Dental radiography : principles and techniques / Joen Iannucci, Laura Jansen Howerton
Book | 2016 | 5th edition.
Available at Gateway-Kenosha Campus General Collection (RK 309 I1.1 H8.47 2016)

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5th edition.
463 pages 28 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Part I: Radiation Basics
1. Radiation History
Dentistry and X-Radiation -- Discovery of X-Radiation -- Pioneers in Dental X-Radiation -- History of Dental X-Ray Equipment -- History Dental X-Ray Film -- History of Dental X-Ray Film -- History of Dental Radiographic Techniques -- History of Dental Digital Imaging
2. Radiation Physics
Fundamental Concepts -- X-Radiation -- X-Ray Machine -- Production of X-Radiation -- Interactions of X-Radiation
3. Radiation Characteristics
X-Ray Beam Quality -- X-Ray Beam Quantity -- Exposure Factor Tips -- X-Ray Beam Intensity
4. Radiation Biology
Radiation Injury -- Raditation Effects -- Radiation Measurements -- Radiation Risks
5. Radiation Protection
Patient Protection -- Operator Protection -- Radiation Exposure Guidelines -- Radiation Protection and Patient Education
Part II: Equipment, Film, and Processing Basics
6. Dental X-Ray Equipment
Dental X-Ray Machines -- Dental X-Ray Receptor Holders and Beam Alignment Devices
7. Dental X-Ray Film
Dental X-Ray Film Composition and Latent Images -- Types od Dental X-Ray Film
8. Dental X-Ray Image Characteristics
Dental X-Ray Image Characteristics -- Dental X-Ray Image Characteristics -- Visual Characteristics -- Geometric Characteristics
9. Film Processing
Film Processing -- Automatic Film Processing -- Manual Film Processing -- The Darkroom -- Film Duplication -- Processing Problems and Solutions
10. Quality Assurance in the Dental Office
Quality Control Tests -- Quality Administration Procedures -- Operator Competence
Part III: Dental Radiographic Basics
11. Dental Images and the Dental Radiograher
Dental Images -- The Dental Radiographer
12. Patient Relations and the Dental Radiographer
Interpersonal Relations and the Dental Radiographer -- Interpersonal Skills -- Patient Relations
13. Patient Education and the Dental Radiographer
Importance of Patient Education -- Methods of Patient Education -- Frequently Asked Questions
14. Legal Issues and the Dental Radiographer
Legal Issues and Dental Imaging -- Legal Issues and the Dental Patient
15. Infection Control and the Dental Radiographer
Infection Control Basics -- Guidelines for Infection Control Practices -- Infection Control in Dental Imaging
Part IV: Technique Basics
16. Introduction to Dental Imaging Examination
Intraoral Imaging Examination -- Extraoral Imaging Examination -- Prescribing Dental Images
17. Paralleling Technique
Basic Concept -- Step-by-Step Procedures -- Modifications in Paralleling Technique -- Advantages and Disadvantages
18. Bisecting Technique
Basic Concepts -- Step-by-Step Procedures -- Advantages and Disadvantages
19. Bite-Wing Technique
Basic Concepts -- Step-by-Step Procedures -- Vertical Bite-Wings -- Modifications in Bite-Wing Technique -- Helpful Hints
20. Exposure and Techniques Errors
Receptor Exposure Errors -- Periapical Technique Errors -- Bite-Wing Technique Errors -- Miscellaneous Technique Errors
21. Occlusal and Localization Techniques
Occlusal Technique -- Localization Technique -- Helpful Hints
22. Panoramic Imaging
Basic Concepts -- Step-by-Step Procedures -- Diagnostic Panoramic Image -- Common Errors -- Advantages and Disadvantages -- Helpful Hints
23. Extraoral Imaging
Basic Concept -- Step-by-Step Procedures -- Extraoral Projection Techniques
24. Imaging of Patients with Special Needs
Patients with Gag Reflex -- Patients with Disabilities -- Pediatric Patient -- Patients with Specific Dental Needs
Part V: Digital Imaging Basics
25. Digital Imaing
Basic Concepts -- Types of Digital Imaging -- Step-by-Step Procedures -- Advantages and Disadvantages
26. Three-Dimensional Digital Imaging
Basic Concepts -- Step-by-Step Procedures -- Advantages and Disadvantages
Part VI: Normal Anatomy and Film Mounting Basics
27. Normal Anatomy: Intraoral Images
Definitions of General Terms -- Normal Anatomic Landmarks -- Normal Tooth Anatomy -- Primary and Mixed Dentitions
28. Film Mounting and Viewing
Film Mounting -- Helpful Hints -- Film Viewing -- Helpful Hints
29. Normal Anatomy: Panoramic Images
Normal Anatomic Landmarks -- Air Spaces Seen on Panoramic Images -- Soft Tissues Seen on Panoramic Images
Part VII: Image Imterpretation Basics
30. Introduction to Image Imterpretation
Basic Concepts -- Guidelines
31. Descriptive Terminology
Definition and Uses -- Review of Basic Terms
32. Identification of Restorations, Dental Materials, and Foreign Objects
Identification of Restorations -- Identification of Materials Used in Dentistry -- Identification of Objects
33. Interpretation of Dental Caries
Description of Caries -- Detection of Caries -- Interpretation of Caries on Dental Images -- Classification of Caries on Dental Images -- Conditions Resembling Caries
34. Interpretation of Periodontal Disease
Description of the Periodontium -- Description of Periodontal Disease -- Detection of Periodontal Disease -- Interpretation of Periodontal Disease on Dental Images
35. Interpretation of Trauma, pulpal Lesions, and Periapical Lesions
Trauma Viewed on Dental Images -- Trauma Viewed on Dental Images -- Resorption Viewed on Dental Images -- Pulpal Lesions Viewed on Dental Images -- Periapical Lesions Viewed on Dental Images
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Howerton, Laura Jansen, author.
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