Living long, living passionately : 75 (and counting) ways to bring peace and purpose to your life / Karen Casey
Book | 2015
Available at Gateway-Racine Campus General Collection (BL 624 C3.575 2015)

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xiii, 266 pages ; 22 cm
Introduction: Breathe, Pause, Breathe, Pause, Breathe...
Ch.1 Step Aside and Experience a Miracle in the Making
Ch.2 Hear the Silence, Rest the Mind, Let God Speak
Ch.3 A Faith-Filled Life
Ch.4 Rapt Attention
Ch.5 Say Something Kind or Nothing at All
Ch.6 The Journey Is Perfect, the Stumbles as Well as the Strides
Ch.7 Fear and Anger
Ch.8 Change Is Good
Ch.9 What's Next?
Ch.10 Forgive Yourself Completely
Ch.11 Remembrances
Ch.12 I Can Choose Peace Instead of This
Ch.13 An Inventory
Ch.14 The Purpose of Life Is to Be Happy
Ch.15 Roses Rather Than Thorns
Ch.16 Teachers of Perspective
Ch.17Seeking Solitude
Ch.18 Take a Day Off
Ch.19 Now We Can Really Live
Ch.20 Writing Your Story
Ch.21 Impacting Those around You
Ch.22 Improve a Little
Ch.23 Dream List
Ch.24 Doing More Than Nothing
Ch.25 Pay Attention to the Moment
Ch.26 What to Do Today
Ch.27 Making Small Efforts to Improve the World
Ch.28 Fulfilling Your Potential
Ch.29 Who Will You Bring to the Party?
Ch.30 Make Yourself Smile
Ch.31 Changing Ourselves to Change the World
Ch.32 Reaching Out
Ch.33 Influences
Ch.34 We Become What We Think
Ch.35 Listening for Messages
Ch.36 Being in Charge of Who We Are
Ch.37 Remembering Those Who Made a Mark on Our Lives
Ch.38 The Greatest Gifts We Can Offer One Another
Ch.39 It's Time for a Change of Pace
Ch.40 Stepping Aside
Ch.41 Be Kind
Ch.42 Remembering the Little Things
Ch.43 Having Goals
Ch.44 Letting Go of the Past
Ch.45 Feeling the Wow
Ch.46 Your Mission Statement
Ch.47 Shape Your Mind
Ch.48 Overcoming Fear
Ch.49 A Vital Person
Ch.50 Cultivating Warm Relations
Ch.51 What Are You Grateful for Today?
Ch.52 Do You Like Yourself Enough?
Ch.53 Your Mind Holds the Power
Ch.54 Random Acts of Fun
Ch.55 Expressing Thanks
Ch.56 What's the Biggest Lesson of Your Life So Far?
Ch.57 Be a Mentor
Ch.58 Lead by Example
Ch.59 What Makes You Come Alive?
Ch.60 Age Aside
Ch.61 Say What You Need to Say
Ch.62 Your Timeline
Ch.63 Living in the Moment with Rapt Attention
Ch.64 Living in the Moment with Rapt Attention
Ch.65 You Can't Change Others, So Change Yourself
Ch.66 Is Real Peace Ever an Actuality?
Ch.67 Telling Your Secrets
Ch.68 Living with Death
Ch.69 The First Day of Your Retired Life
Ch.70 The Serenity Prayer
Ch.71 Your Life Philosophy
Ch.72 Recalling Your Life Lessons
Ch.73 A New Challenge
Ch.74 What if You Had Six Months to Live?
Ch.75 Enthusiasm
Replete with personal stories and quotes and imbued with Casey's own understanding of peaceful living as guided by her 12-step practice, A Course in Miracles, and a daily practice of meditation and prayer, these 75 essays help us make room for everything in our peaceful, vibrant, well-lived life.
15.00 SOC SCI (99-SSC-9)
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