Clinical practice of the dental hygienist / Esther M. Wilkins, Charlotte J. Wyche, Linda D. Boyd
Book | Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins | 2017 | 12th edition.
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12th edition.
xxvi, 1251 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 29 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Section I: Orientation to Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice
Ch.1 The Professional Dental Hygienist
History of the Dental Hygiene Profession -- Scope of Dental Hygiene Practice -- Objectives for Professional Practice -- Standards for Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice -- Dental Hygiene Process Care -- Dental Hygiene Ethics -- The Code of Ethics -- Core Values -- Ethical Applications -- Legal Factors in Practice
Ch.2 Evidence-Based Dental Hygiene Practice
Evidence-Based Practice -- A Systematic Approach -- Reading and Understanding Research -- Internet-Based Health Information -- Ethics in Research -- Documentation
Ch.3 Effective Health Communication
Types of Communication -- Health Communication -- Health Literacy -- Communication Across the Lifespan -- Social and Economic Aspects of Health Communication -- Cultural Considerations -- Interprofessional Communication -- Communication with Caregivers
Section II: Preparation for Dental Hygiene Practice
Ch.4 Infection Control: Transmissible Diseases
Standard Precautions -- Microorganisms of the Oral Cavity -- The Infectious Process -- Pathogens Transmissible from the Oral Cavity -- Tuberculosis -- Hepatitis -- Herpes Virus Diseases -- Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) -- HIV/AIDS Infection -- Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
Ch.5 Exposure Control: Barriers for Patient and Clinician
Infection Control -- Personal Protection for the Dental Team -- Clinical Attire -- Use of Face Mask: Respiratory Protection -- Use of Protective Eyewar -- Hand Care -- Hand-Hygiene Principles -- Methods of Hand Hygiene -- Gloves and Gloving -- Latex Hypersensitivity
Ch.6 Infection Control: Clinical Procedures
Infection Control -- Treatment Room Features -- Instrument Processing Center -- Cleaning Procedures -- Instrument Packaging and Management Systems -- Sterilization -- Moist Heat: Steam Under Pressure -- Dry Heat -- Chemical Vapor Sterilizer -- Care of Sterile Instruments -- Chemical Disinfectants -- Preparation of the Treatment Room -- Patient Preparation -- Summary of Standard Procedures -- Occupational Postexposure Management -- Disposal of Waste -- Supplemental Recommendations
Ch.7 Patient Reception and Ergonomic Practice
Preparation for the Patient -- Patient Reception -- Position of the Patient -- Position of the Clinician -- Neutral Working Position (NWP) -- The Treatment Area -- Ergonomic Practice -- Self-Care for the Dental Hygienist
Ch.8 Emergency Care
Emergency Preparedness -- Prevention of Emergencies -- Patient Assessment -- Stress Minimization -- Emergency Materials and Preparation -- Basic Life Support Certification -- Oxygen Administration -- Specific Emergencies
Section III: Documentation
Ch.9 Documentation for Dental Hygiene Care
The Patient Record -- The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act -- Documenting the Extra-and Intraoral -- Examination -- Tooth-Numbering Systems -- Charting -- Periodontal Records -- Dental Records -- Care Plan Records -- Informed Consent -- Documentation of Patient Visits
Section IV: Assessment
Ch.10 Personal, Dental, and Medical Histories
Introduction -- History Preparation -- The Questionaire -- The Interview -- Items Included in the History -- Immediate Applications of Patient Histories -- Pretreatment Antibiotic Prophylaxis -- ASA Determination -- Review and Update of History
Ch.11 Vital Signs
Introduction -- Body Temperature -- Pulse -- Respiration -- Blood Pressure -- Everyday Ethics -- Documentation -- Factors To Teach The Patient
Ch.12 Extraoral and Intraoral Examination
Rationale for the Extraoral and Intraoral Examination -- Components of Examination -- Anatomical Landmarks of the Oral Cavity -- Sequence of Examination -- Morphologic Categories -- Oral Cancer -- Procedure for Determining when a Suspicious -- Lesion Requires a Biopsy
Ch.13 Dental Radiographic Imaging
How X-Rays are Produced -- Digital Radiography -- Characteristics of an Acceptable Radiographic Image -- Factors that Influence the Finished Radiograph -- Exposure to Radiation -- Risk of Injury from Radiation -- Procedures for Image Receptor Placement and Angulation of Central Ray -- Image Recpetor Selection for Intraoral Surveys -- Definition and Principles -- Periapical Survey: Paralleling Technique -- Bitewing Survey -- Periapical Survey: Bisecting-Angle Technique -- Occlusal Survey -- Panoramic Radiographic Images -- Infection Control -- Traditional Film Processing -- Analysis of Completed Radiographs -- Ownership
Ch.14 Study Models
Purpose and Uses of Study Models -- Steps in the Preparation of Study Models -- Clinical Preparation -- The Interocclusal Record -- Preparation of Impression Trays -- The Impression Material -- The Mandibular Impression -- THe Maxillary Impression -- Disinfection of Impressions -- Paraclinical Procedures -- Mixing the Stone -- Pouring the Model -- Trimming the Models
Ch.15 Dental Biofilm and Other Soft Deposit
Acquired Pellicle -- Dental Biofilm -- Composition of Dental Biofilm -- Clinical Aspects -- Significance of Dental Biofilm -- Dental Caries -- Materia Alba -- Food Debris
Ch.16 The Teeth
The Definitions -- Developmental and Nocarious Dental Lesions -- Fractures of the Teeth -- Dental Caries -- Enamel Caries -- Early Childhood Caries (ECC) -- Root Caries -- Clinical Examination of the Teeth -- Testing for Pulp Vitality -- Self-Cleansing Mechanisms
Ch.17 The Occlusion
Static Occlusion -- Determination of the Classification of Malocclusion -- Occlusion of the Primary Teeth -- Functional Occlusion -- Trauma from Occlusion -- Recommendation for the Patient with Orthodontic Needs
Ch.18 The Periodontium
The Teeth -- The Normal Periodontium -- The Gingival Description -- The Gingiva of Young Children -- The Gingiva After Periodontal Surgery
Ch.19 Periodontal Disease Development
Periodontal-Systemic Disease Connection -- Risk Assessment -- Etiology of Periodotal Diseases -- Risk Factors for Periodontal Diseases -- Pathogenesis of Periodontal Diseases -- Gingival and Periodontal Pockets -- Complications Resulting from Periodontal -- Disease Progression -- The Recognition of Gingival and Periodontal Infections -- Determination of Periodontal Classification
Ch.20 Periodontal Examination
Basic Instruments for Examination -- The Mouth Mirror -- Air-Water Syringe -- Explorers -- Basic Procedures for Use of Explorers -- Explorers: Supragingival Procedures -- Explorers: Subgingival Procedures -- Periodontal Probe -- Guide to Probing -- Preliminary Assessment Prior to Periodontal Examination -- Parameters of Care for the Periodontal Examination -- Radiographic Changes in Periodontal Infections -- Other Radiographic Findings
Ch.21 Calculus
Objectives for Dental Hygiene Practice -- Classification and Distribution of Calculus -- Composition -- Calculus Formation -- Attachement of Calculus -- Significance of Dental Calculus -- Clinical Characteristics -- Prevention of Calculus
Ch.22 Dental Strains and Discolorations
Significance -- Extrinsic Stains -- Endogenous Intrinsic Stains -- Exogenous Intrinsic Stains -- Ch.23 Indices and Scoring Methods -- Types of Socing Methods -- Indices -- Oral Hygiene Status (Biofilm, Debris, Calculus) -- Gingival and Periodontal Health -- Dental Caries Experience -- Dental Flurosis -- Community-Based Oral Health Surveillance
Section V: Dental Hygiene Diagnosis and Care Planning
Ch.24 Planning for Dental Hygiene Care
Assessment Findings -- The Periodontal Diagnosis and Risk Level -- Dental Caries Risk Level -- The Dental Hygiene Diagnosis -- The Dental Hygiene Prognosis -- Additional Considerations -- Evidence-Based Selection of Dental Hygiene Interventions -- The Written Dental Hygiene Care Plan
Ch.25 The Dental Hygiene Care Plan
Preparation of a Dental Hygiene Care Plan -- Components of a Written Care Plan -- Sequencing and Prioritizing Patient Care -- Presenting the Dental Hygiene Care Plan -- Informed Consent
Section VI: Implementation: Prevention
Ch.26 Preventive Counseling and Behavior Changes
Steps in a Preventive Program -- Patient Counseling -- Patient Motivation and Behavior Change -- Motivational Interviewing (MI) -- MI Implementation -- Exploring Ambivalence -- Eliciting and Reorganizing Change Talk -- Strengthening Commitment (The Plan) -- MI with Pediatric Patients and Caregivers -- Motivational Training and Coaching
Ch.27 Protocols for Prevention and Control of Dental Caries
The Dental Caries Process -- Dental Caries Diagnosis and Detection -- Assessing Caries Risk -- Planning Care -- A Protocol for Remineralization -- Continuing Care
Ch.28 Oral Infection Control: Toothbrushes and Toothbrusthing
Introduction -- Development oof Toothbrushes -- Manual Toothbrushes -- Toothbrush Selection for the Patient -- Guidelines for Manual Toothbrushing -- Methods for Manual Toothbrushing -- The Bass Method: Sulcular Brushing -- The Roll or Rolling Stroke Method -- The Stillman Method -- The Modified Stillman Method -- The Carters Method -- Other Toothbrushing Methods -- Power Toothbrushes -- Supplemental Brushing -- Toothbrushing for Special Conditions -- Effects of Toothbrushing -- Care of Toothbrushes
Ch.29 Oral Infection Control: Interdental Care
The Interdental Area -- Planning Interdental Care -- Selective Interdental Biofilm Removal -- Dental Floss and Tape -- Tufted Dental Floss -- Aids for Flossing -- Interdental Brushes -- Single-Tuft Brush (End-Tuft, Unituft) -- Interdental Tip -- Toothpick in Holder -- Wooden Interdental Cleaner -- Oral Irrigation -- Delivery Methods -- Applications for Practice
Ch.30 Dentifrices and Mouthrinses
Chemotherapeutics -- Dentifrices -- Preventive and Therapeutic Benefits of Dentidrices -- Cosmetic Effects of Dentifrices -- Basic Components of Dentifrices: Inactives -- Acitve Components of Dentiifrices -- Selection of Dentifrices -- Mouthrinese -- Purposes and uses of Mouthrinses -- Preventive and Therapeutic Agents of Mouthrinses -- Commercial Mouthrinse Ingredients -- Procedure for Rinsing -- United States Food and Drug Administration (ADA) -- Seal of Acceptance Program
Ch.31 The Patient with Orthodontic Appliances
Cemented Bands and Bonded Brackets -- Clincial Procedures for Bonding -- Dental Hygiene Care -- Completion of Therapy -- Clinical Procedures for Band Removal and Debonding -- PostDebonding Evaluation -- Orthodontic Retention -- Postdebonding Preventive Care
Ch.32 Care od Dental Prostheses
Missing Teeth -- Fixed Partial Denture Prostheses -- Care Procedures for Fixed Prostheses -- Removable partial Dental Prostheses (RPD) -- Care of Removable Partial Prostheses -- Patient Self-Care for Removable Partial Prostheses -- Obturator -- Complete Denture Prosthesis -- Cleaning the Complete Denture -- The Underlying Mucosa -- Complete Overdenture Prostheses -- Dental Hygiene Care and Instruction
Ch.33 The Patient with Dental Implants
Bone Physiology -- Osseointegration -- Implant Interface -- Types of Dental Implants -- Patient Selection -- Preparation and Placement -- Postrestorative Evaluation -- Peri-Implant Hygiene -- Continuing Care -- Implant Complications -- Classification of Peri-Implant Disease
Ch.34 The Patient Who Uses Tobacco
Health Hazards -- Components of Tobacco Products and Tobacco Smoke -- Metabolism of Nicotine -- Systemic Effects -- Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) -- Prenatal and Children -- Oral Manifestations of Tobacco Use -- Tobacco and Periodontal Infections -- Nicotine Addiction -- Treatment -- Pharmacotherapies Used for Treatment of Nicotine Addiction -- Nicotine-Free Therapy -- Dental Hygiene Care for the Patient Who Uses Tobacco -- Assessment -- Clincal Treatment Procedures -- Tobacco Cessation Program -- Motivational Interviewing -- The "5 A's" -- The Team Approach
Ch.35 Diet and Dietary Analysis
Nutrient Standards for Diet Adequacy in Health Promotion -- Oral Health Relationships -- Counseling for Dental Caries Control -- The Dietary Assessment -- Preparation for Additional Counseling -- Counseling Procedures -- Evaluation of Progress
Ch.36 Fluorides
Fluoride Metabolism -- Fluoride and Tooth Development -- Tooth Surface Fluoride -- Demineralization - Remineralization -- Fluoridation -- Effects and Benefits of Fluoridation -- Partial Defluoridation -- School Fluoridation -- Discontinued Fluoridation -- Fluorides in Foods -- Dietary Fluoride Supplements -- Professional Topical Fluoride Applications -- Clinical Procedures: Professional Topical Fluoride -- Self-Applied Fluorides -- Tray Technique: Home Application -- Fluoride Mouthrinses -- Brush-on Gel -- Fluoride Dentifrices -- Combined Fluoride Program -- Fluoride Safety
Ch.37 Sealants
Introduction -- Sealant Materials -- Indications for Sealant Placement -- Penetration of Sealant -- Clinical Procedures -- Maintenance -- School-Based Dental Sealant Programs
Section VII: Implementation: Treatment
Ch.38 Anxiety and Pain Control
Components of Pain -- Pain Control Mechanisms -- Nonopioid Analgesics -- Nitrous Oxide - Oxygen Sedation -- Characteristics of Nitrous Oxide -- Equipment for Nitrous Oxide - Oxygen -- Patient Selection -- Clinical Procedures for Nitrous Oxide - Oxygen -- Administration -- Potential Hazards of Occupational Exposure -- Advantages and Disadvantages of Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen -- Sedation Anesthesia -- Local Anesthesia -- Pharmacology of Local Anesthesia -- Indications for Local Anesthesia -- Patient Assessment -- Armamentarium for Local Anesthesia -- Clinical Procedures for Local Anesthetic Administration -- Potential Adverse Reactions to Local Anesthesia -- Advantages and Disadvantages of Local Asethesia -- Noninjectable Anesthesia -- Topical Anesthesia -- Application of Topical Anesthetic -- New Developments in Pain Control
Ch.39 Instruments and Principles for Instrumentation
Instrument Identification -- Instrument Parts and Balance -- The Treatment Instruments -- Universal Curet -- Area-Specific Curets -- Scalers -- Principles for Instrument Use -- Instrument Grasp -- Neutral Positions -- Fulcrum: Finger Rest -- Adaption -- Angulation -- Lateral Pressure -- Activation: Stroke -- Visibility and Accessibility -- Dexterity Development -- Prevention of Cumulative Trauma
Ch.40 Instruments Care and Sharpening
Instrument Sharpening -- Basic Sharpening Principles -- Sharpening Curets and Scalers -- Moving Flat Stone: Stationary Instrument -- Stationary Flat Stone: Moving Instrument -- Sharpening the File Scaler -- Sharpening the Hoe Scaler -- Sharpening the Chisel Scaler -- Sharpening Explorers
Ch.41 Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy and Adjuncitve Therapy
The Scope of Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy -- Preparation of the Clinican -- Treatment Goals -- Components of Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy -- Aims and Expected Outcomes -- Care Plan for Instrumentation -- Calculus Removal -- Manual Subgingival Scaling Steps -- Advanced Instrumentation -- Ultrasonic and Sonic Scaling -- Mode of Action -- Ultrasonic Scaling Devices -- Sonic Scaling Devices -- Purposes and Uses for Power-Driven Scalers -- Ultrasonic and Sonic Tip Design -- Clinical Preparation -- Ultrasonic Instrumentation -- Laser Therapy -- Overhanging Restorations -- Completion of Initial Therapy -- Effects of Nonsurgical periodontal therapy -- Re-Evaluation -- Adjunctive Therapy -- Antimicrobial Treatment -- Systemic Delivery of Antibiotics -- Local Delivery of Antimicrobial -- Minicycline Hydrochloride (HCL) -- Doxycycline Hyclate -- Instrument Maintenance
Ch.42 Acute Periodontal Conditions
Necrotizing Periodontal Diseases -- Risk Factors -- Clinical Recognition -- Dental Hygiene Care -- Herpetic Gingivostomatitis -- Periodontal Abscess -- Gingival Abscess -- Periodontal Abcess/Pericorontitis
Ch.43 Sutures and Dressings
Sutures -- Needles -- Knots -- Suturing Procedures -- Procedure for Suture Removal -- Periodontal Dressings -- Types of Dressings -- Clincal Application -- Dressing Removal and Replacement
Ch.44 Dentin Hypersensitivity
Hypersensitivity Defined -- Etiology of Dentin Hypersensitivity -- Natural Desensitization -- The Pain of Dentin Hypersensititvity -- Differential Diagnosis -- Hypersensitivity Management -- Oral Hygiene Care and Treatment Interventions
Ch.45 Extrinsic Stain Removal
Introduction -- Purposes for Stain Removal -- Science of Polishing -- Effects of Cleaning and Polishing -- Indications for Stain Removal -- Clinical Application of Stain Removal -- Cleaning and Polishing Agents -- Procedures for Stain Removal (Coronal Polishing) -- Historial Perspective: The Porte Polisher -- The Power-Driven Instruments -- Use of the Prophylaxis Angle -- Polishing Proximal Surfaces -- Air-Powder Polishing
Ch.46 Tooth Bleaching
Introduction -- Vital Tooth Bleaching -- Nonvital Tooth Bleaching -- Dental Hygiene Process of Care
Section VIII: Evaluation
Ch.47 Principles of Evaluation
Principles of Evaluation -- Evaluation Based on Goals and Outcomes -- Evaluation of Clinical (Treatment) Outcomes -- Evaluation of Health Behavior Outcomes -- Comparison of Assessment Findings -- Standards of Care -- Self-Assessment and Reflective Practice
Ch.48 Continuing Care
GOALS of the Continuing Care Program -- Continuing Care Appointment Procedures -- Appointment Intervals (Frequency) -- Methods for Continuing Care Systems
Section IX: Patients with Special Needs
Ch.49 The Pregnant Patient and Infant
Introduction -- Fetal Development -- Oral Findings During Pregnancy -- Aspects of Patient Care -- Patient Instruction -- Special Problems REQUIring Referral -- Transitioning from Pregnancy to Infancy -- Infant Oral Health
Ch.50 The Pediatric Patient
Pediatric Dentistry -- The Child as a Patient -- Patient Management Considerations -- Components of the Dental Hygiene Visit -- Periodontal Risk Assessment -- Caries-Risk Assessment -- Anticipatory Guidance -- Everyday Ethics -- Treatment Planning and Consent
Ch.51 The Patient with Cleft Lip and/or Palate
Classification of Clefts -- Etiology -- General Physical Characteristics -- Oral Characteristics -- Treatment -- Dental Hygiene Care
Ch.52 The Patient with an Endocrine Disorder or Hormonal Changes
Overview of the Endocrine System -- Endocrine Gland Disorders -- Pituitary Gland -- Thyroid Gland -- Parathyroid Glands -- Adrenal Glands -- Pancreas -- Puberty -- Women's Health
Ch.53 The Older Adult Patient
Aging -- Normal Physiological Aging -- Pathology and Disease -- Chronic Conditions Associated with Aging -- Oral Changes Associated with Aging -- Dental Hygiene for the Older Adult Patient
Ch.54 The Edentulous Patient
Purposes for Wearing Dentures -- Types of Removable Complete Dentures -- The Edentulous Mouth -- The Patient with New Dentures -- Denture-Related Oral Changes -- Denture-induced oral Lesions -- Prevention -- Continuing Care -- Denture Marking for Identification
Ch.55 The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Patient
Patient Preparation -- Dental Hygiene Care -- Patient with Intermaxillary Fixation -- Fractured Jaw -- Mandibular Fractures -- Midfacial Fractures -- Alveolar Process Fracture -- Dental Hygiene Care -- Dental Hygiene Care Before General Surgery
Ch.56 The Patient with Cancer
Description -- Surgery -- Chemotherapy -- Radiation Therapy -- Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation -- Mucositis Management -- Dental Hygiene Care Plan
Ch.57 The Patient with a Diability
Disabilities Overview -- Barrier-Free Environment -- Risk Assessment -- Oral Disease Prevention and Control -- Patient Management -- Wheelchair Transfer -- Instruction to Caregivers -- Group In-Service Education -- The Dental Hygienist with a Disability
Ch.58 Dental Hygiene Care in Alternative Settings
Alternative Practice Settings -- Residence-Bound Patients -- Dental Hygiene Care -- The Critically Ill or Unconscious Patient -- The Terminally Ill Patient
Ch.59 The Patient with a Physical Impairment
Neurological Disorders Associated with Physical Disability -- Other Conditions that Limit Physical Ability -- Spinal Cord Injury -- Cerebrovascular Accident (Stroke) -- Bell's Palsy (Idiopathic Temporary Facial Paralysis) -- Multiple Sclerosis -- Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis -- Parkison's Disease -- Myasthenia Gravis -- postpolio syndrome -- Cerebral Palsy -- Muscular Dystrophies -- Myelomeningocle -- Arthritis -- Scleroderma (Progressive Systemic Sclerosis) -- Summary of Considerations for Dental Hygiene Care
Ch.60 The Patient with Sensory Impairment
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) -- Visual Impairment -- Hearing Impairment
Ch.61 The Patient with a Neurodevelopmental Disorder
Intellectual Disorders -- Down Syndrome -- Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) -- Dental Hygiene Care
Ch.62 Family Abuse and Neglect
Child Maltreatment -- Elder Maltreatment -- Intimate Partner Abuse and Violence -- Reporting Maltreatment -- Forensic Dentistry
Ch.63 The Patient with a Seizure Disorder
Seizures -- Clinical Manifestations -- Treatment -- Oral Findings -- Dental Hygiene Care Plan -- Emergency Care
Ch.64 The Patient with a Mental Health Disorder
Overview of Mental Disorders -- Anxiety Disorders -- Bipolar disorder -- Feeding and Eating Disorders -- Schizophrenia -- Mental Health emergency
Ch.65 The Patient with a Substance-Related Disorder
Introduction -- Alcohol Consumption -- Metabolism of Alcohol -- Health Hazards of Alcohol -- Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) -- Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome -- Treatment for Alcoholism -- Abuse of Prescription and Street Drugs -- Risk Management for Legal Prescriptions -- Most Common Drugs of Abuse -- Medical Effects of Drug Abuse -- Treatment Methods -- Dental Hygiene Precess of Care
Ch.66 The Patient with Respiratory Disease
The Respiratory System -- Upper Respiratory Tract Diseases -- Lower Respiratory Tract Diseases -- Acute Bronchitis -- Pnemonia -- Tuberculosis (TB) -- Asthma -- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) -- Cystic Fibrosis -- Sleep Apnea Syndrome
Ch.67 The Patient with a Cardiovascular Disease
Classification -- Infective Endocarditis (IE) -- Congenital Heart Diseases -- Rheumatic Heart Disease -- Mitral Valve Prolapse -- Hypertension -- Ischemic Heart Disease -- Angina Pectoris -- Myocardial Infarction -- Heart Failure -- Lifestyle Management for the Patient with Cardiovascular Disease -- Surgical Treatment -- Anticoagulant Therapy -- Cardiac Surgery
Ch.68 The Patient with a Blood Disorder
Normal Blood -- Plasma -- Red Blood Cells (Erythrocytes) -- White Blood Cells (Leukocytes) -- Platelets (Thrombocytes) -- Anemia -- Iron-Deficiency Anemia -- Megaloblastic Anemia -- Sickle Cell Disease -- Polycythermias -- Disorders of White Blood Cells -- Platelet Disorders -- Bleeding or Coagulation Disorders -- Dental Hygiene Care Plan
Ch.69 The Patient with Diabetes Mellitus
Diabetes Mellitus -- Oral Health Implications of Diabetes Mellitus -- Basic about Insulin -- Classification of Diabetes Mellitus -- Basic about Insulin -- Classification of Diabetes Mellitus -- Diagnosis of Diabetes -- Identification of Individuals at Risk for Development of Diabetes -- Standards of Medical Care for Diabetes Mellitus -- Pharmacological Therapy -- Complications of Diabetes -- Dental Hygiene Care Plan
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