Modern dental assisting / Doni L. Bird, CDA, RDA, RDH, MA, Allied Dental Education Program, Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, California, Debbie S. Robinson, CDA, MS, Research Assistant Professor and research Study Coordinator, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Book | 2015 | 11th edition.
Available at Gateway-Kenosha Campus General Collection (RK 60.5 T6.7 2015)

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11th edition.
xxvi, 1189 pages ; 29 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Part One: The Dental Assisting Profession
Ch.1 History of Dentistry
Early Times -- The Renaissance -- Early America -- Educational and Professional Development in the United States -- History of Dental Assisting -- History of Dental Hygiene -- Dental Accreditation -- National Museum of Dentistry -- Legal and Ethical Implications
Ch.2 The Professional Dental Assistant
Characteristics of a Professional Dental Assistant -- Educational Requirements -- Career Opportunities -- Professional Organizations
Ch.3 The Dental Healthcare Team
Dentist -- Dental Specialist -- Registered Dental Hygienist -- Dental Assistant -- Sterilization Assistant -- Expanded-Functional Dental Assistant -- Business Assistant -- Dental Laboratory Technicians -- Supporting Services -- Legal and Ethical Implications
Ch.4 Dental Ethics
Sources for Ethics -- Basic Principles Code of Ethics -- Applying Ethical Principles -- Legal and Ethical Implications
Ch.5 Dentistry and the Law
Statutory Law -- State Dental Practice Act -- Dentist-Patient Relationship -- Malpractice -- Risk Management -- Patient Records -- Reporting Abuse and Neglect -- Legal and Ethical Implications
Part Two: Sciences in Dentistry
Ch.6 General Anatomy
Planes and Body Directions -- Structural Units -- Body Cavities -- Body Regions
Ch.7 General Physiology
Physiology and Dental Assisting -- Body Systems -- Skeletal System -- Muscular System -- Cardiovascular System -- Nervous System -- Respiratory System -- Endocrine System -- Urinary System -- Integumentary System -- Reproductive System -- Interaction among the ten body systems
Ch.8 Oral Embryology and Histology
Oral Embryology -- Oral Histology
Ch.9 Head and Neck Anatomy
Regions of the Head -- Bones of the Skull -- Temporomandibular Joints -- Muscles of the Head and Neck -- Salivary Glands -- Blood Supply to the Head and Neck -- Nerves of the Head and Neck -- Lymph Nodes of the Head and Neck -- Paranasal Sinuses
Ch.10 Landmarks of the Face and Oral Cavity
Landmarks of the Face -- The Oral Cavity -- The Oral Cavity Proper
Ch.11 Overview of the Dentitions
Dentition Periods -- Dental Arches -- Types and Functions of Teeth - Tooth Surfaces -- Anatomic Features of Teeth -- Angles and Divisions of Teeth -- Occlusion and Malocclusion -- Stabilization of the Arches -- Tooth-Numbering Systems
Ch.12 Tooth Morphology
Anterior Permanent Definition -- Posterior Permanent Definition
Part Three: Oral Health and Prevention of Dental Disease
Ch.13 Dental Caries
Bacterial Infection -- The Caries Process -- Early Childhood Caries -- The Importance of Salvia -- Caries Diagnosis -- Cambra -- Methods od Caries Intervention -- Caries Risk Assessment Tests
Ch.14 Periodontal Disease
Definition and Prevalence of Periodontal Disease -- Periodontal Disease and Systemic Health -- Causes of Periodontal Disease -- Types of Periodontal Disease
Ch.15 Preventive Dentistry
Partners in Prevention -- Early Dental Care -- Dental Sealants -- Oral Health and Aging -- Fluoride -- Nutrition and Dental Caries -- Plaque Control Program
Ch.16 Nutrition
Nutrition and the Dental Assistant -- Healthy People 2020 Report -- Nutrient Recommendations -- Myplate -- Canada's Food Guide -- Carbohydrates -- Proteins -- Fats (Lipids) -- Vitamins -- Minerals -- Water -- Diet Modification -- Dietary Analysis -- Reading Food Labels -- Eating Disorders -- Healthy Habits -- Patient Education
Making a Diagnosis -- Acute/Chronic Inflammation -- Oral Lesions -- Diseases of the Oral Soft Tissues -- Conditions of the Tongue -- Oral Cancer -- Human Immunodefiency Virus and Acquired Immunodefiency Syndrome -- Developmental Disorders -- Miscellaneous Disorders -- Patient Education
Ch.17 Oral Pathology
Part Four: Infection Prevention in Dentistry
Ch.18 Microbiology
Pioneers in Microbiology -- Koch's Postulates -- Major Groups of Microorganisms -- Viral Diseases -- Bacterial Diseases -- Pandemic Diseases
The Chain of Infection -- Types of Infections -- Modes of Disease Transmission -- The Immune System -- Disease Transmission in the Dental Office -- Roles and Responsibilities of the CDC and OSHA in Infection Control -- Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Healthcare Settings (CDC) -- OSHA Blood-Borne Pathogens Standard -- Infection Control Practices -- High-Tech Equipment -- Latex Allergies -- Waste Management in the Dental Office -- Additional Infection Control Practices
Ch.19 Disease Transmission and Infection Prevention
Ch.20 Principles and Techniques of Disinfection
Environmental Infection Control -- Greener Infection Control
Ch.21 Principles and Techniques of Instrument Processing and Sterilization
Part V: Occupational Health and Safety
Ch.22 Regulatory and Advisory Agencies
Associations and Organizations -- Government Agencies
Ch.23 Chemical and Waste Management
Hazardous Chemicals -- Hazard Communication Program -- Dental Office Waste Management
Ch.24 Dental Unit Waterlines
Microorganisms in Dental Unit Water -- Methods for Reducing Bacterial Contamination -- Infection Control and Dental Unit Water
Ch.25 Ergonomics
Ergonomics in the Dental Office -- Posture -- Repetition and Force -- Muscle-Strengthening Exercises
Classification on Patient Care Items -- Transporting and Processing Contaminated Patient Care Items -- Instrument-Processing Area -- Precleaning and Packaging Instruments -- Methods of Sterilization -- Sterilization Monitoring -- Handpience Sterilization
Part Six: Patient Information and Assessment
Ch.26 The Patient Record
Patient Compliance -- Patient Record Forms
Ch.27 Vital Signs
Factors that Affect Vital Signs -- Temperature -- Pulse -- Respiration -- Blood Pressure -- Advanced Monitoring Procedures -- Patient Education
Ch.28 Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
Examination and Diagnostic Techniques -- Instrumentation -- Recording the Dental Examination -- Clinical Examination of the Patient -- The Treatment Plan -- Patient Education
Ch.29 The Special Needs and Medically Compromised Patient
Role of the Dental Assistant -- The Aging Population -- The Special Needs Patient -- Specific Disorders of the Medically Compromised Patient
Ch.30 Principles of Pharmacology
Overview of Drugs -- Dispensing of Drugs -- Drug Reference Materials -- Drug Dosage -- Drugs Commonly Prescribed in Dentistry -- Drugs Commonly Prescribed in Medicine -- Adverse Drug Effects
Ch.31 Assisting in a Medical Emergency
Preventing a Medical Emergency -- Emergency Preparedness -- Recognizing a Medical Emergency -- Emergency Care Standards -- Emergency Equipment and Supplies -- Emergency Responses -- Common Medical Emergencies Experienced in the Dental Office -- Documentation of an Emergency
Part Seven: Foundation of Clinical Dentistry
Ch.32 The Dental Office
Design of the Dental Office -- Office Environment -- Clinical Equipment -- Care of Dental Equipment -- Morning and Evening Routines for Dental Assistants
Ch.33 Delivering Dental Care
Knowing your patients -- Reviewing the Patient Record -- Preparing the Treatment Area -- Greeting and Seating the Patient -- Team Dentistry -- Motion Economy -- Operating Zones -- Instrument Transfer -- Expanded Functions
Ch.34 Dental Hand Instruments
Identifying Hand Instruments -- Instrument Classification -- Legal and Ethical Implications
Ch.35 Dental Handpieces and Accessories
Evolution of Rotary Equipment -- Dental Handpieces -- Rotary Cutting Instruments -- Dental Burs -- Abrasive Rotary Instruments -- Laboratory Rotary Instruments
Ch.36 Moisture Control
Oral Evacuation Systems -- Rinsing the Oral Cavity -- Isolation of Teeth -- The Dental Dam
Ch.37 Anesthesia and Pain Control
Topical Anesthesia -- Local Anesthesia -- Electronic Anesthesia -- Inhalation Sedation -- Antianxiety Agents -- Intravenous Sedation -- General Asesthesia -- Documentation of Anesthesia and Pain Control
Part Eight: Radiographic Imaging
Ch.38 Foundations of Radiography, Radiographic Equipment , and Radiation Safety
Discovery of X-Radiation -- Radiation Physics -- The Dental X-Ray Machine -- X-Ray Production -- Types of Radiation -- Characteristics of X-Ray Beam -- Radiation Effects -- Radiation Measurement -- Radiation Safety
Ch.39 Digital Imaging, Dental Film, and Processing Radiographs
Digital Radiography -- Types of Digital Imaging Systems -- X-Ray Film and Film Processing -- Positioning Instruments -- Dental Film -- Types of Film
Legal Considerations -- Quality Assurance in the Dental Office -- Infection Control
Ch.41 Intraoral Imaging
Full-Mouth Survey -- Intraoral Imaging Techniques -- Paralleling Technique -- Bisecting Technique - Bitewing Technique -- Occlusal Technique -- Patients with Special Medical Needs -- Patients with Special Dental Needs -- Dental Imaging Techniques Errors -- Mounting Dental Radiographs
Ch.42 Extraoral Imaging
Panoramic Imaging -- Three-Dimensional Digital Imaging -- Specialized Extraoral Imaging
Ch.40 Legal Issues, Quality Assurance, and Infection Prevention
Part Nine: Dental Materials
Ch.43 Restorative and Esthetic Dental Materials
Standardization of Dental Materials -- Properties of Dental Materials -- Direct Restorative and Esthetic Materials -- Temporary Restorative Materials -- Tooth-Whitening Materials -- Indrect Restorative Materials
Ch.44 Dental Liners, Bases, and Bonding Systems
Prepared Tooth Structures -- Pulpal Responses -- Dental Liners -- Varnish -- Desensitizer -- Dental Bases -- Dental Etchant -- Dental Bonding
Ch.45 Dental Cements
Classfication of Dental Cements -- Variables Affecting Final Cementation -- Types of Cement -- Cement Removal
Ch.46 Impression Materials
Classification of Impression -- Impression Trays -- Hydrocolloid Materials -- Elastomeric Materials -- Occlusal (Bite) Registration
Ch.47 Laboratory Materials and Procedures
Safety in the Dental Laboratory -- Dental Laboratory Equipment -- Dental Models -- Custom Impression Trays -- Dental Waxes
Part Ten: Assisting in Comprehensive Dental Care
Ch.48 General Dentistry
Cavity Preparation -- Permanent Restorations -- Complex Restorations -- Intermediate Restorations -- Veneers -- Tooth Whitening
Ch.49 Matrix Systems for Restorative Dentistry
Posterior Matrix Systems -- Anterior Matrix Systems -- Alternative Matrix Systems -- Patient Education
Ch.50 Fixed Prosthodontics
Plan of Care -- Indirect Restorations -- Role of the Dental Laboratory Technician -- Overview of a Crown Procedure -- Overview of a Bridge Procedure -- Computer-Assisted Restorations
Ch.51 Provisional Coverage
Types of Provisional Coverage -- Criteria for Provisional Fabrication -- Home Care Instructions -- Removal of the Provisional Crown or Bridge
Ch.52 Removable Prosthodontics
Factors Influencing the Choice of a Removable Prosthesis -- Removable Partial Denture -- Full (Complete) Denture -- Immediate Dentures -- Overdentures -- Denture Adjustment and Relining -- Denture Repairs -- Denture Duplication
Ch.53 Dental Implants
Indications for Implants -- Contraindications to Implants -- The Dental Implant Patient -- Preparation for Implants -- Types of Dental Implants -- Maintentance of Dental Implants
Ch.54 Endodontics
Pulpal Damage -- Endodontic Diagnosis -- Diagnostic Conclusions -- Endodontic Procedures -- Instruments and Accessories -- Medicaments and Dental Materials in Endodontics -- Overview of Root Canal Therapy -- Surgical Endodontics
Ch.55 Periodontics
Nonsurgical Periodontal Treatment -- Surgical Periodontal Treatment -- Laser in Periodontics
Ch.56 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Members of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical Team -- The Surgical Setting -- Specialized Instruments and Accessories -- Surgical Asepsis -- Surgical Procedures -- Sutures -- Postoperative Care -- Postsurgical Complications
Ch.57 Pediatric Dentistry
The Pediatric Dental Team and Office -- The Pediatric Patient -- Patients with Special Needs -- Diagnosis and Treatment Planning -- Preventive Dentistry for Children -- Pediatric Procedures -- Dental Trauma -- Child Abuse
Ch.58 Coronal Polishing
Coronal Polishing -- Dental Stains -- Handpieces and Attachments for Coronal Polishing -- Polishing Agents -- Polishing Esthetic Restorations -- Coronal Polishing Steps
Ch.59 Dental Sealants
How Sealant Works -- Indications for Sealants -- Contraindications to Sealants -- Preventing Problems with Sealants -- Precautions for Dental Personnel and Patients -- Factors in Sealant Retention
Ch.60 Orthodontics
Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment -- The Orthodontic Team and Office -- Understanding Occlusion -- Malocclusion -- Management of Orthodontic Problems -- Orthodontic Records and Treatment Planning -- Case Presentation -- Specialized Instruments and Accessories -- Orthodontic Treatment -- New Treatment Options -- Adjustment Visits -- Oral Hygiene and Dietary Instructions -- Headgear -- Completed Treatment
Part Eleven: Dental Administration and Communication Skills
Ch.61 Communication in the Dental Office
Understanding Human Behavior -- Cultural Diversity -- Communication Pathways -- Communicating with Colleagues -- Communicating with Patients -- Phone Skills -- Written Communications -- Marketing Your Dental Practice
Ch.62 Business Operating Systems
Operating Procedure Manual -- Computer Applications in the Dental Office -- Record Keeping -- Filing Systems -- Appointment Scheduling -- Preventive Recall Programs -- Inventory Management -- Dental Supply Budget -- Equipment Repairs
Ch.63 Financial Mangement in the Dental Office
Account Management -- Accounting -- Accounts Receivable -- Collections -- Accounts Paybale Management -- Writing Checks -- Payroll -- Dental Insurance
Ch.64 Marketing Your Skill
Your Professional Career -- Locating Employment Opportunities -- Seeking Employment -- Salary Negotiations -- Employment Agreement -- Americans with Disabilities Act -- Job Termination -- Achieving Career Objectives
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