Simon & Schuster handbook for writers / Lynn Quitman Troyka with Douglas Hesse
Book | Pearson Prentice Hall | 2005 | 7th ed.
Available at Gateway-Kenosha Campus General Collection (PE 1408 T8.64 2005)

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Gateway-Kenosha Campus General Collection PE 1408 T8.64 2005 Available
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7th ed.
xvii, 926 p. : col. ill. ; 22 cm
Includes index.
Pt. 1: Writing an essay
Ch. 1. Thinking about purposes, audiences, and technologies
Ch. 2. Planning and shaping
Ch. 3. Drafting and revising
Ch. 4. Writing paragraphs
Ch. 5. Critical thinking, reading, and writing
Ch. 6. Writing arguments
Pt. 2: Understanding grammar and writing correct sentences
Ch. 7. Parts of speech and sentence structures
Ch. 8. Verbs
Ch. 9. Pronouns: case and reference
Ch. 10. Agreement
Ch. 11. Adjectives and adverbs
Ch. 12. Sentence fragments
Ch. 13. Comma splices and run-on sentences
Ch. 14. Misplaced and dangling modifiers
Ch. 15. Shifting and mixed sentences
Pt. 3: Writing effectively
Ch. 16. Conciseness
Ch. 17. Coordination and subordination
Ch. 18. Parallelism
Ch. 19. Variety and emphasis
Ch. 20. Usage glossary
Ch. 21. The impact of words
Ch. 22. Spelling
Pt. 4: Using punctuation and mechanics
Ch. 23. Periods, question marks, and exclamation points
Ch. 24. Commas
Ch. 25. Semicolons
Ch. 26. Colons
Ch. 27. Apostrophes
Ch. 28. Quotation marks
Ch. 29. Other punctuation marks
Ch. 30. Capitals, italics, abbreviations, and numbers
Pt. 5: Writing research
Ch. 31. Research writing as a process
Ch. 32. Finding and evaluating sources
Ch. 33. Using sources and avoiding plagiarism
Ch. 34. MLA documentation with case study
Ch. 35. APA documentation with case study
Ch. 36. CM, CSE, and COS documentation
Ch. 37. Effective print document design
Ch. 38. Effective web writing and design
Pt. 6: Writing across the curriculum-and beyond
Ch. 39. Comparing the disciplines
Ch. 40. Writing about literature and the humanities
Ch. 41. Writing in the social sciences and natural sciences
Ch. 42. Business and public writing
Ch. 43. Writing under pressure
Ch. 44. Oral presentations
Pt. 7: Writing when English is a second language
Ch. 45. Singulars and plurals
Ch. 46. Articles
Ch. 47. Word order
Ch. 48. Prepositions
Ch. 49. Gerunds, infinitives, and participles
Ch. 50. Modal auxillary verbs
A self-instruction manual and reference book for academic, personal, business, and public audience writing. Coverage includes writing college-level essays, source-based arguments, and research papers; thinking and reading critically; using documentation style correctly; designing documents; writing for the Web; writing about literature; writing for business; creating oral presentations; taking essay tests; and using correct grammar, punctuation, and mechanics correctly. Anyone looking to succeed and fulfill their potential in writing.
42.00 CMM (99-CMM-9)
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Hesse, Douglas Dean.
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Simon and Schuster handbook for writers
Handbook for writers
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