The blue-collar resume & job hunting guide : secrets to getting and keeping the job you really want / Ron and Caryl Krannich
Book | Impact Publications | 2007
Disponible en Gateway-Elkhorn Campus Career Education Collection (HF 5382.7 K6.924 2007)

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Gateway-Elkhorn Campus Career Education Collection HF 5382.7 K6.924 2007 Available
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vii, 295 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Includes index.
Ch.1 Finding blue-collar jobs in a new economy
Finding a job you love -- Self-esteem gone south -- Making blue-collar sense -- Blue-collar job finding -- Show me your resume -- 10 steps to job search success -- Step-by-step actions -- Take time to get it right
Ch.2 56 job search myths and realities
Job market images and myths -- Job satisfaction -- Declining job opportunities -- Blue-collar jobs -- Job finding methods -- Deciding on resume content -- Producing the resume -- Writing job search letters -- Distributing resumes and letters -- Resume follow-up -- Using new types of resumes -- Getting the interview -- Preparing for the interview -- Arriving and waiting for the interviewer -- The interview -- Negotiating salaries and benefits -- Close and follow up
Ch.3 Job search mistakes you can't afford to make
Your own worst enemy -- 26 mistakes to avoid
Ch.4 America's best jobs with a promising future
Coming employment changes -- Beware of changing occupational profiles -- Expect job growth for most occupations -- Examiner growing and declining occupations -- Identify the "best" jobs for you -- Best jobs for people re-entering the workforce -- Best paying blue-collar jobs -- 25 best apprenticeships -- Look for exciting new occupations -- Prepare for the cheap flat world
Ch.5 Motivate yourself with a "can-do" attitude
Attitude is almost everything -- Hang around winners -- Take the attitude test -- Don't make excuses -- Transform your attitudes -- Resources for creating a "can-do" attitude
Ch.6 Tell memorable stories about your accomplishments
Become a good storyteller -- Express your experience as accomplishments -- Identify your skills -- Computerized assessment programs -- Online assessment alternatives -- Additional self-assessment resources -- Do it right from the very start
Ch.7 23 strategies for completing impressive applications
The world of applications -- Tips for application success
Ch.8 Writing effective resumes and letters
Writing resumes -- Common resume errors -- Types of resumes -- Structuring resume content -- Producing drafts -- Final production -- Produce both a paper and electronic resume -- Prepare to mail, fax, and email your resume -- Evaluate the final product -- Post your resume online -- Job search letters -- Basic preparation rules -- Types of letters -- Distribution and management -- Responding to classified ads -- Self-initiated distribution methods -- Recordkeeping -- Resume and letter examples -- When it's time to use a professional -- You are what you write
Ch.9 Resumes and letters from career professionals
Susan Guarneri -- Louise Garver -- Hanice M. Sheperd -- Jill Grindle
Ch.10 Connecting with employers
Playing the publicized job market -- Targeting classified ads -- Navigating the hidden job market -- Broadcasting for luck -- Prospecting, networking, and informational interviewing -- Getting job interviews
Ch.11 Interviewing for jobs
Hire slow, fire fast -- Prepare for stressful interviews -- Communicate with a purpose -- Avoid 42 common interview errors -- Observe 43 interview "do's" -- Anticipate seven interview phases -- Prepare to answer questions -- Handle objections and negatives with ease -- Expect behavior-based questions -- Develop strong story telling skills -- Face situational interviews -- Encounter illegal questions -- Ask thoughtful questions -- Dress, groom, and look appropriate -- Make yourself likable -- Close the interview -- Remember to follow-up -- Use the right resources
Ch.12 Negotiating compensation
Raising the money question -- Reach common ground and agreement -- Carefully examine benefits -- Take time before accepting -- Useful salary negotiation resources -- Checklist of compenstation options
Ch.13 Surviving, keeping, and transforming your job
Become a thoughtful professional -- Treat your boss as a client -- Avoid the pifalls of politics -- Conduct an annual career check-up -- 23 job-keeping skills and personal qualities -- 10 job survival strategies -- Make changes when necessary -- Revitalize and transform your job -- Continuing blue-collar success
This complete A to Z job search book also includes over 40 examples of blue-collar resumes produced by a talenting group of professional resume writers. As you'll quickly discover, with a well-crafted resume, you have a distinct advantage over the competition. You will be able to tell potential emplyers your story about what you have done, can do, and will do in the future. When the employer says "you're hired!", it's in part due to your successful implementation of the many practical tips outlined in this book.
16.00 C ED (99-CED-9)
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Krannich, Caryl Rae.
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Blue collar resume and job hunting guide
157023258X (pbk.) : $15.95
9781570232589 (pbk.) : $15.95
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