Poison spring : the secret history of pollution and the EPA / E.G. Vallianatos ; with McKay Jenkins
Book | 2014 | 1st U.S. edition.
Available at Gateway-Elkhorn Campus General Collection (TD 170.93 V3.5 2014)

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1st U.S. edition.
xviii, 284 pages ; 25 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages 239-272) and index.
Preface: A country bathed in man-made chemicals
Ch.1 The EPA nobody knows
Ch.2 Pest control : a matter of merchandising
Ch.3 The dioxin molecule of death
Ch.4 DDT : a new principle of toxicology
Ch.5 Why are the honeybees disappearing?
Ch.6 Agricultural warfare
Ch.7 The swamp : the big business of fraudulent science
Ch.8 Whistle-blowers and what they're up against
Ch.9 When will the well run dry?
Ch.10 Fallout
Ch.11 The hubris of the Reagan administration
Ch.12 From Reagan to Bush
Ch.13 The Obama administration : Yes, we can?
Conclusion: Better living and a healthier natural world through small family farms.
Imagine walking into a restaurant and finding chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides, or neonicotinoid insecticides listed in the description of your entree. They may not be printed in the menu, but many are in your food. These are a few of the literally millions of pounds of approved synthetic substances dumped into the environment every day, not just in the US but around the world. They seep into our water supply, are carried thousands of miles by wind and rain from the site of application, remain potent long after they are deposited, and constitute, in the words of one scientist, “biologic death bombs with a delayed time fuse and which may prove to be, in the long run, as dangerous to the existence of mankind as the arsenal of atom bombs.” All of these poisons are sanctioned--or in some cases, ignored--by the EPA. For twenty-five years E.G. Vallianatos saw the EPA from the inside, with rising dismay over how pressure from politicians and threats from huge corporations were turning it from the public's watchdog into a "polluter's protection agency." Based on his own experience, the testimony of colleagues, and hundreds of documents Vallianatos collected inside the EPA, Poison Spring reveals how the agency has continually reinforced the chemical-industrial complex. Writing with acclaimed environmental journalist McKay Jenkins, E.G. Vallianatos provides a devastating exposé of how the agency created to protect Americans and our environment has betrayed its mission. Half a century after Rachel Carson's Silent Spring awakened us to the dangers of pesticides, we are poisoning our lands and waters with more toxic chemicals than ever.
20.00 SOC SCI (99-SSC-9) SCN (99-SCN-9)
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