Spanish verb tenses / Dorothy Richmond
Book | 2015 | Premium third edition.
Available at Gateway-Racine Campus General Collection (PC 4271 R5.23 2015)

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Premium third edition.
xii, 339 pages ; 28 cm.
Part I: The Present Tense
1. Conjugation of regular verbs
The basics of verbs -- Conjugating verbs -- Regular -ar verbs -- Negative sentences -- Regular -er verbs -- Regular -ir verbs -- Asking questions
2. Ser and estar
Using ser -- Using estar
3. Hay
4. Tener
Possession -- Age -- Idiomatic expressions with tener -- Obligation
5. The personal a
6. Common irregular verbs
Phrases with two verbs - querer, poder, deber -- Describing the weather - hacer, estar -- Playing games - jugar -- Expressing future action - ir + a + INFINITIVE
7. Saber and conocer
8. Stem-changing verbs
Saber -- Conocer
o > ue -- e > ie -- e > i
10. Reflexive verbs
9. Irregular verb groups
11. Gustar and similarly formed verbs
12. The present progressive
Formation of the present progressive -- Object pronouns with the present progressive
Infinitives ending with -cer preceded by a vowel -- Infinitives ending with -ucir -- Infinitives ending with -cer or -cir preceded by a consonant -- Infinitives ending with -ger or -gir -- Infinitives ending with -aer -- Infinitives ending with -uir not preceded by g -- Infinitives ending with -guir
Part II: The Past Tenses, the future tense, the conditional tense, and the present and past perfect tenses
13. The preterite tense
Regular verbs in the preterite -- Irregular verbs in the preterite -- Verbs that change meaning in the preterite
14. The imperfect tense
Regular verbs in the imperfect -- Irregular verbs in the imperfect -- When to use the imperfect
15. The future tense
Regular verbs in the conditional -- Irregular verbs in the conditional
17. The present perfect tense
Formation of the present perfect
Regular verbs in the future -- Irregular verbs in the future
18. The past perfect tense -- Formation of the past perfect
16. The conditional tense
Part III: The Imperative, the Subjunctive, the Future and Conditional Perfect Tenses, and the Passive Voice
19. The imperative
tu commands -- usted commands -- ustedes commands -- vosotros commands -- nosotros commands -- Notable characteristics of commands
20. The present subjunctive
Formation of the present subjunctive -- Uses of the present subjunctive
21. The imperfect subjunctive
Formation of the imperfect subjunctive -- Uses of the imperfect subjunctive
22. The future perfect tense
Formation of the future perfect -- Uses of the future perfect
23. The conditional perfect tense
Formation of the conditional perfect -- Uses of the conditional perfect
24. The present perfect subjunctive
Formation of the present perfect subjunctive -- Uses of the present perfect subjunctive
25. The pluperfect subjunctive
Formation of the pluperfect subjunctive -- Uses of the pluperfect subjunctive
26. The passive voice
Incomplete passive voice -- Complete passive voice
The bestselling workbook on Spanish Verbs updated with comprehensive digital support to help you master Spanish verb knowledge and usage Practice Makes Perfect Spanish Verb Tenses explains with a rare level of clarity when and why a particular verb tense should be used--not just the correct forms. The author also weaves funny and entertaining pop-culture references throughout the book. This digitally enhanced editions features: Flashcards for all the verb and vocabulary lists with progress tracking, Answer Key for all exercises in the book with progress tracking, Audio Recordings for all exercise answers in Spanish, Record/Replay function enables you to record and compare your voice against native speakers, Auto-Complete Glossary makes looking up info quick and easy.
14.00 CMM (99-CMM-9)
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