Technical mathematics / John C. Peterson
Book | Delmar, Cengage Learning | 2013 | 4th ed.
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4th ed.
xx, 1161 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 24 cm.
Includes indexes.
Ch.1 The real number system
1.1 Some sets and basic laws of real numbers
1.2 Basic operations with real numbers
1.3 Exponents and roots
1.4 Significant digits and rounding off
1.5 Scientific and engineering notation
Ch.2 Algebraic concepts and operations
2.1 Addition and subtraction
2.2 Multiplication
2.3 Division
2.4 Solving equations
2.5 Dimensional analysis
2.6 Applications of equations
Ch.3 Geometry
3.1 Lines, angles, and triangles
3.2 Other polygons
3.3 Circles
3.4 The area of irregular shapes
3.5 Geometric solids
3.6 Similar geometric shapes
Ch.4 Functions and graphs
4.1 Relations and functions
4.2 Operations on functions; composite functions
4.3 Rectangular coordinates
4.4 Graphs
4.5 Calculator graphs and solving equations graphically
4.6 Using a spreadsheet to graph and solve equations graphically
4.7 Introduction to modelling
Ch.5 An introduction to trigonometry and variation
5.1 Angles, angle measure, and trigonometric functions
5.2 Values of the trigonometric functions
5.3 The right triangle
5.4 Trigonometric functions of any angle
5.5 Applications of trigonometry
Ch.6 Systems of linear equations and determinants
6.1 Linear equations
6.2 Graphical and algebraic methods for solving two linear equations
6.3 Algebraic methods for solving three linear equations in three variables
6.4 Determinants and Cramer's rule
Ch.7 Factoring and algebraic fractions
7.1 Special products
7.2 Factoring
7.3 Factoring trinomials
7.4 Fractions
7.5 Multiplication and division of fractions
7.6 Addition and subtraction of fractions
Ch.8 Vectors and trigonometric functions
8.1 Introduction to vectors
8.2 Adding and subtracting vectors
8.3 Applications of vectors
8.4 Olique triangles: Law of sines
8.5 Oblique triangles: Law of cosines
Ch.9 Fractional and quadratic equations
9.1 Fractional equations
9.2 Direct and inverse variation
9.3 Joint and combined variation
9.4 Quadratic equations and factoring
9.5 Completeing the square and the quadratic formula
9.6 Modeling with quadratic functions
Ch.10 Graphs of trigonometric functions
10.1 Sine and cosine curves: Amplitude and period
10.2 Sine and cosine curves: Horizontal and vertical displacement
10.3 Combinations of sine and cosine curves
10.4 Graphs of the other trigonometric functions
10.5 Applications of trigonometric graphs
10.6 Parametric equations
10.7 Polar coordinates
Ch.11 Exponents and radicals
11.1 Fractional exponents
11.2 Laws of radicals
11.3 Basic operations with radicals
11.4 Equations with radicals
Ch.12 Exponential and logarithmic functions
12.1 Exponential functions
12.2 The exponential function
12.3 Logarithmic functions
12.4 Properties of logarithms
12.5 Exponential and logarithmic equations
12.6 Graphs using semilogarithmic and logarithmic paper
Ch.13 Statistics and empirical methods
13.1 Probability
13.2 Measures of central tendency
13.3 Measures of dispersion
13.4 Statistical process control
Ch.14 Complex numbers
14.1 Imaginary and complex numbers
14.2 Operations with complex numbers
14.3 Graphing complex numbers; polar form of a complex number
14.4 Exponential form of a complex number
14.5 Operations in polar form; DeMoivre's formula
14.6 Complex numbers in AC circuits
Ch.15 An introduction to plane analytic geometry
15.1 Basic definitions and straight lines
15.2 The circle
15.3 The parabola
15.4 The ellipse
15.5 The Hyperbola
15.6 Translation of axes
15.7 Rotation of axes: The general second-degree equation
15.8 Conic sections in polar coordinates
Ch.16 Computer number systems
16.1 The binary number system
16.2 Binary arithmetic
16.3 The octal number system
16.4 Octal arithmetic
16.5 The hexadecimal number system
16.6 Hexadecimal arithmetic
Ch.17 Higher-degree equations
17.1 The remainder and factor theorem
17.2 Roots of an equation
17.3 Finding roots of higher-degree equations
17.4 Rational functions
Ch.18 Systems of equations and inequalities
18.1 Solutions of nonlinear systems of equations
18.2 Properties of inequalities; linear inequalities
18.3 Nonlinear inequalities
18.4 Inequalities in two variabels
18.5 Systems of inequalities; linear programming
Ch.19 Matrices
19.1 Matrices
19.2 Multiplication of matrices
19.3 Inverse of matrices
19.4 Matrices and linear equations
Ch.20 Sequences, series, and the binomial formula
20.1 Sequences
20.2 Arithmetic and geometric sequences
20.3 Series
20.4 Infinite geometric series
20.5 The binomial theorem
Ch.21 Trigonometric forumlas, identities, and equations
21.1 Basic identities
21.2 The sum and difference identities
21.3 The double- and half-angle identiies
21.4 Trignometric equations
Ch.22 An introduction to calculus
22.1 The tangent question
22.2 The area question
22.3 Limits: An intuitive approach
22.4 One-sided limits and continuity
'Technical Mathematics' provides a thorough review of pre calculus topics ranging from algebra and geometry to trigonometry and analytic geometry, with a strong emphasis on their applications in specific occupations. The book's breadth of coverage and practical focus will prepare you well for a technical, engineering technology, or scientific career, while integrated calculator and spreadsheet examples teach you to solve problems the way professionals do on the job. Written in an easy-to-understand manner, this comprehensive book complements core content with numerous application-oriented exercises and examples to help you apply your knowledge of mathematics and technology to situations you may encounter as a working professional. The Fourth Edition of this proven book includes abundant new material, including a new chapter on computer number systems, integrated coverage of spreadsheets, and new and updated examples and exercises throughout the book.
24.00 MTH (99-MTH-9) T/I GEN (99-TIG-9)
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