The essential guide to business etiquette / Lillian Hunt Chaney and Jeanette St. Clair Martin
Book | Praeger | 2007
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xiii, 187 p. ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. [167]-183) and index.
1. Job interview etiquette
Applicant etiquette -- Interviewer etiquette
2. Business dress and grooming
Dress considerations -- Attributes of dress -- Research findings related to business dress -- Business professional attire -- Business casual attire -- Dress for special events and occasions
3. Office politics
Self-promotion -- Honesty and truth-telling -- Compliments and flattery -- Gossip -- Favors and hidden motives -- Dress and grooming -- Business socializing and etiquette
4. Social sensitivity
Office courtesies -- Disabled persons -- Office conflict -- Sexual harassment -- Office romance
5. Electronic communication etiquette
Telephones -- Speakerphones -- Cellular telephones and pagers -- Answering machines and voice mail -- Electronic mail (e-mail) -- Blackberry devices -- Facsimile (fax) transmissions
6. Manners for special occasions and events
Births and birthdays -- Illnesses and injuries -- Hospital etiquette -- Holiday and office parties -- Weddings and wedding anniversaries -- Business receptions, conventions, and trade shows -- Promotions and retirements -- Funerals
7. Written communication manners
Letter and memorandum formats -- Stationery -- Writing guidelines -- Thank-you notes -- Condolence letters -- Congratulatory letters -- Invitations -- Acceptance or regrets -- Announcements -- Complaint letters -- Cards
8. Dining etiquette
Styles of eating and place settings -- Basic guidelines for business dining -- Problem dining situations -- Manners for difficult-to-eat foods -- Cultural variations in dining etiquette
9. Business entertaining
Restaurant entertaining -- Wine and toasting etiquette -- Entertaining at private clubs, sporting events, and the theater -- Cocktail parties and receptions -- Home entertaining -- Entertaining international visitors
10. Meeting etiquette
Meeting planning and preparation -- Introductions and seating arrangements -- Chairing responsibilities -- Participant responsibilities -- Refreshments -- Follow-up activities -- Business meal meetings -- Conventions -- Virtual meetings -- Multicultural meetings
11. Presentations
Eye contact, posture, and gestures -- Presentation attire -- Vocal characteristics -- Presentation organization -- Humor -- Visual aids -- Presenter etiquette -- Distracting or annoying presenter behaviors -- Presenter introductions -- Audience etiquette
12. Sports etiquette
Rules of etiquette for all sports -- Handball and racquet sports etiquette -- Golf etiquette -- Water sports etiquette -- Gym or health club etiquette -- Hunting and fishing etiquette -- Running, biking, and rollerblading etiquette -- Spectator etiquette
13. Travel etiquette
Suggestions for business travel -- Air travel etiquette -- Bus, train, and mass transit etiquette -- Automobile etiquette -- Taxicab and limousine etiquette -- Cruise ship etiquette -- Hotel manners
14. Global manners
Travel preparation -- Guidelines for global interactions -- Tips for women business travelers -- Manners for selected regions of the world -- Notes
Which fork should you use to eat the salad at a business lunch? What does business casual really mean? What's the one thing it's important not to do when meeting a Japanese businessperson for the first time? Good social skills are critical to success in today's competitive business world. Excellent manners not only grease the wheels of commerce, but an employee's positive professional image rubs off on the company and improves its reputation. 'The Essential Guide to Business Etiquette', a practical guide for interacting effectively with colleagues, customers, and business associates, details the social skills necessary to ensure personal and professional success. Good manners are like gold in today's fractious business environment―and thus provide an edge in getting and keeping new business. 'The Essential Guide to Business Etiquette' features 14 chapters covering the most critical areas that can help people succeed in the climb up the corporate ladder. From the basics of getting off on the right foot during the job interview to handling office politics to dining etiquette, this book covers everything today's businessperson needs to know to navigate the tricky world of etiquette whether at home or abroad. Learning to operate with grace in the business world could not be more important. Every day, poor manners ruin deals, derail promotions, and harm customer relations.
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