within the counseling profession. This text is even more equipped to help students prepare for professional challenges and a lifetime as an effective counselor than ever before.
133.00 SOC SCI (99-SSC-9) SOC SERV (10-520-3)
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