Marriages & families : changes, choices, and constraints / Nijole V. Benokraitis, University of Baltimore
Book | 2015 | Eighth edition.
Available at Gateway-Kenosha Campus General Collection (HQ 536 B4.5 2015)

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Eighth edition.
xxviii, 565 pages : color illustrations ; 28 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages 497-540) and index.
Ch.1 The changing family
What is a family? -- How are families similar? -- How do families differ worldwide? -- Some myths about the family -- Three perspectives on the changing family -- How are U.S. families changing? -- A multicultural, cross-cultural, and global perspective on the family
Ch.2 Studying the family
Why theories and research are important in our everyday lives -- Theoretical perspectives on families -- Family research methods -- Ethics, politics, and family research
Ch.3 The family in historical perspective
The colonial family -- Early American Indian, African American, and Mexican American families -- Industrialization, urbanization, and European immigration: 1820 to 1930 -- The modern family emerges -- The Golden Fifties -- The family since the 1960s
Ch.4 Racial and ethnic families: Strengths and stresses
The increasing diversity of U.S. families -- Race and ethnicity still matter -- African American families -- American Indian families -- Latino families -- Asian American families -- Middle Eastern families -- Interracial and interethnic relationships and marriages
Ch.5 Socialization and gender roles
How women and men are similar and different -- The nature-nurture debate -- Why do gender roles differ? -- How do we learn gender roles? -- Gender ideologies and traditional gender roles -- Gender roles in adulthood -- Gender inequality across cultures
Ch.6 Love and loving relationships
Liking and loving -- What is love? -- Caring, intimacy, and commitment -- Some theories about love and loving -- Functions of love and loving -- Experiencing love -- When love goes wrong -- How couples change: Romantic and long-term love -- Love across cultures
Ch.7 Sexuality and sexual expression throughout life
Sexuality and human development -- Why we have sex -- Who influences our sexual behavior? -- Sexual behaviors -- Lesbian, gay, and transgender sex -- Sexuality throughout life -- Sexual infidelity -- Sexually transmitted diseases
Ch.8 Choosing others: Dating and mate selection
Why do we date? -- Meeting others -- Why we choose each other: Some mate-selection theories -- A multicultural view of mate selection -- Harmful dating relationships: Power, control, and violence -- Breaking up
Ch.9 Singlehood, cohabitation, civil unions, and other options
The single option -- Singles are diverse -- Home alone -- Why more people are single -- Racial and ethnic singles -- Cohabitation
Ch.10 Marriage and communication in intimate relationships
Is marriage disappearing? -- Why and how we marry -- Contemporary marriages -- Martial happiness, success, and health -- Marital roles -- How marriages change throughout the life course -- Communication: A key to successful relationships -- What couples fight about and how they deal with conflict -- Productive communication patterns
Ch.11 To be or not to be a parent: More choices, more constraints
Becoming a parent -- Birthrates in the United States and globally -- Preventing pregnancy -- Postponing parenthood -- Infertility -- Adoption: The traditional solution to infertility -- Abortion -- Child free by choice
Ch.12 Raising children: Promises and pitfalls
Contemporary parenting roles -- Child development theories -- Parenting styles and discipline -- Parenting variations by race, ethnicity, and social class -- Parenting in lesbian and gay families -- Parenting over the life course -- Child care arrangements -- Current social issues and children's well-being
Ch.13 The economy and family life
Work in U.S. soceity today -- How the economy affects families -- Women's and men's participation in the labor force -- Marital economic roles -- Two-Income families -- Inequality in the workplace -- Families and work policies
Ch.14 Domestic violence and other family health issues
Intimate partner violence and abuse -- Child maltreatment -- Hidden victims: siblings and adolescents -- Elder mistreatment -- Violence among same-sex couples and racial-ethnic groups -- Explaining family abuse and violence -- Other family health issues -- Combating domestic violence and other family health problems
Ch.15 Separation, divorce, remarriage, and stepfamilies
Separation: Process and outcome -- Divorce: Process and rates -- Why do people divorce? -- How divorce affects adults -- How divorce affects children -- Remarriage: Rates, process, and characteristics -- The diversity and complexity of stepfamilies -- Living in a stepfamily
Ch.16 Families in later life
Our aging society -- Health and ageism -- Work and retirement -- Grandparenting -- Sibling relationships in later life -- Dying, death, and bereavement -- Being widowed in later life -- Family caregiving in later life -- Competition for scarce resources
190.00 SOC SCI (99-SSC-9)
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Marriages and families
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