Appreciative team building : positive questions to bring out the best of your team / Diana Whitney ... [et al.]
Book | iUniverse, Inc. | 2004
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viii, 98 p. ; 23 cm.
Appreciative inquiry resources: p. 97-98.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 91-92).
Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Ten ways to use positive question to build high performance teams
1. Selecting team members
2. Aligning the strength of team members
3. Building camaraderie and trust
4. Establishing team norms
5. Celebrating team successes
6. Clarifying customer requirements
7. Aligning strengths in the face of differences
8. Creating a project vision and goals
9. Creating team identity and enhancing pride
10. Energizing team meetings
Section 3: Positive questions to bring out the best of your team -- Aligning purpose and goals
Question 1: When goals snap sharply into focus
Question 2: Challenging goals, extraordinary results
Question 3: For the good of the whole
Question 4: In the serivce of society -- Claryifying roles and responsibilities
Question 5: Strengths working in synergy
Question 6: Enlarging the team gracefully
Question 7: Balancing the skills of iintroversion and extroversion
Question 8: Optimizing the strengths of intuition and sensing
Question 9: Leveraging the capabilities of thinking and feeling
Question 10: Utilizing the best of judging and perceiving -- Fostering supportive and empowering relationships
Question 11: An environment of trust
Question 12: Being a team player
Question 13: Courage to collaborate
Question 14: Transforming opposition into collaboration
Question 15: Reconciliation and rebuilding trust
Question 16: Quietly inspiring sacrifices for the team
Question 17: Pulling together when you want to pull apart
Question 18: Getting to know you
Question 19: Competing cooperatively
Question 20: Breakthrough collaboration -- Creating clear and shared procedures
Question 21: Exceptional follow-through
Question 22: Full voice decision-making
Question 24: Exemplary project planning
Question 25: Shared leadership
Question 26: Shared leadership
Question 27: Leadership that brings out your best
Question 28: Leadership that engages the heart -- Elevating energy and spirit
Question 29: Celebrations that reverberate
Question 30: The secret language of history that bonds
Question 31: Jokes that bind
Question 32: Celebrating our stars
Question 33: Praise unleashes the power of pride
Question 34: Spirit of curiosity -- Advancing productivity and performance
Question 35: Disciplined execution
Question 36: Playful productivity
Question 37: Turning pressure into performance
Question 28: Rapid recovery from a setback
Question 29: Teams triumphing with technology
Question 40: Doing more with less
Question 41: The surprise of success
Question 42: Mining your assortment of winning styles and temperaments
Question 43: Driving force -- Stimulating purposeful and uplifting communication
Question 44: Teeming with emotional intelligence
Question 45: Open and honest communication
Question 46: Listening to understand
Question 47: Snatching consensus from the jaws of dissension
Question 23: Mettings that make a difference
Section 4: Positive team development: A self-managed appreciative inquiry -- When to use this process -- When to use a facilitator -- The process of positive team development --
Section 5: Bulding your won interview guides
Step 1: Selecting questions and adapting them to your team
Step 2: Deciding who will be interviewe and by whom
Step 3: Conducting appreciative interview
Step 4: Whole-team data sharing and storytelling
Step 5: Mapping your team's positve core
Step 6: Envisioning your team's future
Step 7: Articulating your team's purpose
Step 8: Crafting a set of guiding principles for your team
Step 9: Clarifying roles, relationships and responsibilities for going forward
Step 10: Celebrating together -- Sustaining team high performance through appreciative inquiry
Section 6: Conclusion
Appreciative Team Building: Positive Questions to Bring Out the Best of Your Team provides your team with everything it needs to discover the keys to past successes and future possibilities. Learn how to enhance your team's performance by igniting engaging conversations. Providing 48 positive questions, sample interview guides, and a step-by-step process for self-managed inquiry, Appreciative Team Building breaks new ground in the development of high performance teams.
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