Smart guide to chemistry / by Brian Nordstrom
Book | Smart Guide Pub. | 2012
Available at Gateway-Racine Campus General Collection (QD 31.3 N6.7 2012)

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Gateway-Racine Campus General Collection QD 31.3 N6.7 2012 Available
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xv, 357 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Includes index.
Part One: The nature of matter
Ch.1 The wonderful world of atoms and molecules
Ch.2 A brief history of chemistry
Ch.3 The language of science
Ch.4 Elements and compounds
Ch.5 Mixture of substances
Ch.6 Names and formulas of chemical compounds
Part Two: The transformations of matter
Ch.7 Chemical reactions
Ch.8 Precipitation reactions
Ch.9 Acids and bases
Ch.10 Oxidation-reduction reactions
Ch.11 Electrochemical processes
Ch.12 Energy and chemical reactions
Ch.13 Radioactive process and applications
Ch.14 Nuclear reactions and applications
Part Three: The organization of matter
Ch.15 The periodic table of the elements
Ch.16 Early models of the atom
Ch.17 Modern models of the atom
Ch.18 The periodic properties of elements
Part Four: The states of matter
Ch.19 The nature of the chemical bond
Ch.20 Shapes of molecules
Ch.21 The properties of gases
Ch.22 Solutions and how we describe them
Ch.23 Physical properties of solutions
Ch.24 The chemistry of water
Part Five: Chemistry in the environment
Ch.25 Chemical kinetics
Ch.26 The composition of the atmosphere
Ch.27 The chemistry of acid rain
Ch.28 The chemistry of ozone
Ch.29 Global climate change
Part Six: The basis of life
Ch.30 The world of carbon
Ch.31 The chemistry of life
'The Smart Guide to Chemistry' tells you everything you need to know about the chemistry of our world and how things work from atoms to molecules to elements, everyday compounds and more. This guide will show you the ins and outs of chemistry - Mendeleev's periodic table of the elements, light years, nuclear reactions and key formulas.
19.00 SCN (99-SCN-9)
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