A school for others : the history of the Belize High School of Agriculture : a memoir / George LeBard
Book | Xlibris Corp. | 2010
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Gateway-Kenosha Campus General Collection HC 60.5 L3.5 2010 Available
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271, [8] p. ; ill., map ; 24 cm.
LC hardback copy signed by author. DLC
Introduction -- Prologue -- Act by Congress
Ch.1 Learning how to walk, talk, and eat, 1981
Ch.2 The Mosquito Coast and my new family
Ch.3 Exploring the city
Ch.4 Riot
Ch.5 Empowerment
Ch.6 Orange walk town
Ch.7 The storyteller
Ch.8 San Lazaro
Ch.9 Home
Ch.10 Dogs and snakes
Ch.11 New volunteers and a minister
Ch.12 Victor
Ch.13 Softball
Ch.14 Making friends
Ch.15 Part of the team
Ch.16 Independence
Ch.17 Where is your mother?
Ch.18 Teaching and learning?
Ch.19 Death in the morning
Ch.20 My education
Ch.21 Food
Ch.22 Hazards to my health
Ch.23 Crop
Ch.24 The bad eye
Ch.25 Death in a cane field
Ch.26 My diet, my lifeline
Ch.27 Women
Ch.28 Fire
Ch.29 Famly secrets
Ch.30 Rain
Ch.31 Down South
Ch.32 Into the green
Ch.33 Invasion
Ch.34 Che Chem
Ch.35 Canero
Ch.36 Stealing watermelons
Ch.37 Ever-present danger
Ch.38 Reality Check, 1983
Ch.39 Rites of passage
Ch.40 The beginning of change
Ch.41 Mota
Ch.42 How to get married
Ch.43 Globalization
Ch.44 Vision
Ch.45 Street fight
Ch.46 The new crop
Ch.47 A school in the jungle
Ch.48 Premonition
Ch.49 Big decision
Ch.50 The chief
Ch.51 Finding teachers
Ch.52 Building a road
Ch.53 Him or me
Ch.54 The Green truck
Ch.55 Court
Ch.56 Building a school
Ch.57 Corruption at the highest levels
Ch.58 Danger at home
Ch.59 The Mennonites
Ch.60 Coming together
Ch.61 Back in the United States
Ch.62 Home
Ch.63 Plane trouble
Ch.64 Relationship
Ch.65 Life changes
Ch.66 Irma
Ch.67 A sign
Ch.68 Christmas
Ch.69 The dream
Ch.70 Marriage
Ch.71 Breakthrough
Ch.72 Firefight
Ch.73 More trouble
Ch.74 Graduation
Ch.75 Letter home
Ch.76 Holdup on the way home
Epilogue -- Memories
A School for Others is a personal memoir about volunteering with the Peace Corps in Belize, Central America. Stories of personal growth, unintentional altruism and true love unravel in action-filled adventures and historical accounts. LeBard chronicles his five years in a Mayan village during transformative times not just for himself but also for Belize. While this tiny Caribbean country struggles with globalization and a newly-achieved independence, drug wars and American TV infiltrate village life.
30.00 HORT PROD (10-001-1)
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Gift in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps (Library of Congress) DLC
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