The authentic herbal healer : the complete guide to herbal formulary & plant-inspired medicine for every body system / Holly Bellebuono
Book | 2012
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xxiii, 387 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Preface: A History of Formulary
Part I: Herbal Medicine by Body System
Introduction: Herbal Formulary and Craftsmanship
Ch.1 Herbal Hearling for Digestion
Digestion: The Process -- My Story -- General Protocols -- The Alkaline Diet Debate -- Live Health (including Hepatitis, Jaundice, and Cleansing) -- Indigestion and Irritable Bowel Syndrome -- Crohn's Disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease -- Gastric and Peptic Ulcers -- Diverticulitis -- Gas and Bloating -- Diarrhea -- Constipation
Ch.2 Herbal Healing for the Heart
The Heart Muscle and the Cardiovascular System -- General Protocols for the Heart -- Cardiotonics and Vascular Tonics -- High Blood Pressure and Hypertension -- Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension) and Poor Circulation -- Cholesterol and Atherosclerosis -- Pre- and Post- Stroke & Heart Attack Strategies -- Angina Pectoris -- Grief and Heartache -- Headache and Migraine
Ch.3 The Endocrine System: Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Thyroid and Adrenals
Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis -- Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Thyroid Axis
Ch.4 Herbal Healing and the Immune System
The Actions of Herbs -- Bacteria and Anti-Bacterial Herbs -- Fungi and Anti-Fungal Herbs -- Parasites and Anti-Parasitic Herbs -- Viruses and Anti-Viral Herbs -- Immune Strengthening Protocols -- The Lymph System -- Lyme Infection
Ch.5 Inflammation & Pain
An Herbal Overview -- External Inflammation -- Internal Inflammation -- Chronic Pelvic Pain and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease -- Lupus and Lyme Disease
Ch.6 Memory & Cognitive Thought
An Herbal Overview -- Memory -- Herbs for "Foggy Thinking" -- Herbalism for the Elderly -- Dementia and Alzheimers
Ch.7 The Respiratory System
The Upper Respiratory Tract -- The Ear -- Nose -- The Throart -- Lower Respiratory Tract
Ch.8 Herbal Healing for the Skin: Healing Wounds, and First Aid
Eczema, Psoriasis, Rashes, and Topical Yeast Infection -- First Aid: Healing Burns -- First Aid: Healing Wounds -- Dry Skin -- Acne and Skin Eruptions
Ch.9 The Nervous System
The Peripheral Nervous System -- How Herbs Fit into the Picture -- Central Nervous System Tonics -- Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Post-Partum Depression -- ADD/ADHD
Ch.10 The Urinary System
Urinary System Function -- Symptoms of Urinary Diseases
Ch.11 Tonics and Nourishment
Why Use Tonics? -- Tonics (Rasayanas) in Ayurvedic Medicine -- Difference Between Tonic and Adaptogen -- Tonics and The Magic Bullet Approach -- Malnutrition and Nutritive Herbs -- Glossary of Tonics by Body System -- Using Tonics in Formulae
Ch.12 Menarche and the Menstural Cycle
Introduction to "Women's" Herbs -- The Beloved, Blessed Herbs -- Menarche and Herbal Medicine for Teenage Women -- Anovulation -- Amenorrhea -- Dysmenorrhea -- Menorrhagia, Metrorragia, and Anemia -- Growing bones -- Depression -- Acne -- Bloating
Ch.13 Herbal Medicine for Mid-Life Women
Pre-Menstural Syndrome (or Pre-Menstrual tension) -- Causes and Symptoms of PMS -- Beneficial Herbs -- Breast Tenderness and Swelling -- Fibroids -- Fertility
Ch.14 Pregnancy, Childbirth and Postpartum Care -- Pregnancy -- Morning Sickness -- Childbirth -- Uterine Stimulants -- Labia Preparation -- Transition -- Hydration -- Tears and Episotomies: Post-Partum Tissue Care -- Breast-feeding -- Producing and Drying Milk -- Martitis
Ch.15 Menopause
Cultural Overview -- What is Menopause? -- Materia medica
Ch.16 Herbal Healing for Men
Prostate Problems -- Erectile Dysfunction -- Energy -- Stress and Fatigue -- Hair Loss and Balding
Ch.17 Positive Self Empowerment
What is Positive Self-Empowerment -- Strategies for Creating Your Life -- "Decide What You Want" -- The Universe as Trickster -- Be Specific -- Visualization: The Ultimate Tool -- Positive and Negative Thinking -- Manifesting Health: A Natural Approach -- The Ideas of Failure Versus Success in Health -- What is Wholeness? A Study of Holistic Meaning
Part II: Materia Medica
Introduction: How to Use the Materia Medica -- Section A: Glossary of Terms -- Section B: Phytochemicals -- Section C: Materia Medica -- Section D: Top Edible Herbs
We are blessed with a variety of medicinal plants from around the world that work in profound ways to strengthen our health. But how do we use them? How do we combine them? And what, exactly, do they do in our bodies? With encouragement, humor, and up-to-date botanical studies, Holly Bellebuono's The Authentic Herbal Healer is a robust guide for those seeking a holistic experience creating and using herbal medicines.
23.00 HORT (10-001-1)
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